DPR IAN - No Blueberries (ft. DPR LIVE, CL) OFFICIAL M/V

2020. 12. 17.
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DPR IAN - No Blueberries (ft. DPR LIVE, CL) OFFICIAL M/V - [Single]

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In collaboration with UBK


    Dream Perfect RegimeDream Perfect Regime개월 전
    • Sooooooooo gooooooooooood!

      Watanee ChantapoWatanee Chantapo2 일 전
    • thanx for ur masterpeice

      Suhani khoslaSuhani khosla3 일 전

      • kyoko saikou •• kyoko saikou •5 일 전
    • where is the eng cc?

      Sainsanaa SSainsanaa S8 일 전
    • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

      Emily XEmily X8 일 전
  • Excuse me! He asked for no blueberries!

    SaraSara시간 전
  • 중독성 미쳤네 하루에 3번씩보러온다;; ㅋㅋ

    지구본지구본3 시간 전
  • I came here because the blueberry guy looks a lot with that tall rapper in pentagon but damn the song's good

    Carol VargasCarol Vargas5 시간 전
  • This song is so refreshing. Calm and classy 😍😍

    Rex GonzalesRex Gonzales5 시간 전
  • I believe that the flower that the astronaut guy is holding is a white wisteria which in Victorian culture, wisterias were viewed as a warning against over passionate love. You can understand this interpretation by looking at the plant as the vines cling together and choke each other out. Notice that DPR Live has the plant in his car as he drives DPR Ian towards the masked figure, trying to have him understand how toxic relationship is.

    Keylee MedranoKeylee Medrano6 시간 전
  • Random thought but what I really need is a collab between bibi and DPR. That's the tweet.

    Alison DawnAlison Dawn6 시간 전
  • ARTE

    Angela PazAngela Paz7 시간 전
  • Pashmamm baabaaaaaaaaa;)

    Arezou .jArezou .j8 시간 전
  • it has been stuck in my head for a month now...so addictive !

    Patricia AlvesPatricia Alves9 시간 전

    trang nguyentrang nguyen10 시간 전
  • I’m back cos I love

    Dinnie LDinnie L14 시간 전
  • Everyone makin theories and stuff Me - ight blueberries are scary

    dank rexxdank rexx14 시간 전
  • help????? this is so good pls

    Natália CruzNatália Cruz17 시간 전
  • 이안 진짜 잘생겼다

    장희철장희철18 시간 전
  • I love errthinggg!

    Camille BibatCamille Bibat18 시간 전
  • Give the guy a break and Just let him eat his ice cream in peace w/ no freaking blueberries!! He's already having so much hallucinations just looking at it 🥴

    Mi DukMi Duk19 시간 전
  • definitely this is gonna be my favorite song of 2021.

    Pamela GuillénPamela Guillén20 시간 전
  • i just don't get why people are not listening to this!!! THIS IS A MASTERPIECE A FABULOUS ART!!!

    kate villamorkate villamor21 시간 전
  • this is a fucking movie and it's up there with parasite

    Jasper NikolaosJasper Nikolaos21 시간 전

    Moon ArmyMoon Army22 시간 전
  • Idk why i feel like DPR Ian and James Gorden would be best friends. We need DPR on the late late show.

    lim yoonalim yoona일 전
  • Blueberries are good for health.

    Dai BeatsDai Beats일 전
  • Que perfeição meu irmão

    Lettícia BarretoLettícia Barreto일 전
  • Eita caraiu

    Lettícia BarretoLettícia Barreto일 전
  • on repeat.

    heanhean일 전
  • I'm doing a CL marathon

    lau renlau ren일 전
  • Oh wow. You guys really had fun with the art direction! I love it 😄

    Nursimah WahedNursimah Wahed일 전
  • Ayeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TRCK.TRCK.일 전
  • Gonna need more now; this is awesome!!

    Brandon SoumBrandon Soum일 전
  • I fallin In love right now... I'm serious :' noooo

    Amanda BeningAmanda Bening일 전
  • ♡♡♡

    nana do0ienana do0ie일 전

    Made Ayu_9C_25Made Ayu_9C_25일 전

    Anggi SuryaardhaAnggi Suryaardha일 전
  • This here, yessir deserves so much ☀️

    poojaaapoojaaa일 전
  • @2:10 maybe I'm just touch deprived but like I wish that was me in his place

    ErlErl일 전
  • So you are telling me this song actually isn't about him not liking blueberries in his ice cream?

    FatimaFatima일 전
  • i saw cl i click. i'm simple

    Yelena AsakuraYelena Asakura일 전
  • I would let him ruin my life

    peppermintericapepperminterica일 전
  • 노래에 반하고 뮤비 색감에 반하고 잘생긴 얼굴에 2번 치이네....와우.. 흥하길.

    찡찡찡찡일 전

    Crack GlassCrack Glass일 전
  • Arte arte

    J NJ N일 전
  • art.

    rebeca barretorebeca barreto일 전
  • I like it! Interesting concept and everyone there is talented.

    La-Chelle CarterLa-Chelle Carter2 일 전
  • i would like a blueberrry ice cream now

    KomaaKomaa2 일 전
  • This song is fire!!

    Penny MichellePenny Michelle2 일 전
  • ian my heartmlkdnksng

    NiniNini2 일 전
  • I wouldn't mind doing shrooms just once to watch this MV in a dark movie theater

    Geli TGeli T2 일 전
  • 다빈이형은 한국어할때도 영어같아 ㅋㅋ ㅈㄴ간지나

    지구본지구본2 일 전
  • 조회수가 150만인데 좋아요가 15만이라고? 미쳤다 진짜ㅋㅋ 디피알 이안....잊지않겠습니다...

    지구본지구본2 일 전
  • 1975 feels robbers

    Louise PerezLouise Perez2 일 전
  • THIS MV!!!!!

    Stephy StephenStephy Stephen2 일 전
  • DAMN

    Hanis LeeHanis Lee2 일 전
  • Queen cl

    shaghayegh yaghoubishaghayegh yaghoubi2 일 전
  • How can I find a real Ian in my life

    Fcfutiureret stpthsstpishleFcfutiureret stpthsstpishle2 일 전
  • I swear to god DPR always have the best MV concepts and the best music.

    Made in BusanMade in Busan2 일 전
    • tru

      allyally일 전
  • the Beetlejuice reference

    SoimilkSoimilk2 일 전
  • w o w

    seren halcyonseren halcyon2 일 전

    Joy KuanJoy Kuan2 일 전
  • ART

    Jennie zhangJennie zhang2 일 전
  • ughh idk why i'm late to this BUT this masterpiece is literally what ian's imagination being brought to reality is like hehe so proud of the whole gang gang and IAN baby!

    Shin Ah RaShin Ah Ra2 일 전
  • god it’s me again 🧎🏽

    jj3anyjj3any2 일 전
  • 영상미가 오지고 지려버렸네.

    Papaya마야Papaya마야2 일 전
  • yall feel the stranger things vibe in here when the kids are at the mall? LOL

    An CeeAn Cee2 일 전
  • 1:25 alice in borderland (2020) spoiler with no context

    rude commenterrude commenter2 일 전
  • Son las 2:19 am en donde vivo es de noche...y youtube me recomendo un video sullo en donde niños reaxionaban a sus videos....Y ME ENCANTO...espero no ser la unica persona que habla español aqui...espero que sigan así :D

    Oriana AisaOriana Aisa2 일 전
  • Gila sih enak

    Dea Laeni pratiwiDea Laeni pratiwi2 일 전
  • Este hombre me gusta demasiado.. Demasiado!!! 🖤🖤

    Frida MasonFrida Mason3 일 전
  • I think this might be one of my favorite music videos and songs. I rarely revist music videos, but this is the only one that I can't stop coming back to. Can't wait to hear more music from you!

    sunnysunny3 일 전
  • The ratio of likes to dislike is so beautiful~

    ZanikiaZanikia3 일 전
  • It starts at 1:48

    s h i n e d s u ns h i n e d s u n3 일 전
  • I pity people that don't know this mesmerizing song.

    ons ghrairions ghrairi3 일 전
  • I'm in love with all his songs😳

    Umie ZulaikaUmie Zulaika3 일 전
  • wtf so gooooddd

    avril achweitzeravril achweitzer3 일 전
  • Wah gila..

    26. Ni Made Galinda Dwi C.26. Ni Made Galinda Dwi C.3 일 전
  • Me thinking. How can this layback song match with the video tension 😏. Oh, he just high😅

    YukiYuki3 일 전
  • why this song is so underrated

    biswonbiswon3 일 전
  • 편식하지마세요

    박중봉박중봉3 일 전
  • Everything abt this is perfect

    pj mlpj ml3 일 전
  • 내가 장발 남자 진짜 안좋아하는데 이안은 장발도 잘어울리고 이게 본인한테 잘 어울려서 좋음 ㅠㅠ장발남자 매력을 이렇게 또 한 번 더 알고 갑니다....이안은 진짜 영상감독이 왜 음악도 잘하는 거야 왜,,?못 하는게 뭐야,,,,,,? 내가 사랑한다고 말했나...??사랑해,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    재범아사랑해재범아사랑해3 일 전
  • omg i'm so addicted to this song and mv

    Javiera CartajenaJaviera Cartajena3 일 전
  • if you take acid blueberries will atttack you yep

    ThugLadyThugLady4 일 전
  • I love you style

    Mikki JuanMikki Juan4 일 전
  • The way I forgot about this collaboration soon after Rosalio announcement LoL 😂

    just a Trolljust a Troll4 일 전
  • what can a girl do to grasped an ian face... lucky monster -.-

    Nataline KnightNataline Knight4 일 전
  • wow

    Louise AGLouise AG4 일 전
  • Now i miss c-clown

    Nuox ReidNuox Reid4 일 전
  • 음식가지고 장난쳐서 벌받는 내용인가

    uu yuuu yu4 일 전

    ikon warriorikon warrior4 일 전
  • The way he says "masking tape" just hits different for some reason😌

    • @Funmi Dawodu yes he is:)

      Sandra MSandra M21 시간 전
    • @Jenny Jenny is he Australian? i just heard this song and I wanna know more about him :)

      Funmi DawoduFunmi Dawodu일 전
    • Australian accent it is 😊

      Jenny JennyJenny Jenny4 일 전
  • ♥️

    ASAS4 일 전
  • Is it just me or does the opening bars sound like the Chungking Express opening :0

    Deil Lorraine GalenzogaDeil Lorraine Galenzoga4 일 전
  • no blueberries but cherry.

    By SolagneBy Solagne5 일 전
  • im like semi convinced he's singing about blue balls loooool

    JuliaJulia5 일 전
  • are dpr ian and dpr live 2 different people??? I'm so confused

    • kyoko saikou •• kyoko saikou •5 일 전
    • @rude commenter æàáâäąªåãāh omg I feel so dumb thanks

      • kyoko saikou •• kyoko saikou •2 일 전
    • @• kyoko saikou • they’re a part of a group called dpr (dream perfect regime)

      rude commenterrude commenter2 일 전
    • @CTYL why do they a super similar name tho 😭😭😭

      • kyoko saikou •• kyoko saikou •3 일 전
    • dpr ian, the one singing dpr live, the one rapping

      CTYLCTYL4 일 전
  • Fighting bro!,,, Soo goooddddddddd!!!!! 😭😭😭I’m new and will support you and team after this!,,

    Shamafis You-tu-beShamafis You-tu-be5 일 전
  • Not only it’s catchy already but you also seem to stick to your own accent when you sing, which is something I deeply respect because most native English speaking singers just switch over to American and I find it very tedious and not true to themselves. You can’t imagine the joy my mother and I feel when we hear “masking tape”. Really great stuff musically and visually, acing both fields dude, love it!

    Sheff AlexSheff Alex5 일 전
    • I mean, australian accents are kinda cool lol

      tabu -tabu -3 일 전
  • Well maybe if you just picked off the blueberries instead of FLICKING them everywhere YOU WOULDN'T BE IN THIS SITUATION

    Jæ ?Jæ ?5 일 전
  • t cũng không thích blueberries

    Luong Hoang DucLuong Hoang Duc5 일 전
  • One word. DOPE

    chihaya ayasechihaya ayase5 일 전