Taylor Swift - it’s time to go (Official Lyric Video)

2021. 01. 06.
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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “it’s time to go” - off her evermore album (deluxe).
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing it’s time to go (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift

  • "or that moment again, he's insisting that friends look at each other like that" I'M F*CKING SCREAMING.

    AverageGirlAverageGirl시간 전
  • It goes well related to my great-grandmother, 😢😢when I just got signal from nature that to meet your great-grandmother, and just after 6 hours she's gone to heaven 😢😭and it says -- "it's time to go" to her ;still can listen her words in whispers 😢😢😭😭😭😭I MISS YOU A LOT. STAY IN PEACE GREAT-GRANDFATHER AND GREAT -GRANDMOTHER, IN HEAVEN. Hope we meet again

    Shravani BarkadeShravani Barkade4 시간 전
  • ✨💫☀🌞🌈👁💛👁🌊🌝☀💫✨

    AngEls WorthAngEls Worth6 시간 전
    • ✨🐢💛🕊✨

      AngEls WorthAngEls Worth5 시간 전
  • I'm inspired with this song. So, I have left my job that I did love. Because in my soul I know when its time to go. You know?

    kean dalekean dale7 시간 전
  • It's time to go~ Claude Aftv

    Velroy DsouzaVelroy Dsouza9 시간 전
  • Well

    Khoa NguyenKhoa Nguyen10 시간 전
  • I'm weak.. so weak, still 20 years now 20,000 tears

    Crystal ShinkleCrystal Shinkle12 시간 전
  • I really don't know how else to explain it, but evermore just has this luring magic to it. The entire album just seems so comforting, like a warm hug, like folklore's older sister. The songs feel like they have existed forever and somewhere throughout my life, I have heard them but they just needed to be discovered again.

    wasiwasi13 시간 전
  • you know when it's time to go

  • Right where you left me: "Did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen time went on for everyone else she won't know it" It's time to go: "He's got my past frozen behind past but I've got me"

    Renee HsuRenee Hsu15 시간 전
  • I love how "it's time to go" is the best closure for "right where you left me"

    Renee HsuRenee Hsu15 시간 전
  • This song is beautiful

    LIl' Bit Of EverythingLIl' Bit Of Everything21 시간 전
  • peace

    Abril MarquardtAbril Marquardt23 시간 전
  • can someone make a 1 hour loop of this song?

    Rising StarRising Star일 전
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Richard EnteroRichard Entero일 전
  • Thank you taylor💜

    Dreamer GirlDreamer Girl일 전
  • ''you just go''

    lune mysterylune mystery일 전
  • i've been writing long paragraphs just in case our former friends would ask me why i left him. there's just so many reasons. but i can't put it clearly. but when i heard this song, damn, i ditched those paragraphs. i've finally found the best explanation i can give them (even though they don't deserve one, but they press with me with so much questions making me feel bad for choosing to let go of someone who only brought havoc to my sense)

    lune mysterylune mystery일 전
  • I knew it was time to go after 18 years. It was the best thing I ever did. Big 🚗 & 🏡 does not equal❤ love this song TS!!!!

    Gracie MenaGracie Mena일 전
  • These bonus tracks are not joking around

    Angeline BenaAngeline Bena일 전
  • 💖

    Skinnycarrie PkSkinnycarrie Pk일 전
  • At this time when life hit me really hard... listening to this song inspire me to move on...Thank you Taylor

    Taeminlucas21 CTaeminlucas21 C일 전
  • May be she is singing this to big machine 🤔

    sour grape96sour grape96일 전
  • Listening to this made me think that i made a right choice to where i am now...

    Ace ShangAce Shang일 전
  • deftones

    Nick BekerNick Beker일 전
  • ily mami from da pelepens

    Jannelle PabloJannelle Pablo일 전
  • Saw my paycheck today. 3rd time my peanut salary is being reduced without notice. Just another thing taken away just because. Listening to this song knowing im ready to leave.

    Antonieta PopyAntonieta Popy일 전
  • La lloradera está en mi :'c

    Jesús AdánJesús Adán일 전
  • Taylor swift “right where you left me” Also Taylor: “Time to go”

    Random SomeoneRandom Someone2 일 전
  • This song is a cherry on the top of evermore

    Lady M8Lady M82 일 전
  • This song relates to me like nothing else at this moment. It gives me the strength.

    Ayesha ImamAyesha Imam2 일 전
  • love this bonus track🤗❤️

    Ralph Acel BernadasRalph Acel Bernadas2 일 전
  • I love this song so much

    morebi komorebi ko2 일 전
  • Why pay for therapy when taylors voice is free??

    venn__ hazelvenn__ hazel2 일 전
  • Yes i will meet you there and that was right thing🖤

    hasan vaihasan vai2 일 전
  • Swiftie forever ❤️😢

    Nvard HarutyunyanNvard Harutyunyan2 일 전
  • Song is approved by Claude

    Eedeat LikkleEedeat Likkle2 일 전
  • She gave it Her All, minus a simple call. A call would have resolved it All. When He Lost Her, He Lost it All. He thought She hated Him. She thought He Left Her. Fate had tore them apart to break hearts and to mend fences. Time will tell how the Story Ends, an Epic Tragedy or Romantic Comedy of Errors?

    Roland G. AranjoRoland G. Aranjo2 일 전
  • Right where you left me and now it's time to go🥺

    Prerak SinhaPrerak Sinha2 일 전
  • ...

    KILL3R BKILL3R B2 일 전
  • wait,where are we going ?

    Google AccountGoogle Account2 일 전
  • U Sticked to my mind .., thou tried to stop Wanna be in ur heart 2.., as a hidden tear drop .. Lovin it lik a pinning pain, With ur pinches of love tinge dat refrain.. Holding as such.. As a moulding heart touch|2| Being parched in tho'ts of U And silence goes shallow again & And all the silences touch louder again😁 - sravs Hey I jus penned it down.. hope u may like it..

    Sravani AmarapuSravani Amarapu2 일 전
  • This is your sign...it's time to go. You deserve better.

    J KloberdanzJ Kloberdanz2 일 전
  • The Presidents take orders from me.

  • Red Nation.

  • It's time to go and rob people for me.

  • 2:23

    Karley HallidayKarley Halliday2 일 전
  • I’m literally crying to how true it is for me.

    PRINCESS8606PRINCESS86062 일 전
  • I feel this song is about giving up or stopping something even though you don’t want to. Whether it is a job, friend, or relationship. It talks about how giving up may seem weak or wrong, but deep down you know you have to.

    Vlogging with AdalaiVlogging with Adalai2 일 전
  • I told him he had to go! It's me and you from now on.

    Red FutureRed Future3 일 전
  • Listening to this when you’ve been through everything she says. And still going through it hits way too different than just a normal song. Thank you Taylor for writing such a song and making us feel we aren’t alone in this life who are suffering from a toxic relationship that ended but still hurts tho it’s been years. And that most families have problems and we can relate and know it’s not our fault and it’s okay to let go without feeling bad from choosing the best decision that was available.

    AfnanAfnan3 일 전
  • Neuer Präsident, Alles Liebe und Gute. Freundin.Deine Musik baut auf.... Immer🖤

    Graben FranzGraben Franz3 일 전
  • Don't just settle on something that keeps you away from getting better! You deserve so much more! YOU KNOW IN YOUR SOUL WHEN IT'S TIME TO GO! 💖💖❤️

    Aubsess ONAubsess ON3 일 전
  • Ask my goosebumps who is the best Artist ever

    vandana bhootravandana bhootra3 일 전
  • Subscribe to join the community of swifties here:)

    Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift3 일 전
  • The first verse!!!!

    A Switie who is a Hollands and loves anime too.A Switie who is a Hollands and loves anime too.3 일 전
  • Aah, this is just pure art ❤

    Maha KhursheedMaha Khursheed3 일 전
  • The best therapy ♥️🌠

    Aiza GomezAiza Gomez3 일 전
  • I have got chills. This song gives me hope. Thank you Taylor. ❤

    Rimjhim NigamRimjhim Nigam3 일 전
  • Obsessed 😍😘😫 with this

    Fiqa and Dila ChannelFiqa and Dila Channel3 일 전
  • This isnt claude......

    Paddy APaddy A3 일 전
  • Sometimes to giving up is the strong thing. Sometimes times to run is a brave thing.. Sometimes walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing. . . Thankyou Taylor for all your advice you've given us in your songs....

    ila Mawlongila Mawlong3 일 전
  • Taylor Swift

    A DreamerA Dreamer3 일 전
  • I got some bad exam results today. Those lockdowns really were rough. My whole life I've placed a lot of expectations on myself - building my identity around my success. I wrote in my journal this morning: "I don't how to decide what the brave thing is. Does it make me strong or weak to pluck up, cut the shit and push through a career in STEM? Because it is difficult, but also familiar. Or do I do the things I actually love at the risk of feeling like I never lived up to my potential? Or worse, realizing I never really had any special potential at all? Why do I feel like I have to choose between feeling unhappy or feeling weak? How can I be brave when I don't even know what the right decision is?" And then I listened to this song for the first time. "Sometimes giving up is the strong thing. Sometimes to run is the brave thing. Sometimes walking out is the one thing, that will find you the right thing." I burst into tears. Word for word, she had answered my questions. Taylor, thank you.

    Mary VMary V3 일 전
  • Song wonderful!!❤💚😍

    Willian WillWillian Will3 일 전
  • Song wonderful!!❤💚😍

    Willian WillWillian Will3 일 전
  • sometimes giving up is a strong thing.

    good etamagood etama3 일 전
  • okay so this song now holds a very special place in my heart, she always knows what i'm feeling and makes it a song, i love her dearly

    alejandraalejandra3 일 전
  • *i following taylor since my childhood*

    Ahmad Nur HabibAhmad Nur Habib3 일 전
  • sounds like her departure from her previous label was quite traumatic for her. Pure poetry

    TheAlfredPlatformTheAlfredPlatform3 일 전
    • @TheAlfredPlatform nope what happened was that if she wanted to get her master's back she would have to make equal number of albums in the future under their label. One new album equals to one old album. She tried to buy her albums back but they wouldn't let her. Her old records were sold without telling her at all. That is what happened. Taylor mentioned the above in her post once.

    • @Junior so essentially, the wanted her to resign to boost the value of their label then sell the label for top dollar. Wow! Its hard to believe they would do that after knowing her since she was a child and making so much money from her

      TheAlfredPlatformTheAlfredPlatform일 전
    • @TheAlfredPlatform Borschetta never specifically said he gave her a chance to buy it back; he said "I gave her every chance in the world to own her music" followed by "but she chose to leave", which insinuates that choosing to stay was the option he gave for her to own her music. If her side of the story is true and he intentionally worded it this ambiguously then yikes that's some manipulation

      JuniorJunior일 전
    • @TheAlfredPlatform Haven't read into it very deeply but I believe she was angry because she wasn't offered a price. She was given the chance to "earn back" an album at a time by signing with them again, and she refused because she knew the second she did she'd be an asset and they'd sell the label/her future. So she left.

      JuniorJunior일 전
    • @Junior i thought they offered her a price to buy her masters but she refused to buy it??

      TheAlfredPlatformTheAlfredPlatform일 전
  • Listening to this while in the process of moving on❤️

    Thorshieldon ViolanThorshieldon Violan3 일 전
  • *everyone.............please please support this masterpiece album on apple itune download*

    eric lieric li4 일 전
  • *everyone.............please please support this masterpiece album on apple itune download*

    eric lieric li4 일 전
  • *everyone.............please please support this masterpiece album on apple itune download*

    eric lieric li4 일 전
  • Now I want to quit my job even more. I know this is not what that song is about :P It's just my boss keeps exploiting me knowing that I couldn't find another job for the past 3 years.

    kubekkubek4 일 전
  • The sister part broke my heart, because my sister was abusive to me as a child

    SamwiseTheGamerSamwiseTheGamer4 일 전
  • this hits hard when you're failing physics

    kenzie sulaimankenzie sulaiman4 일 전

      Corbs Of the westCorbs Of the west4 시간 전
  • This song need a clip

    mehdi hamouchemehdi hamouche4 일 전
  • My girl forced me to listen this and here I am vibing w/ the song

    Justine BastatasJustine Bastatas4 일 전
    • I did the same with mine 😹

      Willows CardiganWillows Cardigan3 일 전
  • This song speaks to my soul right when I need it most. As I navigate the exact feelings this song conjures.

    Christine McCullenChristine McCullen4 일 전
  • someday I'll be that strong enough to give up someday I'll be that brave enough to run away someday, Taylor someday... :')

    Dee YanaDee Yana4 일 전
  • And AFTV Claude I've got to ask a questio- "ITS TIME TO GO"

    Adam G_Adam G_4 일 전
  • Who is listening it rn?❤️

    Janvi BhattJanvi Bhatt4 일 전
  • "AFTV Claude,I'm gonna ask you the same question that I asked-"

    will_ da_man_will_ da_man_4 일 전
  • One day, I will be a successful singer.

    Graciel HizonGraciel Hizon4 일 전
    • don't forget me when you get big :)

      Grace SwiftGrace Swift3 일 전
    • I am rooting for you! I will remember this old small comment.

      Niki VNiki V3 일 전

    StigNut GamingStigNut Gaming4 일 전
  • what a beautiful song. ty taylor

    Michelle SambaMichelle Samba4 일 전
  • No words for you. You are just fantastic. 😍🥳💝💖

    Tushar PodiyaTushar Podiya4 일 전
  • Hits different when you're hurting over somebody.

    Amihan A.M.Amihan A.M.4 일 전
  • this song is giving me bumps because i recently lost my mother to cancer at 65yrs and my soul is totally broken right now and having manic depression dos'nt help

    Jennifer FinbowJennifer Finbow4 일 전
  • Eso fue personal

    Adriana BenaducciAdriana Benaducci4 일 전
  • Better man : the bravest thing I ever did was run ITTTR: sometimes to run is the brave thing

  • Your accidentally watching this instead of claude from AFTV

    Its_ JasonIts_ Jason4 일 전
  • Anyone here from AFTV?

    Bertie BadhamBertie Badham5 일 전
  • She's done it again

    WafflePunk47WafflePunk475 일 전
  • Me relating this song to my online classes.. sometimes giving up is right thing and much more..

    Vilas KatigarVilas Katigar5 일 전
  • People Watching this Like : - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments

    EntertainiqueEntertainique5 일 전
    • Omg , how

      X yX y일 전
    • im not in my bed lol

      Cadence DanielsCadence Daniels3 일 전
    • Do it all da time

      Cali & Coco the Calico catsCali & Coco the Calico cats3 일 전
    • Same!

      Biabia BBiabia B4 일 전
  • this hits us in so many ways, work life, love life.

    wayfaring moe'wayfaring moe'5 일 전
  • It should be the 5th song in the track list. Sadly and cold. ❄️

    Golden DaydreamGolden Daydream5 일 전
  • ITS TIME TO GO -Claude Arsenal fan tv ...no one? ok

    TF GTF G5 일 전