MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Steve Aoki Remix] (Official Music Video)

2020. 11. 12.
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MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Steve Aoki Remix] (Official Music Video)
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Steve Aoki
Created & Directed By: Andy DeLuca & MAX
Editor: Andy DeLuca
Assistant Editor: Sarah Eiseman
Camera Operators: Andrew Zenn & Miles Murphy
(P) 2020 Colour Vision Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

  • Damn I don't know which one to choose now 😭😭 I love both versions. Oh my gosh ❤️

    Precious SepePrecious Sepe4 시간 전
  • May we stan this man for his humble heart and His great songs

    •Shoyo but quiet••Shoyo but quiet•9 시간 전
  • normal: bro I am better then u remix

    OmalNathan TheodoroOmalNathan Theodoro11 시간 전
  • omg so good

    Fransiska AritonangFransiska Aritonang17 시간 전
  • mmmm

  • 2M???

    Danni L.Danni L.19 시간 전
  • SUGA a cat 😻

    Jeon TaehyungJeon Taehyung일 전
  • A cat lil meow-

    prettymoosub :3prettymoosub :3일 전
  • Love this trio

    Scar_theARMYgurl ._.Scar_theARMYgurl ._.일 전
  • Min + Max

    Rohan SaldanhaRohan Saldanha일 전
  • max te quiero

    googie :Pgoogie :P일 전
  • M A G I C!!!

    Angelica Vega RosasAngelica Vega Rosas일 전
  • This song is already amazing, but this version is a bop! Also, Steve looks like he's filming a Pantene commercial. His hair is so glossy.

    JosieGoyangiJosieGoyangi2 일 전
  • Great music !!!! I also mix some stuff and even made one song by myself, greet for YOU !!

  • All this versions I'm loving it

    Chimo OT7 BTSChimo OT7 BTS2 일 전
  • me encanta esta canción

    Rubi MarinRubi Marin2 일 전
  • i love how they put a cat when suga rap part came 🥺

    :ohwpuffy민:ohwpuffy민2 일 전
  • What the this is damn cool🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Tin ManaogTin Manaog2 일 전
  • this could be stranger things theme song/ost omfg this is so good-

    Maria ClarenMaria Claren2 일 전

    _ gucxitaetae_ gucxitaetae2 일 전

    _ gucxitaetae_ gucxitaetae2 일 전
  • Max can make his voice match any type of music

    Gabriel OsinskiGabriel Osinski2 일 전
  • LMAO the blueberrys are my favourite fruit

    jazmin sanjazmin san2 일 전
  • Max i love youuu

    Maribel NuñezMaribel Nuñez3 일 전
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Sarah 27Sarah 273 일 전
  • omg ,i love this

    Ana Carolyna Damasceno CardosoAna Carolyna Damasceno Cardoso3 일 전
  • I like this!

    Jelie CJelie C3 일 전
  • 💜💛💜

    Gacha life Emily :PGacha life Emily :P3 일 전
  • Love this song

    Technical RowdyTechnical Rowdy3 일 전
  • *_Sí el original es bueno, imaginense que este remix es BRUTAL!_*

    ᴄᴏʀᴀɪᴍᴀ ᴠᴇʀᴀ ;;ᴄᴏʀᴀɪᴍᴀ ᴠᴇʀᴀ ;;3 일 전
  • u have a sick voice how about make some real music what the fuck is this

    Crypto GizmoCrypto Gizmo3 일 전
    • @Stream dynamite losers prince is dead

      Crypto GizmoCrypto Gizmo일 전
    • Um chile what CLEAN YA EARS OUT

      Stream dynamite losersStream dynamite losers2 일 전
  • meu q perfeito

    Kamylla EduardaKamylla Eduarda3 일 전
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    Liandingpuii Roll no.14Liandingpuii Roll no.143 일 전
  • la mejor colaboracioooon!!!

    karen beltrankaren beltran3 일 전
  • Hi B T S A R M Y Here!.

    dhanushka manojdhanushka manoj3 일 전
  • Buena, muy buena, me encanto... Esta versión se volvió mi favorita...

    jennifer vcjennifer vc4 일 전
  • Son cutes los queremos muchoo❤

    Crush de TaehyungCrush de Taehyung4 일 전
  • blueberry eyes

    Emmanuel AlexanderEmmanuel Alexander4 일 전
  • Army te apoya♡

    King PurpleKing Purple4 일 전
  • I love this!!!!!!!!!

    ugly_ratugly_rat4 일 전
  • loved!!!!!!

    Sara RahardjaSara Rahardja4 일 전
  • i love how max put a cat to represent yoongi 🥺

    justin seagulljustin seagull4 일 전
  • Super!👍👍💞💞💞

    Costin Motivation HDCostin Motivation HD4 일 전
  • Wowoow

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • I like

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Amo x100

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Amooo x1000

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Me gusta mucho

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Me gusta demasiado

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Realmente me gusta

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Extraordinario

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Lindo

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Hermoso

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Me encanta

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Amooo

    Made in ArgentinaMade in Argentina4 일 전
  • Steve Aoki's hair is damn way more straight than my sexuality . so unfair

    Leuven jainLeuven jain4 일 전
  • yo this is so good belive me wow again😯

    Kh: purpleKh: purple4 일 전
  • wow this need an award 😀

    Kh: purpleKh: purple4 일 전
  • Okay,Don't kill me...I still need to stream something please dont😫 This is just so cool🙂🔫

    ScarlettXSnow FiczScarlettXSnow Ficz4 일 전
  • Bro I've been staring at your face for a HOT MINUTE and you looked so damn familiar like I seen you somewhere Then it hit me YOU WERE ON RAGS I LOVED THAT MOVIE BTW

    MoonMoon4 일 전
  • army will always be very fond of you

    Sofia BenitezSofia Benitez4 일 전

    Sara kremserSara kremser4 일 전
  • I thought this song was about "Fnaf but it's really fast" Lmao

    CupChrisCupChris4 일 전
  • I wish my hair is smooth like that

    Meagan CorbillonMeagan Corbillon5 일 전
  • I love you max you are the best 💜

    Rosi CauichRosi Cauich5 일 전
  • Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: .. Max representando a Suga con gatitos😸 :3

    Sheyla Zambrano NoreñaSheyla Zambrano Noreña5 일 전
  • Woow!! dos de los hombres más apreciados y respetados para ARMY por lo bien q hablan de nuestros reyes BTS, haciendo colaboración.. Sin duda alguna los apoyo al 100😸

    Sheyla Zambrano NoreñaSheyla Zambrano Noreña5 일 전
  • Aún no superó que pusiera un gatito 🥺💜 me encanta ambas versiones 🥰💛💙

    Nadie inmida :vNadie inmida :v5 일 전
  • amoooooo

    Isabel cIsabel c5 일 전
  • O love max ♪ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)

    pam gonzalezpam gonzalez5 일 전
  • but damn, steve aoki needs to tell me which shampoo he uses. i mean look at his hair...... wow

    Nehali IngleNehali Ingle5 일 전
  • All the best for your performance in AAA, Max! I'm eagerly waiting for it! And I wanna see your precious reaction when your beloved brother receives the award!! Aww

    Harika ReddyHarika Reddy5 일 전
  • 💜💜💜

    Shiela Marie FernandezShiela Marie Fernandez5 일 전
  • Colaboración woww!!

    ms gms g5 일 전
  • Omg!!! It's too astetic :0

    Light BarbozaLight Barboza5 일 전
  • Max te amo

    army girlarmy girl5 일 전
  • luce como un vídeo de los 80's . Thank u MAX & STEVE

    슈슈 슈 방시혁부인슈슈 슈 방시혁부인5 일 전
  • Esto es perfecto

    Mika RoseroMika Rosero5 일 전
  • I know he didn't put cats for Yoongs part😂😂😂😂

    Enid StephanieEnid Stephanie6 일 전
  • Is Steve like some god

    Enid StephanieEnid Stephanie6 일 전
  • Me encanta que Max también sabe el apodo de Min gat- perdón Min Suga, y cuando sale rapeando salen gatos 😂♥️ esta muy pegajosa la canción y es muy buena me gustó también la aparición de Steve Aoki, muy bueno el video y el ritmo ✌️👍🥰

    Giss MinGiss Min6 일 전
    • Opino lo mismo

      Bere BenitoBere Benito5 일 전

    L E I Y AL E I Y A6 일 전
  • Max + BTS Suga + Steve Aoki = PERFECT SONG

    Kath AlarconKath Alarcon6 일 전
  • i love this remix!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Salma ssSalma ss6 일 전
  • Max, i love you

    la deosala deosa6 일 전
  • Esto está EPICARDOOO

    la deosala deosa6 일 전
  • ARTEEE!!!!!!!

    Ines UwUInes UwU6 일 전
  • Es perfecta

    Valeria DávalosValeria Dávalos6 일 전
  • 420k nice😏

    Aden McDuffieAden McDuffie6 일 전
  • Amo tanto blueberry eyes, y esta colaboración es Épica! Steven Aoki, SUGA and MAX = PERFECTION

    Luna ChanLuna Chan6 일 전
  • :))

    maria Angélica Oliveramaria Angélica Olivera6 일 전
  • Их голоса так круто считаются 😍🔥❤️

    Снежана СтроеваСнежана Строева6 일 전
  • If you're an ARMY that's new to MAX, please check out his other music as well! His music is amazing and he has such good energy! One of my favorite songs is "Do You Still Feel?"💜

    Aya MAya M6 일 전
  • loved this MAX &STEVE. maybe one day suga can join you guys and perform this live!! would love to see it!!

    Nina TechbuilderNina Techbuilder6 일 전
  • I swear this is the best version I love this super

    Marceline PlayzMarceline Playz6 일 전
  • Очень понравилась песня!

    ленивая черешняленивая черешня6 일 전
  • Cool

    Aide LauraAide Laura6 일 전
  • What more could you ask for? This version of the song combines the beauty of Max and his voice, with the talent of Suga and the touch that only a genius like Steve can give him. If heaven isn't like that, I don't know how it is!

    DanaetsanDanaetsan6 일 전
  • this looks like a video from the 90s hahahaha

    Jung HoseokJung Hoseok6 일 전
  • Steeve is the best! 🤟 and also max 💙

    Micaella Joy PotestadesMicaella Joy Potestades6 일 전