2021. 04. 19.
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  • I wanna fcking must have this amazing epic lighter xD where can i buy it? ^^

    tjaichtjaich33 분 전
  • Esa canción no la escuchaba desde 2014

    Gizmo El MogwaiGizmo El Mogwai47 분 전
  • Didn't heard this song for a while

  • Nice. Now one question Why

    LxD AlexLxD Alex2 시간 전
  • Meri Dua hay har insan kamyab ho har insan ko Sehat or dono jahano ki KAMYABIAN milain meray mola karam kar ki ghari hay Mola ab mafi mangtay hain Tujhsay REHAM kar.

    khano kay raazkhano kay raaz2 시간 전
  • Где можно эта купить

    Bakyt KyvatbekovBakyt Kyvatbekov3 시간 전
  • This is the lock picking lawyer..

    AristrudelAristrudel3 시간 전
  • え?何がアマゾン?って思ってたらアメイジングだった件

    みどりんみどりん6 시간 전
  • Looks like one of my old finger boxes. Boy I'll tell you what, mine doesn't look quite as nice as that anymore though!

    SkizzlepussSkizzlepuss6 시간 전
  • Please tell me the name of this writer

    なははななははな7 시간 전
  • Че бля

    ПартизанПартизан8 시간 전
  • Song?

    inyMUQEETinyMUQEET11 시간 전
  • What a load of bullshit. Inconvenient as hell. I mever want to see you in my recommended again. PS the music choice is shit

    Gábor Mátyás HusztiGábor Mátyás Huszti11 시간 전
  • Shit fire

    blinkblink13 시간 전
  • Maybe zili is not cringe like tiktok

    Misaki SenpaiMisaki Senpai14 시간 전
  • amazing

    asuradaasurada16 시간 전
  • Too much effort for nothing

    kzarkagekzarkage17 시간 전
  • I buy one, one day is bullshit

    Kristen BernardKristen Bernard17 시간 전
  • Jajaja, no entiendo ningún comentario del chat, llamado a latinoamericanos!!!.......

    Diego Alonso Bustos RomeroDiego Alonso Bustos Romero18 시간 전
  • where can i buy it?

    あいちゃんあいちゃん20 시간 전
  • الجداحه ام الربع احسن بهواي

    joseph Kh11joseph Kh1120 시간 전
  • I thought it was a lock. *wtf is wrong with me*

    Urbex-AdventuresUrbex-Adventures20 시간 전
  • Donde lo compró y cuánto vale en dólares?

    juan ramosjuan ramos21 시간 전
  • A club isn't the best place to find a lover

    Gian GoicoecheaGian Goicoechea21 시간 전
  • I thought this was some complicated Lock

    Jewel GragasinJewel Gragasin23 시간 전
  • I thought they were all lil minions …

    If she not cute She gets the bootIf she not cute She gets the boot일 전
  • 「黒い噂が流れている有名人の疑惑〜♫」

    希望匿名希望匿名일 전
  • Search: Rotating Rocker or Rosewood Lighter $20-40. There is no mystery or a secret.. she just putting it together, assembling it. To start this lighter you have to rotate that ball...

    Screen ShareScreen Share일 전
  • Chưa bt lươn kỳ Anh rồi

    he lô gút mó ninhhe lô gút mó ninh일 전
  • Gdigjdgdgdgxgdhdhxhdhdhdgsgdgdgdgsfsfzfsgzfzfzfzfzfzfzfzf

    سجاد هيروسجاد هيرو일 전
  • u should replace "amazing" to "useless"

    NettNett일 전
  • 何これ…

    山内桜山内桜일 전
  • Song name?

    Kashta GTKashta GT일 전
  • Ugly lighter

    Jelmer DijkenJelmer Dijken일 전
  • A Yes So No one can adk to give them a light

    Yu UyYu Uy일 전
  • I clicked on this just to dislike it this is KOworld not

    Tom SmithTom Smith일 전
  • "Amazing" Mediocre at fucking best

    ZaxleTVZaxleTV일 전
  • ?

    NicuukkNicuukk일 전
  • Fuck you buddy

    Normal ManNormal Man일 전
  • Do you know something called a grocery store

    SkullSkull일 전
  • Donde puedo conseguirlo???

    adrian ferraladrian ferral일 전
  • I don't understand nothing, what's going on? What is it? Why gives me ansiety?

    Daniel Cuchallo CruzDaniel Cuchallo Cruz일 전
  • Ill just buy a bic

    Andrew AlmasAndrew Almas일 전
  • 俺の顔を見ろ〜の歌?

    杉本寅昌杉本寅昌일 전
  • Que tiene de " amazing" esto???

    Gráfica Proyek Impresiones DigitalesGráfica Proyek Impresiones Digitales일 전
  • If your life depended on a spark of fire

    Rika SchefferRika Scheffer일 전
  • Eu quero o link❤️❤️

    richard gomesrichard gomes일 전
  • Most of the likes is because the song choice😆

    Shannon DamnitShannon Damnit일 전
  • I'ma fucking use a stick to make fire faster than this

    Darcell M'AvisDarcell M'Avis일 전
  • Meanwhile my zippo takes like 3 steps to replace the flint and oil

    Snakezase 29Snakezase 29일 전
  • Who thought it was a padlock

    Jaymer FillJaymer Fill일 전
  • Order plzz

    Rhythm MusicRhythm Music일 전
  • No.

    KarnageKarnage일 전
  • Que

    Lucas.Lucas.일 전
  • Can i buy 1

    Lil DarknessLil Darkness일 전
  • Yall do realize you don't have to do this every time right? Flints last months even for heavy use. Id rather carry something interesting than a bic but thats just me

    theeAntiMidastheeAntiMidas일 전
  • Why

    yolo yoloyolo yolo일 전
  • Not really amazing...

    Saucey PantsSaucey Pants일 전
  • Ben bu çakma istiyorum bana gönderin

    Yunus DenezYunus Denez일 전
  • What

    1323GamerTV1323GamerTV2 일 전
  • I want one where I go for it looks dope

    Edgar CortezzEdgar Cortezz2 일 전
  • 中村晃…

    sen chasen cha2 일 전
  • I have to buy this s o i c a n l i c k t h e l o c k

    Earthworm MatthewEarthworm Matthew2 일 전
  • Stupid

    DanioDanio2 일 전
  • Cousin of tik tok

    Nitin SobtiNitin Sobti2 일 전
  • I dont get it

    MatsMats2 일 전
  • I thought that was a lock...

    Anton DerekeAnton Dereke2 일 전
  • It's kinda cool dont get me wrong *But insanely impractical*

    SamiTheAnxiousBeanSamiTheAnxiousBean2 일 전
  • Yo kinna pauxu maile

    MM Entertainment😎MM Entertainment😎2 일 전
  • なんかわからんけどすこ

    ぴょん鬼ぴょん鬼2 일 전
  • Ese buy kaise kar sakte hai

    Irsad AliIrsad Ali2 일 전
  • 何がアメージングじゃい!

    差那山差那山2 일 전
  • I thought the first was sugar😂😂

    Esila ÖzdemirEsila Özdemir2 일 전
  • I love this music

    Guru PrasadGuru Prasad2 일 전
  • on sale?

    bukan editorsbukan editors2 일 전
  • Beli dimana?

    bukan editorsbukan editors2 일 전
  • "Bro can I borrow your lighter?" *Takes Lighter* "Da Fak is this?!"

    I'mKyddingI'mKydding2 일 전
  • he the typa guy to set fire to a whole village in one night by lighters alone. 😐💀

    J DeLaRosaJ DeLaRosa2 일 전
  • Где купить такую??

    MaelstromMaelstrom2 일 전
  • Very difficult and irrational behaviour 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

    Technical ncert HackTechnical ncert Hack2 일 전
  • I feel like this’ll make a cigarette smoker want to quit.

    sw33t.creaturesw33t.creature2 일 전
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kids CreationKids Creation2 일 전
  • Amazing. Kept me watching it 5 times to finally see the Amazing stuff. You better try it

    Dragons Production HouseDragons Production House2 일 전
    • Paid shill found.

      cyotee dogecyotee doge일 전
  • I want 1

    Yung Millionaire GangsterYung Millionaire Gangster2 일 전

    Анна ШубинаАнна Шубина2 일 전
  • Voglio acquistare. Grazie

    Vasile MoldovanuVasile Moldovanu2 일 전
  • Imagine some dude walks up to you and ask for a light and you gotta be like "hol up man, gotta do the puzzle first."

    CloudCloud3 일 전
    • @SHADA Send Знакомьтесь с клавиатурой Gboard! Здесь будет сохраняться текст, который вы копируете.

      Юра ПетрушЮра Петруш11 시간 전
    • @SerlingPictures LOL

      SHADA SendSHADA Send17 시간 전
    • @SHADA Send ah yes...the "I think my daughter might be pregnant laugh"

      SerlingPicturesSerlingPictures18 시간 전
    • @SHADA Send when you are pregnant... You laugh really hard??

      カミアオミカミアオミ22 시간 전
    • I laughed so hard my mom thought I'm pregnant🤣🤣🤣

      SHADA SendSHADA Send일 전
  • Sbhi lokk chutiyapa spam krdo bey 😀🤣🤣🤣

    Manav SharmaManav Sharma3 일 전
  • Probably only lights 5 times before it never works again...

    hiphoppamhhiphoppamh3 일 전
  • People Trying to understand what is going on: Visible confusion

    Ender404Ender4043 일 전
  • A key for open a godamn lighter? Men i prefer to pick 2 rocks to make fire

  • Smokers using this lighter: "Smoking is no joke."

    Aurobinda SahuAurobinda Sahu3 일 전
  • I thought it was a Carmel flavoured Chuba chup

    WhoswhoWhoswho3 일 전
  • He's the type of guy who believes an Umbrella can save him from Tsunami

    GVRLM AvinashGVRLM Avinash3 일 전
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Juan Estrella SJuan Estrella S일 전
    • GIRL = Guy In Real Life

      just a random educated humanjust a random educated human일 전
    • @I could not Come up with a name Hey!! Iam not supportive to any particular gender, I respect each and every gender 🙂 I am sorry if my comment made you feel so.

      GVRLM AvinashGVRLM Avinash일 전
    • @Riste99 i was just joking calm down

      Nachos With MayoNachos With Mayo일 전
    • unless it was stolen

      2Noobs2Noobs일 전
  • Aku kira sabun bolong anjir 😂

    Putra Gaming01Putra Gaming013 일 전
  • I probably already quit smoking by the time the fire came out

    Akram SafirulAkram Safirul3 일 전
  • また隠す系かよと思った

    If_Peach__14If_Peach__143 일 전

    Sədcad MuradovSədcad Muradov3 일 전
  • I tought its a lock

    Hasby Al GhanieHasby Al Ghanie3 일 전
  • That's it. This is the last bullshit short I'm looking at. It's either an 11 year old video, or this bullshit that youtube recommends. They need to quit worrying about politics and let people create meaningful shit. Rant over. Good day. I said good say!

    waynec369waynec3693 일 전