iKON - '왜왜왜 (Why Why Why)' LIVE VIDEO

2021. 03. 30.
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  • Happy 8 M subscribers

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  • Pernah punya cinta tapi tak pernah sedalam ini

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  • Ternyata aku belum nonton yg ini pake akun ini

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  • Another video to reach 1M views

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  • I'm so proud of you IKON..

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  • Such a pretty song, I'm adding this to my playlist

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  • Pagi2 denger kek ginian bikin hati adem..mulus bgt suaranya

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  • Galau masih pagi padahal

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    • Cuit cuit Keris galauin apaaa

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  • Versi yg ini nusuk sampe menembus DNA tubuh

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  • vías fo ikon? mine Is jay and june

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  • This is really cool

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  • so dazzling

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Lmao who was expecting bobby to show up waking up from that bed i did😂

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  • menangis :(

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  • This is why I stan this amazing group!!! Vocals!! Handsome men too!!! iKON and iKONICS!!!

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  • It's a very good song. 💗💗

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  • Beautiful

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  • This is soooo beautiful 😭

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  • Hope this version available on Spotify

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    • iKon - Why Why Why (Acoustic ver.) would be cool on their new album😍

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  • Been with them since Who is Next and Mix and Match. They still make me cry 😭 (we miss iKON's smiles)

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  • the piano at the beginning was so emotionalll huuhu

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  • Uwwiu

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  • 💙

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  • Never get tired of this video

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  • iKON vocals never failed amazed me

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  • Congratulations for 8M subscribers iKON

  • I want they perform this song in kingdom :)

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  • Sending my love and hugs to these guys..

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  • I love this song so much😭💜

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  • Gnani catching his breath took my breath away 🥲

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  • Beautiful Juneya

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  • I need a 2ne1 ugly mashup with ikon why why why PLEASE!

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  • this song would sound so good in a kdrama

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  • I always sing a long even though I don't know some of the lyrics

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  • GO FOR 1M

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  • Just WOW!!! Why why why ikon🧡🧡🧡 eargasm 🎧 this vid deserves billion viewsssss

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  • My favourite part is the verses on Yunhyeong and Bobby's part. That part just sounds really angelic and calming

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  • Bobby and song

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  • 🌟 I like this version

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  • 💚

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  • Sorry guys but we alllll should acknowledge how chanu voice is hella good . Btw dk and song are both woowiish . How can someone choose really??!!

    Ikram HNBN, iKrONIkram HNBN, iKrON일 전
  • mampir kesini setelah perfomance kingdom dan why why why mv. Playlist wajib sebelum tidur, tidak lupa trip cover by bapak jinhwan

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  • Koo Junhoi1Koo Junhoi1일 전
  • Good night loves

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  • 역시 아이콘 라이브 ㅠㅠ

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  • Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let their pure talent soothes within your soul

    Kimmy KimKimmy Kim일 전
  • This live vid is like a breath of fresh air everytime I listen to it. Thank you, iKON!

  • iKON's vocals superb as always

    Xiana AlonzoXiana Alonzo일 전
  • 歌上手すぎ!!まじ、最高です!!

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  • thank you for being iKON

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  • Making this an interval for iKON Kingdom. :)

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  • I really like him

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  • Woow

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  • Their voices were so soft💜, to the point where the chills were🤗

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  • Please support them all 7 wheter they're together or not. We knew that the 7 of them wounded, but despite the wound they still keep it together and strong. They're on the process of recovering and will rise again soon. Thank youuuu.

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  • Mleyot

    RismasnRismasn2 일 전

    RismasnRismasn2 일 전

    RismasnRismasn2 일 전
  • Nangis banget

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  • I want this version on spotify so bad TT TT

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  • Fun fact : U have no bias in iKON :v

    Firda RFirda R2 일 전
  • feels like they sing it for the one and only leader😭😭

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  • I bet that you will regret if you don’t stan iKON

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  • They don’t have lead vocals they’re all main vocalist

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  • How dare you unlike this video? Huh

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  • Anjrit gw bayangin iKON bawain why why why acapella ver.doomba doomba T.T

    Allif LabaikaAllif Labaika2 일 전
  • Chanwoo!!!

    J NJ N2 일 전
  • Guys... You need to perform some acoustic version of your song. Kingdom need to know that you have such beautiful voices!!! Show them!!

    El ElevenEl Eleven2 일 전
  • Cant get my mind off on how this song feels like iKON’s love song for Kim Hanbin. Sorry not sorry.

    Lyxen GFLyxen GF2 일 전
  • Chan voice is so beautiful 😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  • this deserves millions vi3w

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  • hay quá

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  • Bakit ang sakit :

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  • Menyegarkan hati raga mata dan telinga dulu disini uwwiii

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  • iKON didn't eat a CD...they ate a hole album

    Flávia SatomiFlávia Satomi2 일 전
  • Is this song about hanbin left ikon? Rather than talking about a woman this song suited hanbin more

    Citra AyuCitra Ayu2 일 전

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  • fact : u can't just have one bias on iKON🙃

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  • I've never not love you.... Pain pain go away....

    Majoy Chu TeumeMajoy Chu Teume2 일 전
  • I can't help thinking that Bobby's rap or I mean the whole song pertains to hanb!n....

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  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • ♡♡♡

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  • tmr amo sus voces

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  • 라이브 장인 갓이콘 너무 좋다

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  • 🖤

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  • chanu pake beret bikin mleyot banget huaaaa

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  • Papa GenderuwoPapa Genderuwo2 일 전
  • Hueee sugar boya papa luv luv

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  • Ako ay napadpad dito matapos kong panoorin ang kingdom love scenario + killing me na performans nila

    Y so GeniusY so Genius2 일 전

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  • this is live and how you not adore this song the voice is everything

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  • im3 ada promo ramadhan gaes, lumayan buat streaming iKON 150k 100Gb

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  • I love U iKON

    Ratty PRatty P2 일 전
  • I shouldn't listen to Take Care before this so I won't think the lyrics as dialogue. My tissues ran out

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  • Autotune who?!

    ikon Stanikon Stan2 일 전
  • still the best ver of whywhywhy

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