Top 5 Most Romantic Scenes from "Do You Like Brahms?"

2020. 10. 25.
50 752 조회수

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💌About Do You Like Brahms?
In defiance of her family’s opposition, Song Ah gets accepted to the music school of the same university where she originally majored in business. As she’s seven years older than her classmates, she finds her new academic life daunting and struggles to find strength. One day, she hears Joon Young playing “Traumerei," which comforts her. Joon Young is a talented pianist who started playing the piano when he was six. He’s been friends with Jung Kyung, the granddaughter of Kyunghoo Group’s CEO, for a long time, and is in love with her. When he decides to keep his distance from Jung Kyung, he meets Song Ah.
GENRE: Drama, Romance, Music
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2020
MAIN CAST: Park Eun Bin, Kim Min Jae, Kim Sung Cheol, Lee You Jin, Park Ji Hyun, Bae Da Bin
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  • Why am i cannot move on??? This is just so hard for me to let this drama go....😭😭😭

    hanani adnanhanani adnan2 일 전
  • Maravilhosoooooooooo!! estou apaixonada neste dorama, esse casal lindo e uma história de amor inesquecível!!

    Helenice Ribeiro JorgeHelenice Ribeiro Jorge2 일 전
  • 2:39 this moment >>>>>>> 🥺🥺

    Angela CAngela C7 일 전
  • I'm so in love with this... It made me feel a really wide range of emotions that I don't even know how to put to words... Every single delicate details together made it so touching... Literally everything..

    Alaina AivonAlaina Aivon9 일 전
  • Actually the scene after the first kiss is iconic when she tells him to say the important things first...the humor in that sentence reinforced the emotion of the previous scene. What a wonderful and funny way to show who they were becoming with each other...and remember the proposal in episode 16? He tells her he loves her and “Oh yeah, I told you the important thing first”. Excellent writing.

    Robert SpaldingRobert Spalding14 일 전
  • Ouhhhhh so cute 😖

    Syawalfahira ZulaikhaSyawalfahira Zulaikha15 일 전
  • Watching this drama was a giant hug. It was so poignantly refreshing. Just beautiful!!! It’s very rare to find a drama with such sincerity and relatability.

    c Cincc Cinc16 일 전
  • Joon young I can't forget you!!😭 Saranghaeyeoo😣❤️❤️

  • Beyond beautiful couple, they took the story to another level of romance and cuteness! The matureness of the drama, in fact it was all very well done job! 💓👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Y VelezY Velez25 일 전
  • Their chemistry is off the roof!!

    Gemini ninjaGemini ninja개월 전
  • I can't let this show go. All the tension heading into the final episodes was so worth it ! And it nailed the ending. This goes on my forever watchlist. 💗

    Marisa - The KThreeMarisa - The KThree개월 전
  • If they don't win all the best couple awards there is no justice. Their chemistry was unmatched this year. Not to mention the quality of their scenes and performances outselling every other drama.

    SE KSE K개월 전
  • Best couple drama award 2020 💕💕💕💕💕

    SuzyQSuzyQ개월 전
  • just finished ep 8 continously - tired with smile

    BJR automationBJR automation개월 전
  • I love this drama so much! 😍 I still start crying when I think of Songah giving up her violin, it broke my heart. But then I smile like an idiot at this couple! The Daejeon trip was the sweetest!

    Dana HDana H개월 전
  • How can I move on from this drama???? Please someone help me.. 😭😭😭😭😭 his voice is so deep!! Oh my heart skip a beat when Joon Young said "I like you, I love you" not only once! 4 times!!!!! Goshhh!!! They deserved the best couple, sweet couplw, polite couple, best chemistry ever! ❤❤❤

    Fenny ThangFenny Thang개월 전
  • Their chamestry on and off camera so adorable. Make me smile all the time ☺️🥰

    Effin ShukurEffin Shukur개월 전

    Roro asesinoRoro asesino개월 전
  • I can't movo on from this drama

    TrianitaTrianita개월 전
  • Chenie ost ❤ like the drama too 🥰

    chenie in my pocket chenie in my pocketchenie in my pocket chenie in my pocket개월 전
  • No one is moving on from them, include me :")

    Febby MandiraFebby Mandira개월 전
  • I proudly choose this drama as my #1 fav romance drama ❣️

    Febby PutriFebby Putri개월 전
  • Best offscreen couple awarded to binjae couple

    Nur Ardini MahbudNur Ardini Mahbud개월 전
  • this chemistry on and off cam is just so pure, electric and sweet

    angeliquecpaangeliquecpa개월 전
  • What I loved about this drama is the way their dynamic was different from the usual couples who fight/argue first then fall in love. They went from strangers to friends to lovers and still had more chemistry than the hate-love relationship couples. Plus, the flow was so smooth. The confession scene was unique too. How she just tells him because she couldn't hold the emotion inside anymore. It was a relief for her to confess to him. Also how he didn't just out right tell her yes or no in response to her confession instead he asked her to wait for him. Took time. That was quiet mature of him. Aside from the main couple, the side character's story lines were good too. Showing the unrequited love angles, the long term relationships that loose its flame or how some relationships never happen because their timing is off. Plus the whole music career thing, the struggle of the female lead (not being talented in music nevertheless passionate about it), just about everything was beautifully shown in this drama even though it was a slow. P.s suggest to watch it on 2x speed if you can't tolerate slow dramas. But watch it for sure, because it's worth it.

    니디타니쉬니디타니쉬개월 전
    • @Pragyaa Marasini AGREE

      zie da kdrama and ost Channelzie da kdrama and ost Channel일 전
    • Yes it's a beautifully presented story of love friendship career life choices and so much more. It's such a mesmerizing journey. The chemistry is so great, the osts are just great the way their love story proceeds slowly as they get to know each other it's realistic and beautiful. I just loved this drama. It is a musical love story that is worth a watch. I am so in love with the osts and their chemistry 💓

      Pragyaa MarasiniPragyaa Marasini일 전
    • Good description...I also love this drama..very touchy and teach me so many things....I still repeat watch few scene until now...great drama, great characters, great actors....

      Henny MedyawatiHenny Medyawati12 일 전
    • Agree...worth watching.

      zie da kdrama and ost Channelzie da kdrama and ost Channel20 일 전
    • Well said!

      Michelle ChristineMichelle Christine21 일 전
  • Los amoooo 😍😍😘😍😍😊

    mabelbrand Fernándezmabelbrand Fernández개월 전
  • Most romantic scene for me would be the one when they were on the bus, Song Ah laid her head on Joon Young's shoulder as Joon Young watched her sleeping. Joon Young held her hand tight, not only one but with both his hands as if one hand is not enough for him to feel the warmth she gives him. He doesn't want to let go and seal it with him putting his chin on Song Ah's head. That moment, we, merely as the viewers can feel how precious Song Ah is to Joon Young, and how Joon Young's heart has opened widely for Song Ah, only Song Ah. 😭

    Sherina BongSherina Bong개월 전
    • So trueee 😭😭

      Michelle ChristineMichelle Christine21 일 전
  • Their chemistry is just WOW 🥰😍🤩😘

    Emita Dwisda exo-lEmita Dwisda exo-l개월 전
  • some leads make you feel all hot&bothered like kim hyesoo-ju ji hoon, some leads give make you feel madly in love like park hyungsik-park bo young, some leads make you feel the importance of understanding&respect in relationship like cho seungwoo-bae doona, but this leads makes you feel all innocent love💙💙💙

    kyutejiji__kyutejiji__개월 전
  • I like how both of them blush. It's so old school and I love it.

    Prachi GopsitkarPrachi Gopsitkar개월 전
  • 0:40 the name of the song , please. I like it too much 😭

    Kim SoominKim Soomin개월 전
    • @Sha_ dew yes it's. I found it 🥰

      Kim SoominKim Soomin28 일 전
    • Moonlight sonata?

      Sha_ dewSha_ dew개월 전
  • lieblingks elieblingks e개월 전
  • One of the best kdrama 2020! Periodt

    xabmrxxabmrx개월 전
  • Jatuh cinta banget sama drama ini..❤❤⚘⚘⚘

    Diny AdamsDiny Adams개월 전
  • Luv this couple, they're learnt from mistakes n moved forward, nvr stuck ...

    s08756s08756개월 전
  • That moonlight sonata - happy birthday scene is very iconic. But my favorite is when Kim Min Jae's deep voice saying Chuaeyo 4 times😍😍

    Twindya FinvasienaTwindya Finvasiena개월 전
    • Yes, yes and yes...... the emotion in that simple scene is palpable.

      BlacksorrentoBlacksorrento3 일 전
    • Min jae voice so deep same with yeo jin go 🥰

      Effin ShukurEffin Shukur개월 전
  • I think 5 is not enough, I want more.. maybe 10 😁

  • there was so many chemistry going on in this drama n I like that. all those scenes were great

    Kb GbadeKb Gbade개월 전
  • Nice!

    Laura MooreLaura Moore개월 전
  • Moonlight sonata+happy birthday scene will always be the most superior for mee 😭🤧❤

    jeje jungjeje jung개월 전
  • I want to see them again together but as villains😆💕

    Jhoanna KaryllJhoanna Karyll개월 전
  • I love this drama so much 😢 the moonlight sonata by JY are so beautiful. SA character too. I fall in love with this drama❤

    Olivia CindeeOlivia Cindee개월 전
  • I love this drama it is everything and one of the best OST’s by far. I can’t move pass this drama.

    caroline fernandezcaroline fernandez개월 전
  • Really... chemistry couple..😍 Khumawoo JoonSong 🤗 drama,best couple..💜next drama Minjae Kim Eunbin Park..😇🤗

    Santy WulandariSanty Wulandari개월 전
  • This is the best drama ever...the way he propose and everything😍❤

    Shaminii ManimaranShaminii Manimaran개월 전
  • Sweet couple..🥰

    lindear Ishaklindear Ishak개월 전
  • I really miss JoonSong 😭

    fanny putericfanny puteric개월 전
  • Gosh...I can't move on from this drama 🙄😆

    TrianitaTrianita개월 전
  • Hermosa pareja definitivamente

    KatiuskaKatiuska개월 전
  • Such electric chemistry!! Wish they were given more screen time instead of those horrible side characters who never got what they deserved!

    Annakaye HansonAnnakaye Hanson개월 전

    Caldo de gallinaCaldo de gallina개월 전
  • Who else can’t see her like this because they watched hello my twenties first

    nora Moemalonora Moemalo개월 전
    • Or if you watch stove league.. so badass

      Nabila TjenNabila Tjen개월 전
    • I like her in hello 20s and like also in this drama. Both are very ok

      Ari WakhyuniAri Wakhyuni개월 전
    • She is a versatile actress, she plays very different characters but plays her characters perfectly

      engkimi lalengkimi lal개월 전
    • @Jovia Fortunate same 😅😂

      nora Moemalonora Moemalo개월 전
    • I did a whole double take after realising it was her

      Jovia FortunateJovia Fortunate개월 전
  • I love this drama very much, DYLB the best drama I watch in 2020 binjae the best couple too..

    ElaEla개월 전
  • Congratulations for the wonderful drama! Superb acting! hoping for another drama.

    yhang arianeyhang ariane개월 전
  • Brooo how to move on from dis drama??

    bkubku개월 전
    • Cant move on.. 🎻🎹💜

      Unnie ERNI. SUnnie ERNI. S개월 전
    • There is no way

      Caldo de gallinaCaldo de gallina개월 전
  • My favorite scene is when they in a bus together from Daejeon to Seoul. It was super romantic. It was so beautiful for me. The OST made the scene even more beautiful. It was a short scene without any dialogue or kiss/hug. But the way Jun Young holds Song Ah's hand and the way he stares was sooooo sweet. I cried because of that scene.

    Jose NatalieJose Natalie개월 전
    • Ikr it was so sweet and pure

      ChuChu12 일 전
    • I agree with you...the scene in this drama totally different from other drama, outstanding...still can't move on from this drama...lovely couple ❤

      Henny MedyawatiHenny Medyawati개월 전
  • I loved this Kdrama. 💜✨🎼🎹🎻

    Gio galoGio galo개월 전
  • I miss our couples :(

    Dakota LeDakota Le개월 전
  • Cant move on, even sbs do not let us move on

    soulof owolsoulof owol개월 전
  • My favorite drama 💜 with my favorite couple 😍😘

    Benala HasinaBenala Hasina개월 전
  • All of their romantic scenes are masterpieces of this drama. Can't choose which one is the best because all of them are the best in my opinion🥰

    Keshuma BunginKeshuma Bungin개월 전
  • This drama has all lineup ost legend awhhh i love all of it

    Adli HadiAdli Hadi개월 전
  • Woahh no one is moving on im gonna miss these couple very muc ❤❤

    dian skieeedian skieee개월 전
  • All their scenes together is just fluff and cute and romantic really! Which just fits perfectly the overall storyline of the drama.

    Aim PascuaAim Pascua개월 전
  • Omg that kiss 😍 my heart 😳

  • Delinear semtimento nas teclas do piano e escrever histórias de amor sem fim...

    edna da silvaedna da silva개월 전
  • Sweet CP ❤一亿

    Sherlyn Teh Lay LianSherlyn Teh Lay Lian개월 전
  • the chemistry ITSELF

    ¡ sunset luvr !¡ sunset luvr !개월 전
  • the chemistry !!! Damn this is one of the best dramas !!

    Kdrama ReviewKdrama Review개월 전
  • Ambos son hermosos

    chymmy bt21chymmy bt21개월 전
  • Que tiernos

    chymmy bt21chymmy bt21개월 전
  • 11:57 YURI VOICES!

    Nabeelah & NabeehahNabeelah & Nabeehah개월 전

      Daniella TimyDaniella Timy개월 전
    • That voice really good

      Daniella TimyDaniella Timy개월 전
  • Their chemistry is so good😍😍

    Anzu RuzAnzu Ruz개월 전
    • I agree

      Kdrama ReviewKdrama Review개월 전
  • we have to be friends to I like you to I love you 💗💘💓💞💕💝😭😭💓💘❤️💗💝💕💓🥺🥲

    ostjihyoostjihyo개월 전