The Trumps Are Throwing a Tantrum

2020. 11. 10.
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After Reggie Watts catches James Corden up on the big Apple processing chip update and everyone wishes Tim Young, the band's guitarist, a happy 50th birthday, James recaps the big news of the day, including President Donald Trump, his cabinet wife, and children all refusing to accept the result of the election. And Mike Pence, head of the COVID-19 task force, is heading on vacation. And a debate breaks out about the pronunciation of "puma" which takes a drastic turn towards a conversation about pubic hair.
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  • The less contact the Biden administration has with any Trump the better. Aside from the Trump's amoral narcissistic lives and beliefs the Bidens shouldn't go into the White House until it has been fumigated and sanitized since it's a hot bed of infection.

    Mary NapierMary Napier4 시간 전
  • Keep up the good work now!

    Mr. Rene MorenoMr. Rene Moreno8 시간 전
  • If menanjia the hooker does invite Dr. Jill Biden to have "tea" she should say, "Nah" But, if she DOES go, she needs her own tea and a taster. Just sayin'

    Paradise Blue WaveParadise Blue Wave9 시간 전
  • disapointed in you..I liked you and seems no celebrity will back up truth for this country...Must be paid off to keep you job or your family safe..

    Jessee NixonJessee Nixon12 시간 전
  • Yeah, too bad you all aren't willing to listen to the facts. Don't worry.. you'll get a clue eventually.

    Rebekah VRebekah V15 시간 전
  • Must. Watch.

    Rick RykerRick Ryker15 시간 전
  • Your jokes are not funny! You are a puppet. Grow up!

    Steven CrosbySteven Crosby17 시간 전
  • Yes, James! Thank you for the English lesson! 👏👏👏

    stacey Bstacey B18 시간 전
  • Am I missing something coz I have no idea what is he saying on 2:05

    Qasim FatimaQasim Fatima19 시간 전
  • I wouldn’t expect them to leave the office with any dignity or class. It’s is absolutely expected for them to be this horrible, just like their four years fumbling and lying and bullshitting the country, and yeah Joes not great either. Got that outta the way before some Trump supporter uses that predictable retort.

    Stark SamuraiStark Samurai21 시간 전
  • She does what DT tells her. I think she is a decent person without DT influence

    LaVerne JacksonLaVerne Jackson일 전
  • One thing for certain, all of you commenting negatively about a very successful administration are truly blind to your ignorance

    Todd BennettTodd Bennett일 전
  • She's a first lady who's nudes are all over the internet. Her permission or acceptance isn't wanted or needed. #getoutwithyourorangehusband

    Aj MarieAj Marie일 전
  • Mrs Biden needs to keep her mask on !

    FLDFLD일 전
  • Melania all your colors are showing so it does not really matter you are just a pornstar model that cannot speak English very well anyways.Did you not inform others you cannot speak any other language properly either .A whole lie just to look good in stupid people's eyes . Does not matter to Jill Biden she has more class than you.

    Nancy JerninganNancy Jerningan일 전
  • Trump is afraid of two things: being killed by an angry Democrat (although it's more likely he'll be taken out by a Big Mac) because he doesn't have the protection he did in the WH. He also knows that all the right wing media shills will turn against him sooner or later because, though they must remain conservative, they will suck up personally to whoever's in power. Also, they don't really want to be "adored" almost exclusively by people from Appalachia, and that is not me being prejudiced. It's just a perception, a cliche and a stereotype...

    CutZy McCallCutZy McCall일 전
    • SOC is system on chip not silicon on chip.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml일 전
  • Jill I find it a Complement that the White House thing, lol, do nothing First Lady does not want to meet with you, ugh, I would not want that picture. No class first trump family enjoy living in Russia where you fake king and queen belong.

    Maureen TornettaMaureen Tornetta일 전
  • Pence joke ... supper funny

    Melanie CarrollMelanie Carroll일 전
  • I can only infer that Melania just wants to out of the White House and wants nothing to do with it's policies and traditions any more. Did she even participate in her husband's re-election campaign? I think after she was blasted in her first speech, she disliked everything political.

    MJFabMJFab일 전
  • Donald Tantrump and family.

    Lena AhlquistLena Ahlquist일 전
  • I really think that Trump is telling her "don't meet her, don't accept we lose" 😂😂😂

    Arami LugoArami Lugo일 전
  • The babies and I were directly exposed to COVID. We are all symptomatic now and waiting on test results. I still have content that I need to edit/film while in quarantine but I honestly am not feeling the best and just going to rest the next few days so uploads should resume on Friday if I don't get worse off than I feel right now. Thank you for being understanding and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. At Home. With their family they live with. Safely. COVID-free. Saving lives.

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez일 전
  • You don't know where her hands been.Jill care full stay away from her.🙏

    Margaret BarelaMargaret Barela일 전
  • It's pew-ma😂

    Nicole FranschNicole Fransch일 전
  • Melania has done less as First Lady than any I can remember, and I'm in my 60s. She was self centered and difficult.

    Patricia RoysdonPatricia Roysdon일 전
    • She’s done less than any second lady, while we’re at it.

      La LaLa La일 전
  • Coming Here After Watching Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Falon, I Gotta Say James Corden Makes Me Laugh More Than Those Guys.

    Shen HzShen Hz일 전
  • I just finished “Melania and Me”and this type of selfishness is very on brand 🥴😬😔 girl bye

    Casey PatridgeCasey Patridge일 전
  • pompeo still day dreaming

    Myrna MacuteMyrna Macute2 일 전
  • Maybe Dr Biden could meet up with Mrs Obama?

    R.D. WhitakerR.D. Whitaker2 일 전
  • I think Pompeo was joking. It was just in poor taste and bad timing.

    John BennettJohn Bennett2 일 전
  • Jill is too busy trying to help hide the millions of dollars grifted from the Ukraine and China fir the Biden crime family.

    Israel HIsrael H2 일 전
  • They actually is supposed to invite them to dinner. Bushs invite OBAMAS to dinner.

    G PicG Pic2 일 전
    • that stubborn!

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 일 전
  • SOC is system on chip not silicon on chip.

    Jacques-A PortalJacques-A Portal2 일 전
    • Yay!

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 일 전
  • Tick Tock.

    After BurnerAfter Burner2 일 전
  • ROFL China Joe i feel sorry for Americans if this bumbling fool is the best they have for president the fool can't even remember his own name most of the time.

    Just Some GuyJust Some Guy2 일 전
  • What can she teach Dr. Biden? How to strip.

    Carlotta WalkerCarlotta Walker2 일 전
  • youtube isnt proof for pronunciation google has it and the sound spelling which btw is "Poo-ma" and pronounced the same way its Puma

    Tindude44Tindude442 일 전
  • Illegal immigrant stripper.. dis and dat...

    Lino LeosLino Leos2 일 전
  • What a stupid guy. A tantrum was shown by Democrats for the past 4 years. Why don't you put out a segment about that?

    John GniewekJohn Gniewek2 일 전
  • After all the shit trump talked about their son, fuck that dude and tradition of meeting.

    Shajea HarShajea Har2 일 전
  • James Corden is the sweetest guy on earth

    Shajea HarShajea Har2 일 전
  • What a catty tw@t.

    WaterbabyWaterbaby2 일 전
  • who gives a fuck about melania?! asking for a friend...

    Rico LopezRico Lopez2 일 전
  • Why would Ms. Biden want to meet with a prostitute? Please, Ms. Biden should NOT find herself in the company of a cheap Slav prostitute. Please Ms. Biden. Don't do it.

    GhostyGhosty2 일 전
  • I’m sure Dr. Biden isn’t losing any sleep over not meeting with Melania

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 일 전
  • 1:42 Tim: "... I'm trying to not struggle in the fly paper." HA!!!

    Research0digoResearch0digo2 일 전
  • And with those crazy tacky outfits she wears you don’t know whether to say hello or fold your arms and blink an unannounced wish. What else could be expected from someone that stubborn!

    Brenda CorreaBrenda Correa2 일 전
  • Eric Trump - enjoy the virus that your sad dad down played for so long. KARMA IS COMING, DONALD! #worst leader in history.

    Evil Scooter KittyEvil Scooter Kitty2 일 전
    • He’s really funny.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 일 전
  • Happy 50th birthday Tim.

    Always VAlways V2 일 전
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Enriqueta RigorEnriqueta Rigor2 일 전
  • 😃😃😃😃 she’s from that vampire country right? Maybe M doesn’t feel her English is competent. Hopefully Dr. Biden won’t say “speak English “ 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Tamiko BishopTamiko Bishop2 일 전
  • Poor Melania....she has to decorate for one more “F**king Christmas”! (Her words, not mine.)

    Wayne SullivanWayne Sullivan2 일 전
    • Maybe this will be the year she does black.

      Chelsea VuchinichChelsea Vuchinich7 시간 전
    • 🤣🤣🤣👍🏼

      Lisa ZabriskieLisa Zabriskie22 시간 전
  • What makes Melania think that Dr. Jill Biden actually has to meet with her for tea. Dr. Jill Biden and a stripper. No comparison.

    Sandy WSandy W2 일 전
  • It would have been an insult for Jill to have to sit down and talk to her. What intelligence could she possibly share with a woman that has her doctorate in education.

    DolittlesartDolittlesart2 일 전
    • yes, only women with doctorate degrees (and who can afford them) can hold conversations. how did we go from a bunch of ignorant hicks supporting trump to a bunch of classist snobs supporting biden.

      Raz BRaz B일 전
  • You ain't seen a tantrum yet. Just wait 'til the libbies pull their car up to a pump for gas and pay to put food on their tables under Biden Administration! All while on unemployment...whooo

    eagle 101eagle 1013 일 전
    • If you don't like it, leave.

      Okay BoomerOkay Boomer2 일 전
  • Trump is disgusting, they will have to fumigate after the Trump family leaves the White House. I wouldn't want to meet with any of the Trumps for tea or anything. Jill Biden is getting out of that nicely.

    777tsalagi777tsalagi3 일 전
  • Hopefully it's already been said, but just in case, SoC is system on a chip, not silicon on chip.

    Nicholas ZurnNicholas Zurn3 일 전
  • that's what SOC stands for

    PurnaChand MedisettyPurnaChand Medisetty3 일 전
  • Ffs, Soc = System on a Chip not Sillicon on a Chip lol

    Joel BergmarkJoel Bergmark3 일 전
  • A whole generation of coward politicians have just forged legacies of betrayal and treason in history. (and their families will pay the price)

    sever 13 cloudssever 13 clouds3 일 전
  • Im just an ordinary gal but will surely turn down if you ever invited me too... Your show is soooo boring

    andrea simpsonandrea simpson3 일 전
  • What are you studying? Spanish, Italian and AMERICAN. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    Femmefatale32000Femmefatale320003 일 전
  • Lets hope she puts cloths on, instead of showing up in her Hustler outfit. lol

    Allan ShalalaAllan Shalala3 일 전
  • trump is a master of the misdirection and what he is doing now is a calculated "out plan" he had years ago. He knows he lost but he's using the media attention to his false lawsuits to create as many roadblocks for Biden as he can.

    DavidDavid3 일 전
  • Yes she speaks 4 languages , but none of them well enough to understand what she is saying.

    Allan ShalalaAllan Shalala3 일 전
  • Melania isn't just too busy sorting out her escape & getting as much cash as she can carry before the IRS demand it finally, she's far to incompetent to meet with anyone who can discuss on a wild range of topics. Get real! Once she gets past hello, I'm a mother to one of Chumps kids, I met my husband at the Playboy party. I'm a model in the Adult Entertainment Industry but I am working my hardest at trying to replicate Jackie O in fashion sense and classiness. That will take all of two minutes. Poor Mrs Biden having to endure high tea with a Russian immigrant who despises her husband & his other kids. Even though she's Ukrainian or whatever, the poor woman is out of her depth in every arena & I think that it's bad enough that the world knows what she sold to get where she is today, why continue to put the poor woman through unnecessary cultural etiquette when we already know that it's out of her league. If it's just to entertain the media then it's understandable. Think of the waste of time Doctor Biden will have to suffer. There's only so much anyone can bare when it's blatantly obvious Mrs Chump doesn't want to play happy families anymore. Chumps wife has had a great time at the expense of the tax payer. Now that her parents are american citizens, I suppose it must be comforting to know the rest of her family are awaiting passage, then putting up with her pathetic husband & his kids would have made her sufferance worthwhile I guess. However, with the way that her hubby & his dealings have left the country in an awful state I'm surprised that her President isn't going to grant her privileges for aiding Donald in ripping off the country & bringing america to it's knees on the global front. 'Make America Great Again' rang out for so long while paying Russia to pay the Afghani's to murder American soldiers. A conspiracy from the states media themselves, but surprisingly went quiet very quickly. So that's just a brief example of what they could possibly use their hour to talk about, boring!!! Melania's long term friend and now foe is right. "She will divorce the Idiot, end up living a salubrious lifestyle in France doing just what she has always wanted 'NOTHING'". I believe her friend has it sussed completely. No longer young her days as a playboy bunny is well & truly over. Her kid is fourteen & hopefully will be allowed to live his own life so why not scarper now. After Jan 20th the once reliable sugar daddy status could but should be over. Hopefully the enablers will quit their jobs & let the fool flounder like it was described recently, 'An overweight turtle stranded on it's back flailing its feet aimlessly, lmao so much I can feel that fat just melting away with pure joy, hahaha.

    Aeacan SpeakalotAeacan Speakalot3 일 전
  • UNBELIEVABLE!! Crazy 🙄

    Ella HendersonElla Henderson3 일 전
  • I don't think it is her idea to refuse to see Dr Jill Biden, I think her husband forbids her ! He is a jerk.

    Jo JoJo Jo3 일 전
  • Look i understand that the democrats already own the media and this sort of childish humour is what they are paid to do but why is no one looking into this as the massive deal it is. Even if after all the proceedings have finished and there are still enough legal votes that Biden does win do you not realise he is so corrupt that he will be president for two mins before either the US officials arrest him or he is shipped off to Ukraine to face his crimes there? I'm watching this from the UK and they way the media is handling this is strange almost like they knew it was coming any irregulates and any suspicion of fraud should be fully investigated no matter who it is otherwise you become China

    D PD P3 일 전
  • The ladies have nothing in common....the first lady before intellectually superior and the next first lady intellectually superior. There is nothing she can talk about...sad.

    Sarahlou Barrow LewisSarahlou Barrow Lewis3 일 전
  • I don’t really care, do u?

    M PM P3 일 전
  • There is absolutely nothing that Hooker could provide Dr. Jill Biden...The new First Lady will be just fine once the trash is put out.

    Denise ManzanaresDenise Manzanares3 일 전
  • Wake up people!!!!

  • I love when he reminds people American is not a language.

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi4 일 전
  • Americans constantly mispronounce 'emu' too. Take it from an Australian, it's EEM-YOU - not EE-MOO.

    Kerensa BirchKerensa Birch4 일 전
  • Puma is a spanish word and, in this case, the americans pronounce it better !

    MrCiammurroMrCiammurro4 일 전
  • I' d like to say a big sorry on behalf of the British public the way we offloaded James Cordon off you you chaps .If he gets too much for you ,just stick him in a closet with a Sara Lee chocolate gateau & a cardboard cut out of Gary Barlow and he'll be quiet ;)

    Sophie WSophie W4 일 전
    • haha he right its not Spelt Pooma its Puma🤷‍♀️😂

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi4 일 전
  • Why would Dr Biden have a meeting with melania, girl get in touch with our lady Mrs Michelle Obama

    Maritza VazquezMaritza Vazquez4 일 전
  • 1st lady does she has been doing anything whole time she's been there any way to go home

    Connie OrascoConnie Orasco4 일 전
  • Cordon is so right that we change words here, like why don’t we say Torino,Italy but we say Turin. Ridiculous!

    Jill HibbsJill Hibbs4 일 전
  • Why would she?

    david manndavid mann4 일 전
    • Yea, since she hasn't done anything else......nothing

      VJ YemeVJ Yeme4 일 전
  • Vacant Leftist projections are hilarious. "Tantrums" they know all about.

    Kramer EdinsKramer Edins4 일 전
  • That's because Melania's packed her bags and left already! Buh Buh dar-link!

    newbeginningsnewbeginnings4 일 전
    • Yes, election night Me-lania was the only one smiling, clearly a Biden voter

      VJ YemeVJ Yeme4 일 전
  • Install owl carousel

    Mark BurlesonMark Burleson4 일 전
  • Jill shouldn't won't to sleep in that WH bedroom, I bet it stinks of rotting flesh from that coffin that's in it now.

    Ken BensinKen Bensin4 일 전
  • TheTrump family will go down in US History as nothing more than criminals.

    Mellisa PollomMellisa Pollom4 일 전
  • Has a slovenien am sory abaut hear

    david bokandavid bokan4 일 전
  • Its probably not her refusing it will be Papa Trump giving her the order not too.

    Paul RobertsPaul Roberts4 일 전
    • Election night Melania was "all smiles".....BE DONE!

      VJ YemeVJ Yeme4 일 전
  • She is actually the 3rd lady, not counting the cheats. Then we can talk about trump and golf. Any person cheating at golf is just the worst ever. Eric was high. Him and Trucker are best buddies. Yea that is true. 74m americans will believe this as fact.

    Jerry BouwerJerry Bouwer4 일 전
  • piuma

    hisoka’s bussy :]hisoka’s bussy :]4 일 전
  • Jill Biden doesn’t’t have to meet with Melania, there is nothing she can learn from her. Dr. Biden knows a lot more than Melania about what being the First Lady means after having worked with Michelle Obama for eight years. It feels comforting that Joe and Jill Biden already know the job and what is expected from them.

    BI KBI K4 일 전
  • haha he right its not Spelt Pooma its Puma🤷‍♀️😂

    MS 19MS 194 일 전
  • More likely Jill Biden will be having tea with Cindy McCain instead. More dignity there.

    Media ConsultantMedia Consultant4 일 전
  • The real question is ... How long after Trump leaves office will Melanie wait to serve him with divorce papers?

    Doug 7RMDoug 7RM4 일 전
    • If Trump keeps delaying the concession he'll get the papers before he leaves the WH....Melania voted Biden-Harris

      VJ YemeVJ Yeme4 일 전
  • Joe and Jill climb up a hill, to get to the oval office. Trump's kick out of the White House, with Melania, by the Secret Sevice. And these little piggies go "Fake news! I won!!" all the way home... TO THE HIGH-SECURE PRISON WHERE THEY'RE GROUNDED FOREVER :D

  • Don't forget HI-un-DIE.

    Tiny WalnutTiny Walnut5 일 전
  • Trump Should have won!!! Trump2020

    ashlyn palmeiraashlyn palmeira5 일 전
    • Trump did not get the most "legal" votes or "illegal" votes.....maybe next time "burn down" the postal service

      VJ YemeVJ Yeme4 일 전
  • Well- Melania ( I cant speak proper American English) Trump is not really in the same league as Mrs Jill Biden (Professor) now is she!!

    Grace LoveGrace Love5 일 전
  • Jill should just meet up with Michelle since she’s an ACTUAL First Lady. She shouldn’t waste her time trying to meet up Melania.

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu5 일 전
    • You fool

      Big ShoesBig Shoes일 전
  • As first Lady on January 20th the first thing needed to be done is fumigation the white house and burn all the beds. Might take a month or two to clear the smell of fast foods.

    Richard BastienRichard Bastien5 일 전