The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 - Govinda's Comeback - Ep 159 - Full Episode - 15th November, 2020

2020. 11. 17.
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Episode 159: Govinda's Classic Reply To Bachcha
As Bachcha tells his future plans for his kids, He mentions making one of them a producer. When asked why he tells how his son unbuttons his shirt when someone asks for money and tells them that he cannot repay it. Govinda's reply to this makes everyone crack up.
About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 :
Kapil Sharma is back with a new 'Salah Center' (Consultancy Business) in a Mohollah with absurd characters. The wealthy milkman Bachcha Yadav (Kiku Sharda) with his wife Titli Yadav (Bharti Singh) and sister-in-law Bhoori (Sumona Singh) is the one who has rented out houses within the Mohollah and is Kapil Sharma's business partner. The neighbors in the Mohollah are also full of quirks and don't shy away from the antics. With celebrities gracing every episode, The Kapil Sharma Show promises fun-filled entertaining weekends.
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  • Govinda ky sath both bura Kai logo ne

    Asfand YarAsfand Yar6 시간 전
  • Shit show. Gandus

    Khalid ChaudhryKhalid Chaudhry6 시간 전
  • Vikke hoye lok modi bhagatt

    Canada GeographyCanada Geography7 시간 전
  • I am from Afghanistan but I love you Govinda jeeee love you 😍

    Linda SadatLinda Sadat12 시간 전
  • Nice show

    Rajan RoyRajan Roy18 시간 전
  • Big bakwas show yar

    love indialove india일 전
  • Sawal chana jawab joo

    ilyas khanilyas khan일 전
  • Jab govinda show me aate hain krushna kyoun show me nahi aate???

    Chiran RanaChiran Rana일 전
  • Why not krishna appear in this episode

    Irum AyazIrum Ayaz일 전
  • Even Govinda is not looking happy only pretending to be happy!!

    BoyNextdoorBoyNextdoor일 전
  • Govinda and his family forced Kapil sharma to keep Krushna out of this particular episode! Even kapil is not happy can be seen on his face

    BoyNextdoorBoyNextdoor일 전
  • Kisike ehsan k tale dab jana kitna mushkil hai koi Krushna se puchhe ! Jab chaha dutkar diya jab chaha apna liya bechara Krushna! Govinda should not do this much to him!

    BoyNextdoorBoyNextdoor일 전
  • not too crazy abt his jacket looks v girly

    anitaanita2 일 전
  • Boycott this show if nashedi Bharti singh joins the sets

    Sam FarinSam Farin2 일 전
  • Love you govinda g

    Manak SinghManak Singh2 일 전
  • Kaam Kaisa Mila Woh Subject Discuss Na Kare Jo Mila Woh Accha Kaise Kare..Nice Line

  • Boring episode

    Rahat UsamaRahat Usama2 일 전
  • I think dr mashoor gulatii was most precious man for this show.

    Gaming Zone....Gaming Zone....2 일 전
  • Literally 1% people 🙏🙏🙏who read this message,,,,,,🎉🎉💓💓 I pray may your parents live more then 💯years with good health

    Asad GhummanAsad Ghumman2 일 전
  • Wow 😳 is missed of sapana this episode

    Aamush chettriAamush chettri2 일 전
  • Lov u govinda sir

    Raj AdhikariRaj Adhikari2 일 전
  • Support Farmers

    Manjeet GillManjeet Gill2 일 전
  • one of the greatest actor of all time,

    Shahid Hassan HashmiShahid Hassan Hashmi2 일 전
  • Can you please stop that women laughing at the background? it’s super annoying and kills the jokes Or maybe take the mic from her so we can’t hear her laugh? I’m sure there are a lot of other people who feels the same! PLEASE

    Muzhgan BarakzaiMuzhgan Barakzai3 일 전
  • Boycott kapil sharma show every one. Not good for youth. Is bharati motti coming back??????????? We boycotted her

    Jasmine 18Jasmine 183 일 전
  • Boycott kapil sharma show

  • Gobinda is LEGEND👌👌👌👌👌

    American GundayAmerican Gunday3 일 전
  • Best actor 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    American GundayAmerican Gunday3 일 전
  • Didn’t laugh much on this episode. But govindas dance was cute that’s all.

    Praenaye TahPraenaye Tah3 일 전
  • Great actor

    Qeemat rebariQeemat rebari3 일 전
  • Govinda sir is always legend

    Ashraf MerajAshraf Meraj3 일 전
  • Sawal kya jawab kya?? Kuch bhi barbarata hai.... Glorious past mein hi atak gaya Govinda

    Sayantan SinhaSayantan Sinha3 일 전
  • Chinki minki Kapil Sharma show per kaun se Bhag mein kahan per hai Kahin Tu Hi Nahin Agar Hai To kahan Dikhai Deti Hai Kahin To Dikhai hi Nahin Deti Hai

    Anil KumarAnil Kumar3 일 전
  • Chinki minki Kapil Sharma show Tu Kabhi Aata hi nahin hai Kapil Sharma show dikha bolate Hain Ki Kapil Sharma show per kam karte hain kab Kapil Sharma show mein hai Tu kaun se mein hai

    Anil KumarAnil Kumar3 일 전
  • Kapil invite your mom and wife on your show. It will be fun

    Muhammad AbdullahMuhammad Abdullah3 일 전
  • Why Krishna is showing attitude towards Govinda? He is doing his caricature and making money. He is really a assholes

    surja adhikarisurja adhikari3 일 전
  • Nepali jati yeta haajir garau

    Hemant BhandariHemant Bhandari3 일 전
  • After watching uncensored version of this episode, I am disliking this video 😐

    naveenks86naveenks863 일 전
  • Ab samaj aaya deepu deepu ka connection 😊😆😜

    A HA H3 일 전
  • Boycott kapil sharma show

    faisu topkegolafaisu topkegola3 일 전
  • pls kick bhuri she is not funnnyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Chandu sapna and bacha are the best bhuri is time waste

    ENForcedENForced3 일 전
  • who were the child insults towards

    Manish ChoudharyManish Choudhary3 일 전

    enigmaticCypherenigmaticCypher3 일 전

    enigmaticCypherenigmaticCypher3 일 전

    Video plateVideo plate3 일 전
  • Was waiting for Krushna as Sapna to come in front of his Uncle, but didn't happen. It would've been nice.

    Asfaque FaiazAsfaque Faiaz3 일 전
    • Krushna himself refused to come. I read a article about some Twitter fight between kashmera and govinda’s wife

      Amy SandhuAmy Sandhu일 전
    • Me tooooo

      100 billion views100 billion views2 일 전
  • Was waiting for krishna

    Karim LalaniKarim Lalani3 일 전
  • Public ko ban karna chahiye! Public ko Hasane ke liye kya laughter show ki Jarurat nahi he

    Arvind PatelArvind Patel3 일 전
  • Kapil sharma druggist show !!!! Krishna leta hi hoga . Unko ncb ko check karna hoga

    Arvind PatelArvind Patel3 일 전
  • Has anyone seen the mobile of archana making video

  • where is krishna mama ka vanja....

    Masudur RahmanMasudur Rahman3 일 전
  • y sapna baby not there :(:(

    SiitaaR TMSiitaaR TM3 일 전
  • Govinda G LoVE YoU ❤️🇵🇰

    Fahad Nasir KamalaFahad Nasir Kamala3 일 전
  • Its sad we can’t see Bharati any more... she is only female great comedian ...why you did this Bharati why why why????? Now please Jeamie Lever ...she is really good female comedian🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    rekaa rairekaa rai3 일 전
  • Govinda forever✌️

    Vikash ParmarVikash Parmar3 일 전
  • I don't know if it was necessary to invite Govinda when there's a feud between Govinda and Salman, Govinda and hi nephew especially Salman and the nephew are prime aspects of the show. Looks like there is no better advertisement than controversy to mint money in show business. Otherwise I don't see any reason for Govinda on the show with the family feuding so much. we really need positive energy in world with 2020 has under "Corna grahan" and the world lost over million people . My humble opionion. I have nothing against Govinda (haven't seen more than one movie of his).

    Lakshmi GLakshmi G3 일 전
  • Ek toh pehle sunil grover kapil removed now krushna nahi tha phir tumlog ne woh jyada jo bhar diye. Usse acha sirf govinda ko he rakhte.

    Jjak NdakJjak Ndak3 일 전
  • Why bring that jyadya. He still doesn't know how to act. Tell him to watch govinda movies learn something from him. Also why is ur show always humiliating others. Don't you have any comedy wtiters left. Or reuse comedy circus jokes.

    Jjak NdakJjak Ndak3 일 전
  • Why Krishna is not here

    Meer ZunnorainMeer Zunnorain4 일 전
  • Where is krushna??

    Najibul HoqueNajibul Hoque4 일 전
  • Aboslute rubbish. We r looking for Kapil comedy. He is making money by just sitting there like Archana. This show will not survive unless Kapil returns to old format of ist half of comedy between him , Krushna, Kiku etc and second half should be interview. This episode was comedy by Govinda and not Kapil. Very boring.

    Prem BediPrem Bedi4 일 전
  • I think Govinda gave money to interview him. Pata nahin kya Kapil kya puch raha hai aur uye kya answer kar raha hai 🤦🏼‍♀️

    shweta Shuklashweta Shukla4 일 전

    Roshni WongRoshni Wong4 일 전
  • I dont know if its only me..but sometimes I dont understand what govinda is saying 😕

    J VJ V4 일 전
  • very cringy episode

    high levelhigh level4 일 전
  • Bollywood ke saat ye comedian log bi druggies nikla nashedi aur ganjedi ko boycott karna chahiye,

    sunilkumars mugalisunilkumars mugali4 일 전
    • Boycott Bollywood kapil sharma show

      faisu topkegolafaisu topkegola3 일 전
  • Ban this show total useless to our youth and society

    Gurzaan KumarGurzaan Kumar4 일 전
  • They have taken the uncut version of this episode down from Kapil Sharma’s youtube channel. When Govinda asks Sumona to sit on his lap the moment she says that she wants to open an acting institute. She got very uncomfortable after this comment and the director was clapping on this filthy comment of Govinda. They have shown a very neat and edited version of the original video. In the original video Govinda cracked very petty and lewd jokes on Chandu too.

    Vinit RajVinit Raj4 일 전
    • Yes, I have seen that clip. I couldn't believe this is Govinda. The producer of the show was cheering at that. Very sad!

      Sheetal RamiSheetal Rami4 일 전
  • 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Lily CollinsLily Collins4 일 전
  • Where is sapna ,sapna should be available in this episode

  • Subscribe my channel

    Romentic MusicRomentic Music4 일 전
  • Mara channel like maro

    Romentic MusicRomentic Music4 일 전
  • call salman khan and amir khan togather on your show - andaz apna apna

    Mubashir AfzalMubashir Afzal4 일 전
  • Isi show ne Aurnab ki desh bhakti ka mazak udaya tha.. Sushan ki atme ke waste, insaniyat ke waste please boycott this show.. Is show ka producer, Aurnab ka channel band karwane wala tha. In me se ek ne bhi SSR ke murder me apni chuppi nahi todi. jabki pata sabko hai ki uska murder tha..

  • Govinda bhaijhaand ki chamcha giri karne aa gaya.. aaj govinda ji bhi aam logo ki nazro me gir gaye.. ek gunde ke show me ake..

  • Boycott karo iska show.. Agar SSR ki atma ko shanti dena chahte ho...

  • ye bhi druggist hai sharma.. bhaijhaand ka dalal aur chamcha..

  • Nice

    Shah Jhan MashbeliShah Jhan Mashbeli4 일 전
  • Such an awesome video!

    dcoog anmldcoog anml4 일 전
  • Who ever reads this hope ur having good day

    Nayan PanchalNayan Panchal4 일 전
  • NCB ayega jalti karo bhai saheb. Bharati ko dun raye hai. 😆

    Srz NYSrz NY4 일 전
  • This was one of the most boring episode. Govinda is desperately trying to be funny but seems so lost making random jokes and comments. Even kapila and Archana can't understand.

    shashwat pattnaikshashwat pattnaik4 일 전
    • Hi mr k Sharna do u support Bharti n Drug or u going to say something

      dcoog anmldcoog anml4 일 전
  • मज्जा आयो । हाम्रो A&P youtube channel तर्फ बाट धेरै शुभकामना ।

    A&P KitchenA&P Kitchen4 일 전
  •$=174617 BOHEMIA new Unseen song

  • Govinda is from my city Gujranwala

    Wonder WorldWonder World4 일 전
  • I saw Simmi Garewal's show with Govinda and his wife, that was one GREAT episode, and he has mentioned some same incidents that he mentioned then in that interview, how much his mother affected him, gave him a personality and a beautiful thinking, it shows. and he remembers it all and lives by those. its amazing!

    Minakshi MishraMinakshi Mishra4 일 전
  • Sad to comment.. Kapil will end very bad in life. We r Thailand people..

    Cahcd TaCahcd Ta4 일 전
  • krishna?

  • Mai sirf GOVINDA sir k liye ye program dekh rahi hu otherwise ye program maine dekhna xod diya hai. Luv u GOVINDA sir.

    яαι αиιтαяαι αиιтα4 일 전
  • is ep main sapna ka wait tha.. yeh dkhny k liye k govinda sir ka kya reaction hota hai.. lekin usy aj ly nai

    Shoaib ChaudhryShoaib Chaudhry4 일 전
  • Plz invite shreya goshal mam

    Lavi IjazLavi Ijaz4 일 전
  • have you watched same episode's uncut version. you will hate govinda 😕😕

    Mahesh JagtapMahesh Jagtap4 일 전
    • Yeah I did and was disturbed after that. They took the video down from youtube. I cant find it any more. Please go on twitter and report this to #thekapilsharmashow.

      Vinit RajVinit Raj4 일 전
  • Who was looking for Krishna?

  • i was thinking he is wearing a garland(mala) in thumbnail😅

    Sagar Gurung - OCEANSagar Gurung - OCEAN4 일 전
  • Aamir Khan?

  • Ye comedy kapil pe bhari. Govinda is ultimate, no one can get up that height of comedy timing.

    Ajay JoshiAjay Joshi4 일 전
  • Hi mr k Sharna do u support Bharti n Drug or u going to say something

    aitesh kumaraitesh kumar4 일 전
  • Buht bore episode...kuch smjh nhi aaya k govinda kya keh rha he .koi baat me sir pair nhi .bus bole ja rha he .itna acha actor aisa lgta he k film na Milne pe disturb he..ek mint k lye smile nhi ai pore show me..

    Nusrat SoldierNusrat Soldier4 일 전
  • govinda sir ko chance milna chahiay movies main

    Audio Library with coffee & lonelyAudio Library with coffee & lonely4 일 전
  • TO GOOD govinda sir

    jafar ayarjafar ayar4 일 전