Pirates vs. Padres Highlights (5/03/21)

2021. 05. 03.
161 038 조회수

Pirates vs. Padres full game highlights from 5/03/21
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  • Makky Makkado...the King of K's.

    M PIussantM PIussant3 일 전
  • 0:23 1:19

    baseball alligatorbaseball alligator5 일 전
  • I swear this season of baseball has been one of the best in years

    Jonathan SalasJonathan Salas5 일 전
  • Why a two Hop throw

    Roberto LopezRoberto Lopez5 일 전
  • Nice pedres!!!! Nice!!!

    Danny bigdogDanny bigdog5 일 전
  • who is the announcer that sounds eerily like Tony gwynn? it's freaking me out.

    Dana ColemanDana Coleman5 일 전
    • oh my goodness! I should have guessed! I didn't realize he was doing that! That's awesome!

      Dana ColemanDana Coleman5 일 전
    • His son.

      James ParthemerJames Parthemer5 일 전
    • Tony Gwynn Jr

      David BlueDavid Blue5 일 전
  • Let's go Ha Sung Kim!! 김하성 가즈아~~~~~~~~~~~~!!

    MingTubeMingTube5 일 전
  • we need to keep diaz up for bullpen or 5 starter cuz hes nasty

    KoolaidmanTVKoolaidmanTV5 일 전
  • Wished I was pitching

    Snell Über AllesSnell Über Alles6 일 전
  • Enjoy our .500 caz now 18 game losing street on its way

    Ironcity418Ironcity4186 일 전
  • Anderson was so blatantly using a foreign substance. You could see it right on the bill of his cap

    Will BerryWill Berry6 일 전
  • Pirates fan here I miss 92

    Clinton OttClinton Ott6 일 전
  • Kim is a grade A++++++ Infielder. So glad we picked him up! He needs more at bats to find that swing a little more consistently. But, he's promising! Give him time and work with him guys! If not, I will!

    buTTonzbuTTonz6 일 전
  • 킹하성 ㅅ ㅅ ㅅ

    김민성김민성6 일 전
  • Pirates shutout again. Anderson's quality start goes to waste.

    UnderWaterLevelzUnderWaterLevelz6 일 전
  • That's how potential no hitters usually end up: Gets No Hitter or Gives up 1st hit then a couple of runs.

    SimplyCaliSimplyCali6 일 전
  • Some great D by both teams in this game

    J CartwrightJ Cartwright6 일 전
  • Let's go Padres!!!

  • Kim is hella nice.

    Stephon FitzgeraldStephon Fitzgerald6 일 전
  • 0:36 what's that on the brim of his cap? 🧢🤔

    『th k dzc ntf th m』『th k dzc ntf th m』6 일 전
  • 김하성 슈퍼캐치가 없었으면 100프로 패배였다..

    playoff최고다playoff최고다6 일 전
  • How the heck did Anderson not get ejected for a foreign substance on his uniform? I know most pitchers do it, but he wasn't attempting to hide that, at all. Could not have been more obvious.

    TheWarmWindTheWarmWind6 일 전
  • Are they pumping crowd noise into the stadium?

    Michael RaphaelMichael Raphael6 일 전
  • キムハソン上手すぎ

    あぴあぴ6 일 전
  • 0:36 obvious substance on his hat lol

    Charlie KeehanCharlie Keehan6 일 전
    • @Charlie Keehan yea I feel like I remember it being a big deal but not much anymore

      Ben KollaschBen Kollasch6 일 전
    • @Ben Kollasch Ik but it’s funny cuz no one tries to hide it anymore

      Charlie KeehanCharlie Keehan6 일 전
    • Oh dang. I can’t be,I eve I didn’t notice that first time watching this and during the game. I want to say it’s the chalk bag or whatever you call it that’s behind the mound but that wouldn’t make sense.

      X1_REaLX1_REaL6 일 전
    • every pitcher does it

      Ben KollaschBen Kollasch6 일 전
  • Pirata vs padre⚾️⚾️🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Luis VillarrealLuis Villarreal6 일 전
  • Maní Machado el fuerte

    Sauri MendezSauri Mendez6 일 전

    Clifford SeamanClifford Seaman6 일 전
  • Ha-Seong Kim lookin' like Kolten Wong

  • 강정호가 있었다면 정말 재밌는 게임이었을텐데..아휴, 정호야.

    공부해라!공부해라!6 일 전
  • Ha Seong Kim is Jason Heyward Jason Heyward is "Heart of Chicago" Giancarlo Stanton is "Heart of New York"

    워어어어어어어어워어어어어어어어6 일 전
  • loving the uniforms today

    Liam O’NeillLiam O’Neill6 일 전
  • 김하성 ★★

    John KJohn K6 일 전
  • koworld.info/club/cc2Bh5jZq5eypZo/bidio.html

    german adamez loteríagerman adamez lotería6 일 전
  • Fake crowd noise is really bad on the ears with headphones on.

    Richard RoyRichard Roy6 일 전
    • But it’s not fake

      Jurickson ProfarJurickson Profar6 일 전
  • 1:19 lovely catch

    spiceboyspiceboy6 일 전
    • 🥰👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      *비앙카**비앙카*5 일 전
  • Pirates could of won that game Kim has good defense.

    AIDAN HomersAIDAN Homers6 일 전
    • Nah...

      matt ielermatt ieler5 일 전
  • That Pittsburgh starter really isn't hiding the sticky stuff on his cap at all

    jakob bertoenjakob bertoen6 일 전
    • @Anthony Vargas Bauer made an obvious point last year by gaining 400 rpm instantly by using a substance, so anyone who still denies the usage thereof is kinda ignorant.

      jakob bertoenjakob bertoen6 일 전
    • @jakob bertoen mlb and trevor bauer are apparently in agreement...no, it's not cheating. Major league can "confiscate" as many balls as they claim they will analyze...in the end, the effects any substances will help any and every pitcher need not matter i suppose...thems are the rules recognized right now at least.

      Anthony VargasAnthony Vargas6 일 전
    • @jake j If everyone does it, is it still cheating?

      jakob bertoenjakob bertoen6 일 전
    • @jake j i get what you're saying. All im agreeing with the original poster is how Anderson makes it so blatant...when most pitchers (Stammen did it tonight as well) try to be much more coy about it. That old constant adjustment of the billcap and or constant removing of cap to make it look like your wiping off sweat trick is an attempt at trying to disguise it...most fans already know. Im again just agreeing with original poster that Anderson doesnt even try...not too many pitchers seem as obvious.

      Anthony VargasAnthony Vargas6 일 전
    • @Anthony Vargas The guy who made the original comment said the pirates pitcher is cleary using sticky stuff and isn't even hiding it which cleary implied he was cheating then you said something about him keep going to that stuff every pitch. Doesn't take a genius to know what the pitcher is using I never even made my original comment to you

      jake jjake j6 일 전
  • 1:19 우와,,

    아빛나리아빛나리6 일 전
  • omg. I was playing MLB The Show today and I literally hit that same double with Nola! Wild!

    Brandon LillyBrandon Lilly6 일 전
  • Padres!!!!!

    joe Battsjoe Batts6 일 전
  • Nice defensive effort on both sides

    Mike LongMike Long6 일 전
  • 김하성 수비 좋~~다!!

    Dongmin Choi Adrian DDongmin Choi Adrian D6 일 전
  • My dad proud looking down on these Padres!

    shawn tshawn t6 일 전
  • Great win padres :) :)

    Natasha BoltonNatasha Bolton6 일 전
  • Woooooooow let’s go Kiiiiiiiiiiim

    野菜畑のもやし野菜畑のもやし6 일 전
    • Right on! Welcome!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • Why did Musgrove PH?

    NJS_ GCNJS_ GC6 일 전
    • Yeah that's a blessing not only can he throw and no hitter but he can hit!

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
    • Because he is a good hitting pitcher. Pads didn't want to use up their bench so early with bases empty.

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • Had SD -1.5 to complete a parley didn’t look good for a while🙏

    Recklessrick9Recklessrick96 일 전
  • 1:20 Kim good job!!🇰🇷🇰🇷

    seoul kkwseoul kkw6 일 전
    • 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      *비앙카**비앙카*5 일 전
  • 이대로 자리잡자 김하성!!

    딘초이딘초이6 일 전
    • 🥰👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

      *비앙카**비앙카*5 일 전
    • Welcome to another Padre fan.

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • let's go kim!!!!

    딘초이딘초이6 일 전
  • Wow!! Ha sung kim got outstanding catch! a saving run

    박지현박지현6 일 전
    • 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

      *비앙카**비앙카*5 일 전
  • Props to the Pirates pitcher for throwing a no-no until the bottom of the 7th👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 and for holding a line up like the Padres. Good job Pirates pitcher!!! Hopefully next time he can complete the no-no!!!

    Natalie GrahmaNatalie Grahma6 일 전
    • @Jon Boyes oh okay 👌🏼 I got it now!!! Sorry about that!!!

      Natalie GrahmaNatalie Grahma6 일 전
    • It's an old song from the '60s or '70s that came to mind when you said no no 🙃

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
    • @Jon Boyes WHAT??? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

      Natalie GrahmaNatalie Grahma6 일 전
    • No no no no I don't smoke it no more I'm tired of waking up on the floor no thank you please it only makes me sneeze and then it's hard to find the door 😉

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
  • It's hard being a pirates fan

    JakeTheSnakeJakeTheSnake6 일 전
    • I know how you feel as a Padres haven't been good for a long time

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
  • Kim is defense muchine

    박준박준6 일 전
    • Machine겠지

      십자군십자군5 일 전
    • 뮤신

      김민준김민준5 일 전
  • Is that a Gwynn commentating?

    Red DiverRed Diver6 일 전
    • @61996 Im not crying you're crying.

      Red DiverRed Diver6 일 전
    • Tony Jr.

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
    • Tony’s son👍

      61996619966 일 전
  • 오늘경기 김하성이 살렸다

    마교천하마교천하6 일 전
    • Today game, KHS saved padres.

      헬죠센헬죠센헬죠센헬죠센6 일 전
    • Welcome to another Padre fan!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • Went from being no hit to up 2 real quick! Go Pads!!

    wikedwunwikedwun6 일 전
  • good teams find a way to beat good pitching ( and yes im talking to you Oakland!! )

    JovanJovan6 일 전
  • 김하성 선수 수비 지렸다~

    옥상농부옥상농부6 일 전
    • Welcome!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • Wow, look Ha Sung Kim's defense...

    jen monamijen monami6 일 전
    • 4

      Ladema MusicalLadema Musical6 일 전
    • Yes I'm glad we have a diverse team or it would be neat if you had to be born in the city that you play for but of course that will never happen 🤔

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
  • Padressss

    EricEric6 일 전
  • Good closer melancon

    bryan pereirabryan pereira6 일 전
  • Go Padres

    Ricky King stays kingRicky King stays king6 일 전
  • Kim should play more, way to go friars!

    • @Jake Ryan Love to fly San Diego this fall.

      주화주화5 일 전
    • @주화 Love having fans and players from what seems like a different all different nations. #friarfaithful! Come visit our beautiful city!

      Jake RyanJake Ryan5 일 전
    • @Michael Chop He will learn a lot from great players and will do something at playoffs. We will see. Go Padres!

      주화주화6 일 전
    • @UrFriendlyJu fax Because they normally have Hosmer at first and Cronenworth at second

      Freddie NolenFreddie Nolen6 일 전
    • @Michael Chop he will

      주화주화6 일 전
  • Go Padres

    Alan Lopez HerreraAlan Lopez Herrera6 일 전
  • 인생 수비 나왔네 ㅋㅋ

    장래희망주총꾼장래희망주총꾼6 일 전
    • @Iisa Cruz We love to fly San Diego this fall to see playoffs.

      주화주화6 일 전
    • Welcome brother!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • It’s definitely surprising that the Pirates aren’t the Tigers.

    Tyler FiorittoTyler Fioritto6 일 전
    • Not surprising that the Tigers are the Tigers. Detroit sports are endless pain right now. You know it’s real bad when our best team is the Lions

      A BeverageA Beverage5 일 전
    • Hola¡¡

      Xx_NereaXx_Nerea5 일 전
  • The starting picture for the Padres tonight has the same name as cobra Kai Miguel Diaz lmao

    ARODAROD6 일 전
    • I like the name a lot as I had friends growing up with the same name and his initials MD is cool

      Jon BoyesJon Boyes6 일 전
    • Miguel diaz is as common as john smith when it comes to Latin America man

      Camba619Camba6196 일 전
  • Friar Faithful

    Julian LopezJulian Lopez6 일 전
  • Ha Seong Kim set the tone by a run saving catch in top of the 2nd and then what a sensational double by Austin Nola in bottom of the 7th and the shut out performance by Padres' pitching sealed the deal.

    cholhwacholhwa6 일 전
  • Go Pads!!!!

    Benny GBenny G6 일 전
  • 하성킴 swatcoin 사주세요

    SWAT coinSWAT coin6 일 전
    • Welcome to Padre Nation!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • King하성 가즈아!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    이승현이승현6 일 전
    • Welcome!

      Iisa CruzIisa Cruz6 일 전
  • Sheesh

    Brady WilsonBrady Wilson6 일 전
  • Myers and Kim coming in clutch tonight

    Stim N PhaseStim N Phase6 일 전
    • Also tommy pham looked lost the whole game...until his last at bat...he finally made it count.

      Anthony VargasAnthony Vargas6 일 전
    • Please don't forget Nola!😅

      グレイバートーレスグレイバートーレス6 일 전
  • Wil Myers lets goooo!

    senorpoopiedoggiesenorpoopiedoggie6 일 전
  • Uuf

    Kevin AbreuKevin Abreu6 일 전
  • First

    Original PenguinOriginal Penguin6 일 전
    • @TJ Connell Lmaoooo it’s one of those things you gotta do when you get the opportunity

      Original PenguinOriginal Penguin5 일 전
    • yeah nobody cares

      TJ ConnellTJ Connell6 일 전