(Pre-Release MV)온앤오프 (ONF)_My Name Is

2021. 02. 19.
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ONF The First Album [ONF:MY NAME] will be released on Feb. 24th PM 06:00 (KST).
EVENT PERIOD: 2021.02.15 ~ 2021.02.23 PM 11:59 (KST.)
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  • Why so few views? I love these guys

    Christina BChristina B5 시간 전
  • Im monbebe, I love and obsessed this song

    Oppa SempaiOppa Sempai6 시간 전
  • Wyatt: i wanna be close with MK MK: you what

    Sensen JoSensen Jo12 시간 전
  • Literal esto viene perfecto porque tuvieron su 1st win, entonces cuando me preguntan pero 1st win de quien? Les mando esto XD

    Lucia VidalLucia Vidal14 시간 전
    • JAJAJS me pasó.. me pregunté quienes son ONF? por qué ganaron? Luego escuché esta joya:) y luego Beautiful Beautiful otra joya

      Oppa SempaiOppa Sempai6 시간 전
  • 제이어스 외모 왤케물오름 너무 잘생겄다

    햇님잉햇님잉14 시간 전
  • 온앤오프 지금 기운이 되게 좋음! 이럴때 노 저어야한다!! 이번 활동 끝나고 빠른 컴백을 하던가 이 노래로 무대하고 홍보를 엄청 하던가! 그럼 왠지 퐉 뜰거 같음

    Hyeyun KimHyeyun Kim18 시간 전
  • This is the most wholesome song!! ONF FIGHTING ✊🏻

    Hannah VerstappenHannah Verstappen19 시간 전
  • y r they so perfect!

    anushka ROYanushka ROY19 시간 전
  • If you're a new fans, u don't have to search any guide video about onf. Just watch and listen to this and you'll know who is onf

    Miss CatMiss Cat19 시간 전
  • I am so happy about their win with Beautiful Beautiful!!! but for me My Name Is is almost better, I don't know. So strange

    Лилия ФедороваЛилия Федорова22 시간 전
  • This should be 'How To Introduce Yourself In a Cool Way' MV

    Ainusshoffa RahmatiaAinusshoffa Rahmatia23 시간 전
  • fav b-side in the album

    baby pyobaby pyo일 전
  • i keep coming back to this mv and i'm proud of doing so. coz why not? it's so catchy and entertaining to watch them over and over again.

    EnglishSubOPMsEnglishSubOPMs일 전
  • So cute actually Wow I love you

    Kim Mina16Kim Mina16일 전
  • Amei vocês a música de vocês é incrível ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Leticia AraujoLeticia Araujo일 전
  • Amei vocês a música de vocês é incrível ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Leticia AraujoLeticia Araujo일 전
  • My 5 year old niece learned their names, even me, with this MV. Please come to Brasil, she wants to meet you guys. And I think a lot of others Brasilian Fuzes too!

    Queila MarianeQueila Mariane일 전
  • omg this is so cute and such a bop !!!!!!!! Love ONF

    adriana walkesadriana walkes일 전
  • ONF = Talent

    Haidi fuseHaidi fuse일 전
  • MK thanks for everything my love

    green lgreen l일 전
  • Hyojin I love your voice my baby

    green lgreen l일 전
  • I see someone took a page from pentagon’s book and I like it!!!

    TORA JayneTORA Jayne일 전
  • i cant stop listening to this song, loooovvvvveeeeee this masterpiece

    FerryginaaFerryginaa일 전
  • 2:58: why are they doing cute

    kpopie multifankpopie multifan일 전

    Breezy TeaBreezy Tea일 전
  • so glad they're getting more recognition now😭

    Hang Ji AndeuliHang Ji Andeuli2 일 전
  • Thank god i don't need any other guides now!!!!!! Staning them right here,right now!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

    LTY KingLTY King2 일 전
  • E-tion sensation! 💛 💛

    Denise KyleDenise Kyle2 일 전
  • What skin care do they use? How can I get my skin as clear as theirs?😩😩😩

  • I'm kinda new here and this whole mv is such a serotonin boost for me,, definitely gonna start stanning them (been following them already since their last cb but never rly got into them)

    isiisaiisiisai2 일 전
  • "Twist of twist you can call me a princess" WHAT I need to know more about this guy

    Squishy Hoshi 🐯Squishy Hoshi 🐯2 일 전
    • @This is fine omg hi lmao hahahaha

      Fira FuseFira Fuse22 시간 전
    • @Fira Fuse hey Fira, I found you. Haha. I'm Marble-ous.

      This is fineThis is fine23 시간 전
    • It's because he is oftenly being cute intentionally. The fans found it sweet so they gave him Princess nickname.

      Fira FuseFira Fuse일 전
    • He's a princess, I tell you. At first, I really thought he's tough and scary but he's the warmest, cutest and kindest ever.

      This is fineThis is fine2 일 전
  • I'm not a huge fan of onf but this song is really goodd and satisfyingg i hear to this song almost everydayy

    Rachel ValerieRachel Valerie2 일 전
  • I am planning to stan them earlier(after listening to their cover of Eight) and It just happened that I came here lmao maybe this is the sign to finally get to know them how cute

    ChamBae NableChamBae Nable2 일 전
  • 첫소절 듣고 어떻게 좋아요 안 눌러요 애기들너무귀엽고좋다ㅠㅠㅠ

    MouthCure ChoiMouthCure Choi2 일 전
  • omg this is so cute, it's actually like an intro to each of them and their teams and group and the perfect pre-release to the title song MV.....if a debut group did this it would be so helpful and cute haha

    NewOldObsessionNewOldObsession2 일 전
  • I really can't stop watching this, I have never liked "cute" but I am kind of hooked, I even hated their new song Beautiful Beautiful, like nooo, but it kind of got stuck in my head so I think ONF is my weak spot when it comes to cute stuff. Oh look, it's one of the few groups I like available on Spotify. This song is leading my playlist on KOworld right now, maybe I am watching it more than I realise.

    Helen AtkinsonHelen Atkinson2 일 전
  • Congratulations for todays win ONF and Fuses!

    Sam TraiesSam Traies2 일 전

    Georgi MayGeorgi May2 일 전
  • anyone know any shows i can watch of them. i wanna know more about them

    Nunya :PNunya :P3 일 전
    • @shining u thanks!

      Nunya :PNunya :P일 전
    • @atinymoonizen thank you!

      Nunya :PNunya :P일 전
    • I forgot to mention the have videos on a channel called ROLLING where they sing their songs in other languages and if they make under 2 mistakes they can try food from other countries. Very funny

      atinymoonizenatinymoonizen일 전
    • you can watch on the run !! it's mostly their life before debut

      shining ushining u일 전
    • Road to Kingdom. They got 2nd place and had amazing performances on MNET yt channel

      atinymoonizenatinymoonizen2 일 전
  • this is so cute huhu

    Bernadine TingBernadine Ting3 일 전
  • 대박귀여운가사 ...

    륑핸쥐륑핸쥐3 일 전
  • Non fan/ new fan: let's introduce your idols Other fandom: Make a speech... FUSE: (Give them My Name Is M/V) ^^

    Ba NaBa Na3 일 전
  • MK's reaction to Wyatt 😭💀

    atinymoonizenatinymoonizen3 일 전
  • I wanna know who came up with his idea. It's awesome

    atinymoonizenatinymoonizen3 일 전
  • This is adorable.

    atinymoonizenatinymoonizen3 일 전
  • 마이네임이즈도 음방돌아주세요ㅠㅠ 노래로 이름을 알리는 대박좋은 기회일꺼같아요

    츄잉껌츄잉껌3 일 전
    • 제발 제발 ㅠ 음방 소취!! 우리만 알기엔 너무 과하게 귀엽다구요 ㅠ

      후렌치파이냠냠후렌치파이냠냠19 시간 전
  • Fuse : making (un)helpful guide to onf Onf : don't do. We'll do it.

    Ayw LrtAyw Lrt3 일 전
  • 넘넘귀여웡ㅠㅜ

    WM AWM A3 일 전
  • THIS IS SO CUTE AJAKOKSK I’m actually learning their names and this is- this is just perfect hahaha _(And also, yes you got me I know Hyojin as the red haired boy as to now jsdkdkdm)_

    Dance ‘till you KPOPDance ‘till you KPOP3 일 전
  • I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍

    Gabriela MartinezGabriela Martinez3 일 전
  • first win tomorrow!!!!!!! _(:3」∠)_

    abeeabee3 일 전
  • That was so fun to watch

    Karina SmitKarina Smit3 일 전
  • My Name Is 400k kaja!!!

    Definitely No OneDefinitely No One3 일 전
  • 솔직히 엄청 유치할 수도 있는 가사이긴 한데, 멜로디가 중독성 완전 강하고 보컬 음색이 말도 안되게 고급져서 너무 좋다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 난 타이틀곡보다 이 노래가 더 끌리지 왜...

    Ohmy미라클Ohmy미라클3 일 전
  • 노래는 흥얼 거리고 아! 민균아!!! 만 크게 따라부르는거 나만 그러는거 아니죵?

    초당옥수수맛나초당옥수수맛나3 일 전
  • Ahhh que tiernos!!! I Love you ONF Fighthing!!! Saludos

    Jhovana MJhovana M4 일 전
  • Si aun no staneas a estos bebés, que esperas para hacerlo👑

    Karla PerezKarla Perez4 일 전
  • I love them!

    Parich ThipayarataParich Thipayarata4 일 전
  • Since ONF's true personality is bright, cheerful, friendly, and talkaktive, this MV suits them well.

    Elija KimElija Kim4 일 전
  • Eles são tudo

    Andreza SilvaAndreza Silva4 일 전
  • 뮤비 제작팀(디지페디, 쟈니브로스 같이...) 이름 좀 알 수 있을까요? 온앤오프 뮤비 볼 때마다 뮤비가 넘 영화 같아가지구 어디서 만들었는지 너무 궁금해서요ㅜㅠ

    양구양구4 일 전
    • 써니비주얼 유성균 감독님 데뷔앨범부터 계속 하셨어요 감사합니다

      딩글딩글딩글딩글4 일 전
  • 너무 신나는 노래인데 혼자 있지마 퓨즈 그 부분에서 울컥함ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 내가 퓨즈도 아닌데 너무 좋네💙💙 온앤오프 흥해랏👊👊

    wxnt 원트wxnt 원트4 일 전
  • Omg so cute.!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    cici farriorcici farrior4 일 전
  • This was great! Why doesn't everyone do this? Because ONF is special! ❤

    Jason SteeleJason Steele4 일 전
  • omg this is so cute~~!

    Comi KachiComi Kachi4 일 전
  • 덟엠은 주식 없나요.. 진짜 내가 다사버릴라니까 덟엠식구들 돈길만 걷자ㅜㅜ 돈쭐내줄 거양ㅎㅎ

    이기민이기민4 일 전
  • This could be their title as well The first double title comeback😂

    Jasper LoJasper Lo4 일 전
    • True :) have you heard The Realist yet though because man is that title track material!! So many amazing songs on this album

      SeashellSeashell3 일 전
  • 노래 너무 귀여워서 몇 번 들었더니 멤버 이름 외움ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ기획 잘 하신듯

    chapu leechapu lee4 일 전
  • 와 뭔데 mk존잘이지 왜 내 취향이지 입덕부정긴데 mk보고 입덕할 듯

    눈호강눈호강4 일 전
  • onff!

  • Настолько солнечный клип, что я пересматриваю его каждый раз, когда мне грустно тт

    Ярослава КомарьковаЯрослава Комарькова4 일 전
  • 😢

    The fork that Chanhee ateThe fork that Chanhee ate4 일 전
  • 1일3마이네임이즈

    Shaira PacunayenShaira Pacunayen4 일 전
  • I’ve been listening to ONF since their debut and they are my top5 music wise BUT I only know like 3 members and don’t know about their personalities (I tend to do that with all lot of groups/artists...I’m there for the music and forget to look out for some more😅) but saw them a bit thru RTK and this video was really great to show themselves more ! I’ll try to get to know them better in 2021 😄💕

    -- 아리아미Zen-- 아리아미Zen5 일 전
  • Even tho I already know this group I cant stop listening to this song!!

    JessJess5 일 전
  • 이 노래로 온앤오프 멤버 이름 다 외웠네 가사 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠ

    쏸이쏸이5 일 전
  • I had the biggest smile on my face through this whole video

    Demi CampbellDemi Campbell5 일 전
  • They really highlighted Wyatt and MK's relationship to one another like ouo I love their interactions (awkward but funny as well)

    A틴바na미racle퓨useA틴바na미racle퓨use5 일 전
  • Everyone has the same scene except for the hacker, MK. I wonder if there's any significance...

    A틴바na미racle퓨useA틴바na미racle퓨use5 일 전
  • 예쁘다

    Mira SaveraMira Savera5 일 전
  • 사랑해 혀진!!

    Mira SaveraMira Savera5 일 전
  • ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Mira SaveraMira Savera5 일 전
  • Helppppp I can't stop listening this song even though this is just self-introduction song 😭😍🤣❤

    Erika MarsyalinaErika Marsyalina5 일 전
  • Helou

    Meredith azul Coronado robledoMeredith azul Coronado robledo5 일 전
  • 귀욤 귀욤

    so young Bangso young Bang5 일 전
  • As a new fan, im gonna pretend this as a very helpful guide to ONF hshsh. My bias is Hyojin btw

    S.I 15S.I 155 일 전
  • Tbh, when I first saw the track teaser I thought My Name Is will be a hiphop song with so many rap. I didn't expect it to be this cute hahahaha. I was so surprised when the highlight medley came out

    Fira FuseFira Fuse5 일 전
  • 귀여워 ㅠㅜ

    youyou5 일 전
  • 창윤아 귀여워 ㅎㅎ😪

    わにわに5 일 전
  • 사랑한다 아가들♡

    ngelalalangelalala5 일 전
  • Because of rtk, I met onf and now I'm stan them. My other fandom is universe, okay Unifuse omg omg. Onf fightinggggg.

    2E_Amanda2E_Amanda5 일 전
  • This is such a cute radio-friendly summer bop, I love it a lot!

    ThatAintMudThatAintMud5 일 전
  • 정규 1집이라 자기소개노래 들어있는건가 너무 귀엽다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    에이에이5 일 전
    • 와이엇 공주라는 것도 엠케이랑 친해지고 싶단 것도 개귀엽다...

      에이에이5 일 전
  • Excuses me people, did yall not gonna stan these boys? not even after this? what a waste of your lifetime

    Radha PhoojhaRadha Phoojha5 일 전
  • another funny thing about ONF is that the real maknae line looks like the hyungs and the real hyungs looks like maknaes ㅋㅋㅋ

    MariaMaria5 일 전
  • 앞으로 누가 온앤오프에 대해 물어보면 걍 이 영상 스윽 보여줘야지.. 아이돌알못친구한테 들려줬더니 애들 이름 다외웠어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 자기소개곡이 이렇게 중독성있고 좋다니...센세이션하다진짜

    WM AWM A5 일 전
  • My name is fuse!!

    Hwanghee YunHwanghee Yun5 일 전
  • mk's chaotic i like him. this one

    mimi jijimimi jiji5 일 전
  • 머리 잘 썼다

    뽀송진효뽀송진효5 일 전
  • I've watched this everyday since it's come out and I'm not even a fuse... YET

    You niggas Better stan cixYou niggas Better stan cix5 일 전