[CES 2021] Better Normal for All | Samsung

2021. 01. 11.
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Welcome to Samsung Electronics’ first Digital Press Conference at CES 2021, where we share how we are reshaping global experiences to connect you with the people, and the places, that matter most.
From product personalization to continued innovation in AI, Samsung is exploring how we can build a better future for our planet, and our people.
Join us to learn more about how we’re building a Better Normal for All.
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00:00 Introduction
03:30 Customized Products
07:21 Personalized Services
10:27 AI Technology in CE Products
17:13 Bot Care & Bot Handy
20:07 Together for Tomorrow

  • nmap network mapper ???????Google Chrome DNS

    خالد حسين4خالد حسين43 분 전
  • 삼성이 삼성했나 ㄹㅇ

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  • Way to go Samsung!

    Tinh DangTinh Dang2 일 전
  • I saw it well. My friend Samsung

    Yeongmin CheonYeongmin Cheon2 일 전
  • There is no you. You are what you've been told. So you are just a child with no ideas. Consumer is you.

    Роман ТихоновРоман Тихонов2 일 전
  • it was impressive video : )

    chan Jchan J3 일 전
  • Weird

    berlinsouljahberlinsouljah4 일 전
  • I like that paychopath.

    Mentalist 00Mentalist 004 일 전
  • Me: Watches all of it Me: Wants almost everthing... Me: Can't afford anything of it.

    Megane SenpaiMegane Senpai4 일 전
  • They've been talking about robots for way too long

    AgastyaAgastya5 일 전
  • How much does care cost?????

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  • 33 million views and only 905 comment BRUH

  • 2021 non more bloatwares

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  • CEO: good job Robot: wacks it’s self on the head 19:29

  • I'm pround that Samsung is Korean company..

    월터 킴Walter Kim월터 킴Walter Kim6 일 전
  • LG꺼 먼저 정말 감명 깊게 봤는데 삼성은 역시 삼성이구나싶네... 하하

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  • This guy should be next Samsung CEO

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  • ♡♡♡♡

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  • You are incredible! Keep it up!❤

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  • 26:47 is that a note phone with no hole punch camera or am i going crazy

    AdipocereAdipocere7 일 전
  • Still i would buy iphone,📱, thnx Apple

    Dardania Sacra - KosovaDardania Sacra - Kosova7 일 전
  • Aaaand with more tech comes less privacy....

    Porcupine LogicPorcupine Logic7 일 전
  • I will not let Samsung get f***ed with Exynos anymore. iPhone better.

    Waldemar GodlewskiWaldemar Godlewski7 일 전
  • 11:39 Dame Da Ne Reference?!!?

    P LP L7 일 전
  • This was like a Samsung documentary, quite fun to watch tbh. Especially the cat and dog part👍

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  • samsung fa cagare....

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  • 5:36 inter's new sponsor samsung?

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  • Before digital TV ppl knew how many ppl watch the superbowl analog TVs did it back then .... this is not new but now they have a camera and microphone to REALLY keep an eye on you and your naked kids. Sick ppl with unlimited tech in the name of progress

    magaivermagaiver7 일 전

    magaivermagaiver7 일 전
  • TVs with cameras to watch every move you make ... Samsung is not the only one doing this already Snowden said that your microwave is already watching you Boycott 5g or loose your freedom

    magaivermagaiver7 일 전
  • When you download an app to any device YOU HAVE TO AGREED TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS OR THE APP WILL NOT WORK Most have access to your entire device.. pictures location and all contact with in you device or no app Now with a straight face they are telling you that they will monitor you home from your tv and they will ok what you watch and if you are naked in front of your tv they not only save that video but they will used it against you and share the videos of your kids specially if they are naked

    magaivermagaiver7 일 전
  • The ccp at it's best Selling tvs with cameras to watch your kids naked with they play.. You are disgusting samsung

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  • Did this video get botted? Cuz there is 33 million views and only 9 thousand likes?!?!? What happened there?!?!?!

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  • What a plot❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍. I 'm gettin goosebumps now😂

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  • Is the sci-fi twist the narrator peels his face off and is the robot....

    MscldrewMscldrew7 일 전
  • smart fridges with rtx 3080 pog?

    TggamerTggamer7 일 전
  • Thx Samsung! You should do a full 3D wall so people who live in small houses can feel they are in a castle or a prehistoric cave or in an art museum, etc, etc, depending on the mood. Your new fridge and tv's inspired that to me. A thin layer on full wall instead of some boring wall paper!!

    Isa CareIsa Care7 일 전
  • Does it wash its hands after loading the dishwasher, maybe before it pours you a drink?

    broonzy2006broonzy20067 일 전
  • So nothing really interesting? A robot that has arm and a crappy cooking app

    TheOutsidersPostTheOutsidersPost7 일 전
  • This man is 55

    Dan96Dan967 일 전
  • "what you also need is personalized services, ones that adapt to your routine" Me: no, what I need is money

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  • I am ai

    Hake AiHake Ai8 일 전

  • Samsung said : better for the planet buy the charger apart its eco friendly said

    Hector RosaHector Rosa8 일 전
    • Same for apple

      Hake AiHake Ai8 일 전
  • When I move out, my house will consist mostly of Samsung products.😂

    Why park Jimin when you can ride JiminWhy park Jimin when you can ride Jimin8 일 전
  • I just got that refrigerator with the display, it's so amazing.😍

    Why park Jimin when you can ride JiminWhy park Jimin when you can ride Jimin8 일 전
  • Really nice introducción !!

    Gustavo ReyesGustavo Reyes8 일 전
  • Apple Will build Ptivate Cloud Service for Major Compnies with Mac Pro with T1 Processors and Change the Mac Every Year for low Price with The private Org Engineers and Apple Workers not engineers. This Is Future of Cloud Farms for Orgs Tim. Not Public Cloud with the Org Engineers. For Low Price every Year.

    Shahar RozenbloomShahar Rozenbloom8 일 전
  • Next Samsung will have Paper around Screen when you open With A Wide Tounge in Right not up in Patent for environment. In all there Products evdn Tabs And ARM PC by Samsung. Aldo samsung will create a Screen like the XDR Graphic Screen that cost 8,000$.

    Shahar RozenbloomShahar Rozenbloom8 일 전
  • iRobot will have A iRobot Steam of some What Hot Water Steams like a Steamer Shot for Windows up go 2.2 Metar high and with Lidar and Camera and Water charger in Charger that Cost 14,500$ to recognize Glass and Apple will have for it's Car that turn around the Car that cost 20,000$. Like iRobot for the Car in Patent mosly For Windows and metal Frame.

    Shahar RozenbloomShahar Rozenbloom8 일 전
  • I thought no more seasons of Black Mirror. . . . Is that MC even human.

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  • Wait ...Is it, David Attenborough 24:30

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  • His presentation skills are amazing...

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  • 2021: watch dogs 2030: detroit become human

    Rosegold BeatsRosegold Beats8 일 전
  • Just add a fleshlight attachment to bot handy and it might blow up and become big.

    BluExMamba24BluExMamba248 일 전
  • I know medium income earning people can’t afford this but for the moment I saw future of AI which has come to reality whoever will use these products are blessed but whoever can’t we can praise what we saw simply fantastic and I wish I can make it to buy all these in future 😂🤣😊

    Rojin DhakalRojin Dhakal8 일 전
  • Samsung - best in innovation part

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  • ok that vacuum bot part is good. I'm impressed

    johan muhaiyarjohan muhaiyar8 일 전
  • 26:47 - The phone has no hole-punch! Is this a hint that we are getting under-display camera soon?

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  • This is the "High Society's" future. The poor and middle class are not included.

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  • Kill your animals while your at work and leak your bank's statements live ok wrong movie

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  • Being a loyal fan of galaxy I am not going to choose any other brands..... But what to do if I am forced to do so..... A student needs laptop for studies.... But Samsung books required a lot 💰💰💰💰 which I can't afford but.... My loyalty, yes I will not compromise with it surely..... Not going to look for any other brands.... If I am going to manage any way but not going to any other brands..👍😊😊😊😊 Love Samsung in every ups and downs We are a family at Samsung's galaxy🌌 @samsung #samsung #galaxybookflex

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  • But can Bot Handy....J?🤔

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  • Hey, look at us, the viewers and not the wall!

  • I think this was the year tv manufacturers could have lowered their prices to keep margins down to a minimum and help people get tv’s, monitors and consoles in to their homes at affordable prices. People are suffering and strapped. These big corporations would not even feel it financially. Do it for six months and give back a bit so people can make being at home an exceptional experience. The brand loyalty that would come out of this would carry them through years to come. Something still worth considering.

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    • The more futuristic, the more weirder the name get.

      SuperIntenseGamer v1SuperIntenseGamer v18 일 전
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  • @Samsung hint: biggest detriment to upcycling is closed-source firmware

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  • Samsung. Please make your products more accessible, by means of accessible is affordable for every one.

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  • Very good quality but cringe

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