Dvwn (다운) '자유비행' Official MV

2021. 01. 12.
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Dvwn (다운) '자유비행' Official MV
다운 [자유비행] 👇
Credits :
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Lee Yuri, Kim Sangso, Han Younghoon

DOP Kim Deokjung
2ND Yang Hyunwoo
3RD Choi Dongwon

GAFFER Oh Jonghwan
1ST Go Hyunjung
2ND Kim Daejin
3RD Park Youngkyun
4TH Bae Hyun

ART Shin Hyesun
ART TEAM Shin Younghee, Jung Doeun, Jo Wonjun

DI Lucid Colour
DI CREW Baek Jaeyeon, Na Somi, Lee Seonyoung

LOCATION MANAGER Kim Taeyoung, Han Seongho, lee Hoorim

Connect with KOZ Entertainment :
Dvwn Official :
#다운 #Dvwn #자유비행 #freeflight
#박신혜 #Parkshinhye
ⓒ KOZ Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

  • omg

    G FG F2 분 전
  • OMG Park Shin Hye 😍 en un video de Dvwn 😍😍

    Leomarys_CR5Leomarys_CR56 분 전
  • الاغنيه مرره هاديه👍💕حبييت

    Park Dal MiPark Dal Mi6 분 전
  • Amo a Park Shin Hye es mi actriz favorita que emoción verla aquí

    Diana SamperioDiana Samperio46 분 전
  • Park Shin Hye the bestt-!!!! from indomyy

    WiidyaprdnyyWiidyaprdnyy2 시간 전
  • I thought I read wrong when I saw Dvwn’s name omg- I had no idea Big Hit acquired the company he is under... Anyway, I love his music so much, and he deserves more love and attention. SOSOOO talented.

    dream lureddream lured3 시간 전
  • mi actriz coreana favorita + mi solita masculino favorito + mi empresa favorita = Ganas de vivir

    DylanDylan4 시간 전
  • Park Shi Hye!!!

    Emira valenEmira valen5 시간 전
  • V yes V ılove you V kim tahyong💜

    Malak MalakMalak Malak5 시간 전
  • been a fan of his for so long!! sleep on your bed, not on him!!🧍🏼‍♀️

    wonwoo's hmm, TASTYwonwoo's hmm, TASTY8 시간 전
  • Ya llevo un año conociendo a Dvwn, y cómo que bighit label??? AJSKBAKA

    サイサイ8 시간 전
  • Currently I am watching HEIRS and it's my 2nd drama only and I recognize and was omg isn't she park shinye and ahe really was . What a coincidence

    Khurshid Ahmad ShahKhurshid Ahmad Shah8 시간 전
  • You guys should check more of Dvwn songs. His songs are really nice.

    Ramanda AdamRamanda Adam9 시간 전
  • Thats Park Shin Hye bro

    Fusion of confusionsFusion of confusions9 시간 전
  • Sooo before watching this, I decided to look up the singer since it's my first time hearing his music. And would you look at that, he has a new fan 🎶 I love his vocals and the song is such a vibe. Help me pronounce the name please 😢. Also Park Shin Hye is still as beautiful as ever.

    AnnAnn9 시간 전
  • i really like her voice

    IrnaIrna10 시간 전
  • Kinda like snow flower

    royya salafiyahroyya salafiyah11 시간 전
  • Sounds like Dean? 😍

    Victoria ParasaVictoria Parasa11 시간 전
  • Bighit coletando artistas

    아리 to Korea!아리 to Korea!11 시간 전
  • Film the call 2020 Netflix

    Popular News7Popular News711 시간 전
  • Regardless of the company he's into , the actress and also stop comparing him to some artist Okey?, DVWN IS DVWN Just let his voice be heard

    Slurpy JellySlurpy Jelly12 시간 전
  • Goddddddd.....its Park Shin Hye ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.... Woahhhhhhhhh *Deep breathes*

    glitzy_ latibuleglitzy_ latibule13 시간 전
  • I love this

    Diamond Cat GachaDiamond Cat Gacha14 시간 전
  • WoW Good 👍

    ARMY_BTS 7ARMY_BTS 714 시간 전
  • Park shin hye my fav actress ❤️

    lusiana jasmawanlusiana jasmawan15 시간 전
  • Just wanna vibe with this again so here i am, visiting this MV again

    potato MMpotato MM16 시간 전
  • Park shin hyeeee😆

    Sifa UlSifa Ul18 시간 전
  • she looks like jungkook

    RiyaaRiyaa18 시간 전
  • Nuna saranghe... .

  • bighit artis? dvwn siapa?

    Blueberry BerryBlueberry Berry19 시간 전
  • Is dvwn under bighit now????

    한시우한시우20 시간 전
  • Park shin hye❤

    Asma IdaAsma Ida21 시간 전
  • Here to hype my fav girl PSH

    kpop candykpop candy22 시간 전
  • Park shin hye 😍😍💜❤️

    Army-Igot-Once-StayArmy-Igot-Once-Stay22 시간 전
  • Vim por causa da Park Shin Hye na thumb. Minha Rainha Icônica Cristal dos Doramas.😍❤️

    Sâmia AriciaSâmia Aricia일 전
  • Ow shtt I have to love this man, this is what I’m looking for :3

    shea __shea __일 전
  • Park Shin Ha

    Mariela Rivera sarmintoMariela Rivera sarminto일 전
  • Woo park shin hye working for bit hit,cool the song Is cool congregatulations ,the song Is special and refresh

    Park JakyPark Jaky일 전
  • شسالفة شو عم تعمل بارك شين هاي في بيق هيت 😭😭😭😭❤️

    RoXan '-'RoXan '-'일 전
    • هي من زمان هناا 😭😭😂من 6سنين كانت بفرقه مدري اذا اتفككت الفرقه او لا

      Park Dal MiPark Dal Mi6 분 전
  • Dvwn deserves way more attention than he gets. This artist is so good. Underrated

    Daniel TsanDaniel Tsan일 전
  • Uff...tenia tiempo sin ver la belleza de Park Shin Hye, sigue igual de hermosa.

    Estrella MezaEstrella Meza일 전
  • She looks kinda like jungkook in thumbnail

    Lippy LopyLippy Lopy일 전

    Tiany Candia PlazaTiany Candia Plaza일 전
  • Park shin hye is really so pretty

    Nadeen OsamaNadeen Osama일 전
  • Well, bighit got a new TALENT I'm falling in love ❤ his voice 🥺

    Mon MarsMon Mars일 전
  • English song title: Free Flight Singer/songwriter: Dvwn Label: KOZ Entertainment (acquired by BH in November 2020) Actress in MV: Park Shin-hye (The Heirs, Doctors, Pinocchio)

    BTS7WondersOfTheWorldBTS7WondersOfTheWorld일 전
  • Арми тут ? 🤩

    ДемидияДемидия일 전
  • Wooow, que fofinha :^)

    Bia Kpopper :3Bia Kpopper :3일 전
  • i had no idea dvmn was signed with bighit woah

    h6rm0nyh6rm0ny일 전
    • He didn´t , he signed with KOZ ent , BH adquired KOZ ent in november 2020

      Andry ValeraAndry Valera일 전
  • love this song!

    moonmoon일 전
  • Woah i just discovered this song because i was scrolling through bighit label's channel and this is so gooddddd💛 imma go and listen to his other songs

    WomelynWomelyn일 전
  • OMG is Park shin hye!! 😍🥰 OwO

    Nayelis VegaNayelis Vega일 전
  • daebak

    Zuraidah Ab razakZuraidah Ab razak일 전
  • Escuchen la colaboración que hizo con kang daniel 😍me encanto

    Dara ZuluagaDara Zuluaga일 전
    • Ya la escuche, estuvo buena. Tambien te recomiendo que escuches la coboración de Dvwn con Cheeze

      DylanDylan일 전

    Dhea AmaliaDhea Amalia일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..❤

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..❤

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..💙

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..❤

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • قناتي أنزل فيها دراما كورية أتمنى تدعموني..❤

    kdramakdrama일 전
  • Vamos ARMY MOA ENGENE CARAT BUDDY L.O./\.E por los 5M

    Estefany DanaiEstefany Danai일 전
    • @Carolina Gallego si se merece ser más reconocido

      Estefany DanaiEstefany Danai일 전
    • Así es, apoyemos a este gran cantante y compositor.

      Carolina GallegoCarolina Gallego일 전
  • Park shin hye ❤️❤️❤️

  • omg I was just listening to Dvwn and now they’re in big hit labels???????????

    penniepennie일 전
    • Zico's label which he is under was acquired by BigHit in November last year

      MonoMakesMeCry StillMonoMakesMeCry Still일 전
  • I like It

    Jeferson FloresJeferson Flores일 전
  • Lo liat mv nya gara" ada muka park shin hye fix kita sekamar

    Kim TaehyungKim Taehyung일 전
  • Do-san and Dal-min gang👉

    Diya GabaDiya Gaba일 전
  • 🤣🤣🤣💞💞💞

    منيف فوازمنيف فواز일 전
  • Park Shin Hye una de mis actrices favoritas de los k-dramas la amoo y esa canción es tan pacífica

    marjhorith mendozamarjhorith mendoza일 전
  • Wow me alegro de que dvwn este ahora con big hit, se merece mucho más reconocimiento

    Emmanuel BaenaEmmanuel Baena일 전
  • His voice is beautiful

    Valeria BacilioValeria Bacilio일 전
  • Wow

    김태형 Aka Kim Taehyung김태형 Aka Kim Taehyung일 전
  • Cute park shin hye

    hH 71hH 71일 전
  • park shin hye looks amazing

    Yelinee Garcia GarciaYelinee Garcia Garcia일 전
  • this amazing son gointo be in my phone

    Yelinee Garcia GarciaYelinee Garcia Garcia일 전
  • I've been following Dvwn since he's still an underground artist. Seeing him reach this far under bighit labels makes me soooo proud.

    Christine chyyChristine chyy일 전
  • shin hye knp dari dulu liatnya mirip bgt bgt bgt sm jungkook sii😭 pgn bgt liat mereka seproject😭💔💜

    notyoursnotyours일 전
  • this is such a beautiful song... he deserves much more recognition ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Farah JuffriFarah Juffri일 전
  • She is the girl in the movie doctors write If it is not please tell me 🥺

    Papanaidu KuppuruPapanaidu Kuppuru일 전
  • Park Shin hye world wide darling

    Sita PeSita Pe일 전
  • 댓글이 죄다 영어야 .. 그렇다면 내가 댓글을 안 적을 수가 없지 (??)

    역세급이란고얌역세급이란고얌일 전
  • After re-reading the lyrics, i ugly cried

    짱빅토니짱빅토니일 전
  • _This song is so beautiful!_

    aly simonealy simone일 전
  • Dvwn это разве не парень Хёны?

    Julia ParkJulia Park일 전
  • Kok mba shin hye ada di situ sih

    Dina RahmadaniDina Rahmadani일 전
  • If you guys find dvwn voice soothing you can check his other songs too! He such a talented singer!

    hermosa lucerohermosa lucero일 전
  • is that Park Shin Hye? Because it does look like her

    JiGwonJiGwon일 전
    • yes, it's her

      Mèo Mèo Méo MeoMèo Mèo Méo Meo일 전
  • Park Shin Hye Right?

    Aldy Dwi AnggoroAldy Dwi Anggoro일 전
    • yes

      Mèo Mèo Méo MeoMèo Mèo Méo Meo일 전
  • Aigooo

    Youra chanelYoura chanel일 전
  • I'm here because of my favorite Korean ACTRESS PARK SHIN HYE

    Do KyungsooDo Kyungsoo일 전
  • siapa yang ngira ini DRAMA???

    Nuratna CucuNuratna Cucu일 전
  • Shinhye! ❤ Their voice is beautiful (the artist)... I'm in love 😍

    Rosie MarieRosie Marie일 전
  • Ooh Park Shinhye!!

    song mae-risong mae-ri일 전
  • Love the song. ❤️❤️ Also PSH looks so pretty in here. 🥰🥰

    Mary Rose AguaderaMary Rose Aguadera일 전
  • i’ve seen that girl in so many movies i love her😭

    i live in yoongi’s closeti live in yoongi’s closet일 전
  • Y koz

    Brandon DiazBrandon Diaz일 전
  • 다운은 진짜 떠야됌

    롤프롤프일 전
  • 🥰love

    Ploy ChanichaPloy Chanicha일 전
  • PSH is my favorite actress🥰🥰🥰

    Anandarenila SitiAnandarenila Siti일 전
  • Only see park shin hye!!!!

    Rahmat FadillahRahmat Fadillah일 전