Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts

2021. 04. 22.
14 671 021 조회수

Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  • Weeeee're freeeeeeee

    Deadpan 1776Deadpan 17763 분 전
  • People eat these look it up maybe that's why he got the tool to scoop them up.... *I SWEAR LOOK IT UP* 💯💯💯

    sosweetbaby4sosweetbaby433 분 전
  • Jumbo fleas is an oxymoron.

    Lorrie FinleyLorrie Finley시간 전
  • "Tatuira", in Brasil!!!

    Fabio FreitasFabio Freitas시간 전
  • Those are tiny ones

    Justin PattersonJustin Patterson시간 전
  • I always see some dude burying his self in sand and now all I can think about is them creatures right with him

  • Woaaahh so cuuuttteee💜💜😻😻

    im_dangaARMY Im dang Aim_dangaARMY Im dang A2 시간 전
  • ทอดกรอบอร่อยมาก

    ดึก ดําดึ๋ยดึก ดําดึ๋ย2 시간 전
  • Every dog everywhere right now 😱

    Tom CruiseTom Cruise3 시간 전
  • cute

    Metehan KaramanMetehan Karaman3 시간 전
  • They amazing to eat too

    Paul ScottPaul Scott3 시간 전
  • 動画にはjumbo sand fleasと書いてあり、そんな名前でも呼ばれてはいるけど、本来sand fleasは皮膚に寄生する砂ノミのことだから誤解を生むね。 これは砂ノミとは全く違う生き物で、エビカニと同じ十脚目。 mole clabとかsand clabと呼ばれる。 南北アメリカ大陸の太平洋側の砂浜にいるけど、現地では食べる習慣はない。野菜と一緒に揚げて食った動画を見たけど不味くはなさそうだった。

    渋谷かつみん渋谷かつみん4 시간 전
  • That good bait to catch Oio in Hawaii. But our turtles have sand camouflage.

    Da PeNciL ShiNoBiDa PeNciL ShiNoBi4 시간 전
  • Their called sand turtles not fleas. Also the best way to catch them is tie sone ika (squid) to a string that is tied to a stick, then place the stick into the sand where the wave line is so that the squid 🦑 is washing back with the waves and you will catch the largest turtles . They will race towards the bait . Try it

    Da PeNciL ShiNoBiDa PeNciL ShiNoBi4 시간 전
  • Klo di indonesia namanya kepik rasanya mirip udang colestrolnya lumayan tinggi 😅

    Aditia IsmailAditia Ismail4 시간 전
  • 何この虫

    こーた/kotaこーた/kota5 시간 전
  • Imagine just chillin as a flea then suddenly scooped up with like 80 other fleas

    Ethan Is InsaneEthan Is Insane5 시간 전
  • me seeing this vid: *panik* me learning they help the sea by eating most of the harmful stuff to it: *kalm*

    mellowmellow6 시간 전
  • People eat these?

    Human Inc.Human Inc.6 시간 전
  • Leave that tiny creatures alone.

    Nitzney MannNitzney Mann6 시간 전
  • Can u eat them

    Johnny RegleJohnny Regle7 시간 전
  • *Me who didn't know what sand fleas were*

    Reptile ObsessionReptile Obsession8 시간 전
  • え、普通にキモイ、、、、。

    ああああ8 시간 전
  • Ight im never going to the beach again.

    MarkVlogsMarkVlogs8 시간 전
  • Can they squish and can you feel them and can they be dangerous?

    Scrappydo warriors MerrillScrappydo warriors Merrill9 시간 전
  • What the hell

    Feels Dank ManFeels Dank Man9 시간 전
  • And that's people get CRABS😵😱😵😱😵😱

    Deacon Andrew King The Inspirational Gospel PoetDeacon Andrew King The Inspirational Gospel Poet10 시간 전
  • Honestly did not know there were fleas in the ocean, learn somethin new everyday

    Cody McNarlandCody McNarland11 시간 전
  • Why tiktok people so energetic

    Mr. SnifflesMr. Sniffles11 시간 전
  • berk

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown11 시간 전
  • There called sand crabs not sand fleas smh. There really are sand fleas but those aren't it bud

    Michael PrewittMichael Prewitt11 시간 전
  • Now I have NEVER seen these fleas in NZ,but are they there?..he sure got heaps,maybe it is their breeding time.Are they the thing's that like eat a dead body and leave nothing.

    Bridget AndrewsBridget Andrews11 시간 전
  • Are they edible? They seem like a decently renewable source of food if they are

    NinjamantisNinjamantis13 시간 전
  • 凄い!と同時にキモイ!w

    月火フェニックス月火フェニックス13 시간 전
  • I ate these in Mexico! I can’t lie when I say it was bizarre

    The void Calls meThe void Calls me13 시간 전
  • Yummy 😋

    Maxwell R.Maxwell R.14 시간 전
  • Me before this video: oooohhh pretty beach 😍 Me after this video:🤮👺🤡💀👹🥸🙊 iM nEvEr gOiNg tO tHe oCeAn eVeR aGaInNnNnNnNn

    Zoe EdgeZoe Edge14 시간 전
  • If theres thst many tiny critters, i can only imagine how good the fishing must be

    Skankhunt 43Skankhunt 4315 시간 전
  • Here in Perú we call them "muy muy" and are used as fish bait for recreational fishing.

    ITALUS7ITALUS715 시간 전
  • Ever wonder why EVERY single species has the basic survival instinct to run from anything different from itself...hopefully in my lifetime we can alter female DNA so the above mentioned doesn't happen. ;)

  • WHAT ARE THOSE they are my crocs

    Mikky VMikky V15 시간 전
  • Catching pompano, yummy.

    Oky_ 890Oky_ 89015 시간 전
  • Do people eat those !

    Timmy MendenhallTimmy Mendenhall15 시간 전
  • 🤢🤮

  • America beach looks different to australia

    NHKDNHKD16 시간 전
  • Sand fleas reproduce with the help of humans. Female sand fleas burrow into the skin (usually the feet) and male sand fleas briefly meet them there to mate, Hinkle says. This is technically called tungiasis, or an infestation by the Tunga penetrans. The female’s head will be burrowed into the skin but her rear end isn’t, which allows her to expel eggs to the ground after mating. The female dies after expelling eggs-about 100 or so over a two-week period. It will then will fall out of the foot, to the ground.the initial symptoms of a sand flea infection usually start to develop only after the females are in their engorged state. That’s the risk there: You have this lovely vacation, you get back on the plane-a couple of days later you notice irritation on your big toe, [and] it’s hurting to walk around, This inflammation and ulceration may become severe, and multiple lesions can cause difficulty walking. But the bite itself-and even strictly the burrowing-isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the aftermath. The opening created when the female burrows into the skin can put you at risk of contracting infections. The female sand flea “creates this opening that allows bacterial infection.” This can lead to a tetanus diagnosis, or one of gangrene. In severe cases, people have to have toes amputated as a result of a sand flea bite. The treatment prescribed if your doctor diagnoses you with sand flea bites hinges on the damage done. Not so cute anymore is it? 😉

    Kaleb FernandesKaleb Fernandes16 시간 전
  • They are called sand crabs

    Roman MonteleoneRoman Monteleone16 시간 전
  • *Fiddler crabs

    GeorgiaBoi70GeorgiaBoi7016 시간 전
  • Oh! We aren’t that stoked ! Dork.

    tracy meltontracy melton16 시간 전
  • Tatuira

    *DiL* Fabricio*DiL* Fabricio17 시간 전
  • What do you do with them, can you eat them?

    Alonso GarciaAlonso Garcia18 시간 전
  • This is why I wear SHOES at the beach, even in the water😭 IDC, I AM NOT STEPPING ON THOSE THINGS💀

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss18 시간 전
  • Are they edible?

    Barry lastBarry last18 시간 전
  • They are tasty fried

    PurpleShadePurpleShade18 시간 전
  • Where I come from people eat these. They only exist in clean beaches

    BURN-EBURN-E19 시간 전
  • What the thing name that he use to catch those crabs?

    Muhammad Lutfi Muhammad AliMuhammad Lutfi Muhammad Ali19 시간 전
    • And your point is?

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss18 시간 전
  • Witnessed these myself and my love for the beach died... What's the point of relaxing and having those things pop up from the sand to the skin and beach towel it made me itchy....

    Perculiar&warmthPerculiar&warmth19 시간 전
  • Très bon a mangé 🤙

    Yay EdnkYay Ednk19 시간 전
  • Is it edible?

    Meiji SSMeiji SS19 시간 전
  • Did he just say that the there was a ton of sand over there while on a beach

    Alejandro TorresAlejandro Torres19 시간 전
  • Oorah Parris Island

    0341 CORPORAL0341 CORPORAL19 시간 전
  • This guy has me so scared for PI

    -Zenith--Zenith-20 시간 전
  • I hate you

    Douglas LopesDouglas Lopes21 시간 전
  • Yuck

    Urban JentryUrban Jentry22 시간 전
  • Why do they make a rake for catching these? Are they edible or somthing?

    Budget BikesBudget Bikes22 시간 전
  • God I was hoping I’d never have to see this guys stupid face again.

    Heavyg254Heavyg25422 시간 전
  • 潮干狩りかなって思ったら、、 ゾワってなった

    muchimuchi 2ndmuchimuchi 2nd23 시간 전
  • WOW!!

    Noorfadzilah A AzizNoorfadzilah A Aziz23 시간 전
  • Call um sand turtles here that was a shot load for sure

    Mala DudeMala Dude23 시간 전
  • And your point is?

    Ted WillisTed Willis일 전
  • What the hell are Sand fleas?????!

    DeRpDeRp일 전
  • Wait until namjoon see this

    yangkacakyangkacak일 전
  • Can we eat them?

    Shadow DeslarShadow Deslar일 전
  • Why do people catch them?

    CitizenOWorldCitizenOWorld일 전
  • Kishoi

    草草草草일 전
  • You Tube is Communist!!!

    josiepepperjosiepepper일 전
  • Why are there so many videos of people showing sand crabs and saying that they are sand fleas. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING

    DisAnimatedDisAnimated일 전
  • Whuttt is this a music video???

    iReeviewiReeview일 전
  • He's gonna eat good tonight!

    russellrussell일 전
  • あ、、、俺これ絶対触れないや

    たかたか일 전
  • Can u eat them?

    Jonah LeyJonah Ley일 전
  • Do they bite? Suppose i jumped in and didnt know,😬

    EsperanteEsperante일 전
  • I don't know abt the others but I'm sure that 1 million of that 14 million views is namjoon only.

    Mara EsmeraldaMara Esmeralda일 전
  • 日本でやると逮捕される 漁業権無いとね

    藤よし藤よし일 전
  • There’s a difference between sand fleas which are actually sand mites versus these small crabs

    Poor SodPoor Sod일 전
  • PETA gonna have a fit

    taylorad1986taylorad1986일 전
  • Not sand fleas. They're Pacific mole crabs or sand crabs, a crustacean.

    Kai CKai C일 전
  • I call this "muy muy" in Peru, and you can eat, like ceviche or fries

    kymupkymup일 전
  • Man, I miss the beach

    Jay ObdamenJay Obdamen일 전
  • Mantap tuh digoreng tepung wkwk

    Fran Damas HudiFran Damas Hudi일 전
  • New fear unlocked: sand fleas

    ActionShockActionShock일 전
  • is that eatable?

    FLFL일 전
  • 大量のフナムシとって喜んでるのかと思った

    ろあろあ일 전
  • Who remember when you could just hang out on the beach without anything in the sand

    nola_princenola_prince일 전
    • Who remember when you could hang out at the beach without whining about nature

      Clockwork KatClockwork Kat18 시간 전
    • Bro what? They've always been in the sand.

      Joel R. GarciaJoel R. Garcia20 시간 전
  • They are great for live bait

    Check MateCheck Mate일 전
  • I will never go swimming at the beach ever again.

    Hector RosarioHector Rosario일 전
  • “ look at all those FLEEEEEEEEEE “ sheesh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy일 전
  • U can eat these right?

    •DreamJAY••DreamJAY•일 전
  • Wow oh oh oh they running away (oh iam so stupid)

    Daniel SamiDaniel Sami일 전
  • I used these for pompano fishing in the Florida panhandle.

    Adam MooreAdam Moore일 전