aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Dance Practice

2020. 11. 26.
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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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  • Amo Black mamab

    Carla NascimentoCarla Nascimento32 분 전
  • :o

    Nea_Nea_2 시간 전
  • Where is Ningning's dance position?

    Annabelle _Annabelle _6 시간 전
  • 나는 이해하지 못했습니다. 무엇을 aespa 또는 blackmamba 그룹이라고 부르는지

    Krïstoffer JuärezKrïstoffer Juärez8 시간 전
  • This is freaking GOLD

    jorge eduardo godoy perezjorge eduardo godoy perez8 시간 전
  • ㄹㅇ 후렴에 쭈구리는 부분이랑 아야ㅑ야야ㅑㅑ 하는부분은 일반인이하면 개웃길텐데 진짜 뭔가 박력있게하네잉.. 웨이브와 절제가 같이있네

    피트뀨피트뀨8 시간 전
  • the best one karina than giselle than ning ning than winter but its so hard to say who is best because alll onens are so beatiful and good

    black berryblack berry9 시간 전
  • Ningning radiates the same energy as Jihyo when dancing even though they're not the main dancer

    Sabrina'sSabrina's10 시간 전
  • Gua baru sadar sekarang kalo rambut winter pendek

    MarkTerMel0nMarkTerMel0n10 시간 전
  • Who's that only in black top

    Ankita BaruahAnkita Baruah10 시간 전
    • Ningning

      imaky imakyimaky imaky9 시간 전
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    Doni BrascoDoni Brasco11 시간 전
  • ok so that "mamama mamba" move in the chorus is actually fire even without the camera work of the MV

    Rv On OrbitRv On Orbit11 시간 전
  • aespa the choreo stealer

    AudreiAudrei11 시간 전
    • and doing it better

      aeri uchihaaeri uchiha4 시간 전
    • 🙄

      imaky imakyimaky imaky9 시간 전
  • Oh my god, This is a Amazinggg... Good Job Girls - Buddy

    Dian SafitriDian Safitri12 시간 전
  • Still me bring amazed with Aespa

    Courtney CCourtney C12 시간 전
  • 🦄🦄

    Tiara ZamroniTiara Zamroni13 시간 전
  • look at Ning Ning's unfair treatment here. see, Ning Ning is always behind. and they're giving me vibes that they don't like Ning Ning tbh. see, Ning Ning is wearing black here to camouflage with the back-up dancers.

    「aestheticeu 심미적」「aestheticeu 심미적」13 시간 전
  • 🔥

    LMMLMM13 시간 전
  • aeri looks so nice and healthy in this

    elianaeliana14 시간 전
  • Vote aespa on mubeat pls

    Gabriella SinagaGabriella Sinaga15 시간 전
  • 1:18 blackpink Lisa yapıyor loveck girls dansında yapıyordu

    • 🙄

      imaky imakyimaky imaky9 시간 전
  • Omggggggg

  • Aespa

    imaky imakyimaky imaky16 시간 전
  • Hey ma mamba

    imaky imakyimaky imaky16 시간 전
  • ok but why's no on talking about how karina twisted her leg in this part 0:53 and 1:52 ??

    flower powerflower power16 시간 전
  • Guys stream their debut stage guys it is 11 million let us make it into 50 million....

    All is WellAll is Well16 시간 전
  • 12.7M ✓

    ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊20 시간 전
  • bomb!

    mingbotsog uymingbotsog uy21 시간 전
  • who in their right mind would willingly open youtube and dislike this????????

    Iixiethepixie mwahIixiethepixie mwah21 시간 전
  • Amazing! I think I like Karina but I really like aespa...

    Mela Marie DoromalMela Marie Doromal22 시간 전
  • This group! They're taking kpop by storm!!

    Qanitah SalwatQanitah Salwat23 시간 전
  • Aespa

    Isabeli Soares PereiraIsabeli Soares Pereira23 시간 전
  • the choreography all plagiarized🗣️

    mina sapatãomina sapatão일 전
    • And done better B)

      aeri uchihaaeri uchiha4 시간 전
    • @blu lemoned loudeeeeer

      ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊19 시간 전
    • It would have been a problem since day one😭 stop try to reach something that doesn’t even make sense... so are you saying that those professional choreographer not doing their job properly? The audacity... worry about your homework first😭😭😭

      blu lemonedblu lemoned19 시간 전
    • In your dreams! 🙄

      ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊20 시간 전

    minjeongminjeong일 전
  • Lo único malo de esta canción es que termina. Es demasiado buena

    Andrea Chaw CepedaAndrea Chaw Cepeda일 전
  • Appreciation comment to all back up dancers. They made the choreo more beautiful.

    Uchinaga's MYUchinaga's MY일 전
  • A quien más le gusta cuando karina dice black mamba

    Isidora GomezIsidora Gomez일 전
  • Stan aespa

    cryingoverjungwoocryingoverjungwoo일 전
  • I love and support these girls so much (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    ChloeChloe일 전
  • This will be remembered as the 'Break your legs Era'

    Ni-kiNi-ki일 전
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    Kuah KelorKuah Kelor일 전
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    Winter LimWinter Lim일 전
  • fuck you

    --일 전
    • lol your so obsessed 🤩

      hAai HeEllo anYeOnghAai HeEllo anYeOng23 시간 전
    • You're so obsessed

      Stan TalentsStan Talents일 전
    • Stan aespa 😍

      Gabriella SinagaGabriella Sinaga일 전
    • Stan aespa 😍

      Gabriella SinagaGabriella Sinaga일 전

    baechubaechu일 전
  • 0:42 wow

    Nahdah afifiah NurfitriNahdah afifiah Nurfitri일 전
  • Стр*мим! Давайте наберем 20 миллионов! Также не забывайте ставить лайк!

    Белый ИрисБелый Ирис일 전
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    Nuraeni SolihatNuraeni Solihat일 전
  • i can't take my eyes off from winter😍 she's stunning

    Rachel WiyartaRachel Wiyarta일 전
  • Woah the backup dancers look as if they are apart of aespa. Wowww

  • 0:45

    Gamonwan GumtanGamonwan Gumtan일 전
  • Piks gw sendiri indo🤙😘

    Azzahra Nur MaulidaAzzahra Nur Maulida일 전
  • periodt karina invented hairflips and she is officialy my bias now

    OmelettePOmeletteP일 전
  • I tried that iconic chorus part dance but my knee hurts so much about a week huhu

    Wilde BloemWilde Bloem일 전
  • monochrome to color~ str34m1ng guys

    Marmar StreamingMarmar Streaming일 전
  • Девочки и мальчики, давайте активно поддерживать Эспа! Будем активным фандомом)))

    Белый ИрисБелый Ирис일 전
  • I didn't really care about them when the smngg news came but I still watched their perf because of yt rec. And damn. Black mamba is such a good debut song. I'm now looking forward to their actual album. Their presence on stage is amazing. Can't wait to see more of them performing.

    Rei CielRei Ciel일 전
  • So we have an main vocalist that like to rap, our main rapper can hit high notes, winter can easily be main vocalist while karina is basically an ace.

    Golu DubeyGolu Dubey일 전
  • Come on mys lets get 13M

    ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊일 전
  • 잘헌다~~

    뀨뿌잉뀨뿌잉일 전
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    Doni BrascoDoni Brasco일 전
  • Let’s hope they don’t stop uploading dance practices Knowing how SM is.....

    sagelnightsagelnight2 일 전
    • 😅😅

      Stan TalentsStan Talents일 전
    • Yesss 😭

      ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊일 전
  • 🖤🤍🧚❄️️æspa❄️🧚🤍🖤

    wael Amgharwael Amghar2 일 전
  • I look forward to the next return with great choreography, I love them uwu💗👍🏻

    ꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂2 일 전
  • super easy thats good👍🏻

    ꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂2 일 전
  • I love this song but I don't understand it

    아랍 아미 Arab이라크아랍 아미 Arab이라크2 일 전
    • it's about their concept.

      KobeKobe2 일 전
    • They have a concept with the avatars

      Taehyung's baeTaehyung's bae2 일 전
  • All member of aespa is like all main dancer

    Bonny MarakBonny Marak2 일 전
  • I am a super blink And I think aespa is gonna take place of blackpink I mean blackpink is my God And aespa for the second number for sure I mean its my favorite too

    dhanashree Gosavidhanashree Gosavi2 일 전
    • The taste ✨

      ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊일 전
  • 🧡🖤

    Tiara ZamroniTiara Zamroni2 일 전
  • I love you ❤️

    Aespa TürkiyeAespa Türkiye2 일 전
  • GOSH

    夢子夢子2 일 전
  • 13m soon?

    ReneF BaeReneF Bae2 일 전
  • This will be the next most famous female girl group.

    Althea TrishaAlthea Trisha2 일 전
  • Jensetters love you ningning

    Melya KınayMelya Kınay2 일 전
  • They debuted recently but they're so good

    Shalini DevabaktuniShalini Devabaktuni2 일 전
  • 1.Karina-ama dikdit ama mopşi 2.Giselle-əm ə çəkic 3.Winter-todoki moçikese 4.NingNing-bul şipa iyseeeeeeee

    soy starlunasoy starluna2 일 전
  • Hopefully, Ningning is close with NCT's Chinese Line💚❤️

    Christine LucasChristine Lucas2 일 전
  • 😍😍😍

    NEONNEON2 일 전
  • The sounds of their shoes are just so satisfying!

    Mina VMina V2 일 전
  • 사복이에요?

    채민채민2 일 전
  • Ningning is so expressive

    Sabrina'sSabrina's2 일 전

    flower lovelyflower lovely2 일 전
  • 춤 잘 모르는데 카리나가 진짜 선깔끔하고 동작 하나하나 다보이게 잘추는듯..

    이비밀이비밀2 일 전
  • Rip to those who broke their legs doing this 👍🏻🥺

    LovelyblinkLovelyblink2 일 전
  • Still addicted with this song

    Courtney CCourtney C2 일 전
  • I’m confused who’s the visual of the group bec definitely they are all qualified if you ask me. I’m slowly slipping into Aespa’s world

    SVT takemesohighSVT takemesohigh3 일 전
  • 0:44 wannabe????????? 1:16 non shy????????

    توايسكوينز اتزيكوينزتوايسكوينز اتزيكوينز3 일 전
    • When you're new to kpop

      Stan TalentsStan Talents일 전
    • you good?

      KobeKobe일 전
    • Everything okay at home?

      blu lemonedblu lemoned2 일 전
    • Stop being stupid. As if Itzy invented those dance step. Snsd do it first 💅

    • Bobo

      æspa stanæspa stan3 일 전
  • Æspa tu puedes

    bts armybts army3 일 전
  • tiemblen negrorosas ya vino sus patronas æspa >:0

    糖 Sweet Pastel糖 Sweet Pastel3 일 전
  • 0:44

    park chaeyoungpark chaeyoung3 일 전
  • aespa nun naya duri dwel su eopseo

    5vorite happiness • 金5vorite happiness • 金3 일 전
  • I think you have to be really skinny to do that drop down in the chorus if you’re an no dancer , I mean I’m only 133lb but the first day that I tried I tried too much and got 5 days of numb legs with incredible pain in my arms , I literally couldn’t move for the first three days and now since I’m an idiot immediately as I recovered I tried it again and I still can’t manage to fully drop and bend the leg while the other is flat , I’m not that flexible 😭 Of course any one can do it with enough practice but I feel like I’m never gonna get that drop down right 😩👌🏽 The thing is that AESPA queens cuz I’ve replayed that shit and tried it so many times and am so confused how they can do it so smoothly and look so easy 😔😔👌🏽

    A SophiaA Sophia3 일 전
  • My dad was saying today that he always saw girls dance softly, they don't have power in their dance. I showed this to him then he just hummed and nodded. When I was going to school I heard him mumbling *black mamba AyaYayayay* and now my mom Don't trust him 😂😂

    ᴊʏᴏᴇ ғɪᴄᴊʏᴏᴇ ғɪᴄ3 일 전
  • (You can ignore this) 0:00 - 0:13 Intro 0:13 - 0:24 Verse 1 0:24 - 0:34 Verse 2 0:34 - 0:44 Pre-Chorus 0:44 - 0:56 Chorus 0:56 - 1:11 Post-Chorus 1:11 - 1:22 Verse 3 1:22 - 1:33 Verse 4 1:33 - 1:44 Pre-Chorus 1:44 - 1:55 Chorus 1:55 - 2:05 Post-Chorus 2:05 - 2:29 Bridge 2:29 - 2:40 Chorus 2:40 - 2:52 Post-Chorus

    Emma SomethingEmma Something3 일 전
  • My favourite member is Giselle and Winter ❤️❤️❤️,😘😘🥰🥰

    Firdous AhmadFirdous Ahmad3 일 전

    rizki kurnia darmawanrizki kurnia darmawan3 일 전
  • Sm is such a terrible company but they have the most talented idols

    yangyang supremacyyangyang supremacy3 일 전
  • The bridge is when i knew that ningning was the main vocalist

    AmabyAmaby3 일 전
  • THE BRIDGE ALWAYS GETS ME AHHH even without the vocals it's so beautiful

    Blue RoseBlue Rose3 일 전
  • They're insane

    imaky imakyimaky imaky3 일 전
  • الاغنيه إدمان 😍🙈

    مشاگسہ للابدمشاگسہ للابد3 일 전