Bricklaying - Mortar Cake

2021. 04. 17.
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  • Looks like brie cheese but with cement

    {Ochako Uraraka}{Ochako Uraraka}38 분 전
  • I hate my mind

    Junaid KhanJunaid Khan5 시간 전
  • Cement velvet cake

    Taha ParvezTaha Parvez일 전
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    Aziz 2070Aziz 2070일 전
  • This is smoother than my last year’s birthday cake 🍰😂😉

    AkhilAkhil일 전
  • So satisfating

    IRENE IntroiniIRENE Introini일 전
  • Ehhh..cake, sport slice👍

    Home Bitter,Home Bitter,일 전
  • Concrete cake

    Mark AMark A일 전
  • Satisfying

    xxKemerproxx BGxxKemerproxx BG2 일 전

    burnout YTburnout YT2 일 전
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    Мирас. АМирас. А2 일 전
  • I first thought that is it someones tummy🤣

    Immature GamerImmature Gamer2 일 전
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    Areej MohammedAreej Mohammed2 일 전
  • Why do I want to eat this

    Robert EmeryRobert Emery2 일 전
  • At this point, these videos are much more entertaining than the other ones 🧍🧍

    ifoundjiminsjamsifoundjiminsjams2 일 전
  • thanks for reminding me I have some cake downstairs

    Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生2 일 전
  • This is what they made that fake Krabby Patty out of when Mr.Krabs used that other manager

    Milymon StandMilymon Stand2 일 전
  • Satesfaing tho

    Oskar RonningenOskar Ronningen2 일 전
  • Looks like a giant rock

  • Is so satisfying

    Ha FongHa Fong2 일 전
  • That’s some good looking cak-

    Esmat KhawajaEsmat Khawaja2 일 전
  • Happy birthday bruh 🥂🥂

    Chirag ParasharChirag Parashar2 일 전
  • Happy birthday to you 🤣

    Ẩn DanhẨn Danh2 일 전
  • Good

  • Happy Cement Day to you!

    HyperCrackHyperCrack2 일 전
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    Marica MilijicMarica Milijic2 일 전
  • Looks so fuckin good I'd like to brush it!!

    Gábhán De BrunGábhán De Brun2 일 전
  • Happy birthday to u 🍺🍺🍺🍺

    Rishabh haryanaRishabh haryana2 일 전
  • Mortar cake! *m y f a v o r i t e.*

    E2E22 일 전
  • Now eat it

    CA Katik AggarwalCA Katik Aggarwal2 일 전
  • Its so saftyfying

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    Rahmat TeguhRahmat Teguh2 일 전
  • So satisfying

    K.gopalan BhavaniK.gopalan Bhavani2 일 전
  • Looks delicious

    Dex LywoodDex Lywood2 일 전
  • Wow am I the only one who wants to eat it

    Xio-ChanXio-Chan2 일 전
  • My brain: eat it Me: but why? It isn't edible My brain: just eat it

    Chill with them.Chill with them.2 일 전
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    ZOOMER ArmyZOOMER Army2 일 전
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    Tabrez TabrezTabrez Tabrez3 일 전
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    arthur llamasarthur llamas3 일 전
  • Nothing beats a slice of concrete cake

    murphys lawmurphys law3 일 전
  • I really thought that this is a cake like other extra ordinary cake.

    lockdown chill activitieslockdown chill activities3 일 전
  • This is soo satisfying !!! Post more !!!

    Wordy_2511Wordy_25113 일 전
  • ,,🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑.

    نقطة بيتزانقطة بيتزا3 일 전
  • When you want to become Baker but u become builder

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    Fatima TariqFatima Tariq3 일 전
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  • After take a piece of cake, He found that it was not a cake, or concrete. *It was PAC-MAN*

    U HeyU Hey4 일 전
  • Plot twist : there’s a cake inside it

    CoronaCorona4 일 전
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    JGJ The Healing WorldJGJ The Healing World4 일 전
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    Isabela Vieira PóvoaIsabela Vieira Póvoa5 일 전
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    TheRebelOGTheRebelOG5 일 전
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