2020. 10. 28.
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  • I love the MV and the Queens too, just the MV got too much light and this is kinda disturbing sometimes.

    MoKcMoKc5 분 전
    • Neon lights *

      MoKcMoKc5 분 전
  • JungHwaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    See VangSee Vang시간 전
  • Yeeees queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Starry NightStarry Night2 시간 전
  • i like Jessi a lot, i absolutely LOOOVE Hwasa .... but HyoRi? ma poor heart can't handle this, she's like a real goddess

    Ana Molina - A PAna Molina - A P2 시간 전
  • Queens of kpop

    random girlrandom girl2 시간 전
  • This mv is on fire 🔥🔥🤩

    Beautiful Africa Queen 143Beautiful Africa Queen 1433 시간 전
  • Cara*** pegaram as integrantes mais sexy's e talentosas num só grupo ,Meo Deus , em shockkkkk 😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, my music style

    Marília TavaresMarília Tavares3 시간 전

    Ingrid Martínez TlaxcalaIngrid Martínez Tlaxcala5 시간 전
  • Is that hawasa and jessi

    ayat houdaayat houda5 시간 전
  • This is plain Wow❤️

    Iris EapenIris Eapen5 시간 전
  • Oh my gawddd!!! My bad ass queens!!! 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻

    Ashleigh PabloAshleigh Pablo6 시간 전
  • Son hermossaaaaaassss:3

    Shooki LoveShooki Love7 시간 전
  • Oh my god! Jessy and Hwasa!

    Аделя ИшмухамедоваАделя Ишмухамедова8 시간 전
  • They're all my bias, I can't pick 😭💖

    KenjiSnowKenjiSnow8 시간 전
  • Whoa just a whole of badass k-pop stars

    Gracefully LyngkhoiGracefully Lyngkhoi9 시간 전
  • 0:51 hwasa was spoiling aya's dance choreo here wasnt she...

    MooMoo 4everMooMoo 4ever9 시간 전
  • Oh my god, 😱😱😱 They are killing it. What amazing it is! collaboration!

    Chinbold GansukhChinbold Gansukh10 시간 전
  • My feveret songg.. How many time i hear this song.. Probably over 10 times.. Heheehe.. Fans from malaysia..

    Farah Elisa SaripFarah Elisa Sarip11 시간 전
  • Jung Hwa 's part is perfect

    IndraIndra11 시간 전
  • I miss them 😢🥺

    Suyantra SharmaSuyantra Sharma11 시간 전
  • Вот это женщины 😍💥🥵🔥

    pink teapink tea11 시간 전
  • WOW..

    SummerSummer12 시간 전
  • Es una canción adictiva la amoooo❤❤

    Rosita FasanoRosita Fasano12 시간 전
  • When listening to this i always remember on Running Man Ep. 514, at the end when Jessi was getting punishment and said "Don't touch me!".

    MylesMyles12 시간 전
  • 다들 너무 멋쪄요

    Hyeryn HwangHyeryn Hwang12 시간 전

    Maradoni LouisseMaradoni Louisse13 시간 전
  • How are they all so ✨hot✨ ugh 😍🔥🔥

    Sharifah Su'adSharifah Su'ad13 시간 전
  • They are giving such a ✨bad girl✨ energy and I'm all here for it!

    Sharifah Su'adSharifah Su'ad13 시간 전
  • I love it

    Tania ArmyTania Army15 시간 전
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Галинка БондарГалинка Бондар15 시간 전
  • they should put eng sub ㅠㅠ

    Nur BalqisNur Balqis17 시간 전
  • If you get a chance to watch the How Do You Play series with them, you would see that they really personalized and made the mv their own, some points that I noticed: 1. 0:05 They made fun of Jung Hwa wearing this dress ages ago, but the producer liked it so they put it in the mv 2. 0:24 in their contract, they legit said that if there are disagreements, they would literally have a sparring match since most of them know boxing. 3. 0:44 one of the managers noticed that Jung Hwa wore a lot of wigs or had short hair during her concerts than other members and pulled them off really well so they gave her intense colored short hair wigs. 4. 0:45 Hwasa ate or focused a lot on food during the shoot so they just gave her pizza in this one lol And these are just some things I noticed just in 1 minute. The whole project of Refund Sisters was very exciting.

    Anna5319Anna531917 시간 전
  • 활동하세요 환불원정대

    이나겸이나겸18 시간 전
  • Wow

    Teresa CorteTeresa Corte19 시간 전
  • Some people are arguing about generations and all that.. It gets confusing when they can start so young, but if you think of it like this: 1993: Jung Hwa Debut 1998: (+5) Her 4th Album (Invitation) is released and considered her breakout major success, Her Hepburn style has a significant impact and influence. 1998: Hyori Debut 2003: (+5) Goes Solo, "Year of Hyori" 2005: (+7) Makes acting Debut and is considered "One of the most influential women in Korea" 2005: Jessi Debut 2009: (+4) Takes Break 2014: (+5) Returns to Korea & Music 2015: (+6) 2nd place on "Unpretty Rap Star" with unapologetic attitude and basically shows up.. everywhere.. Seriously, she worked her ass off this year. Works with JYP topping all charts, releases multiple singles and has a US live performance, Oh and is a mentor on Unpretty 2. 2014: Hwasa Debut 2019: (+4) Solo single tops all charts, #3 Worldwide Digital sales 2020: (+5) Maria EP & Way Way Way too much... Each of these Women were already considered Icons when the next one debuted. Each had 5+ years in the industry with multiple albums and song credits. The point of this is NOT TO SAY one is better, worse, more impactful, etc. With Idols they tend to group many years together around trends, which is fine I guess. But when you compare them in their own right, you can see that they are in generations of their own. I can imagine on the day of their debut they did not dream of working with one of the most influential women in Korea at the time, let alone being considered one themselves in just 5 years... Even as just a track made for a TV show, I think it historic... if nothing else it's something they will cherish. *(I left out many import events and am not implying they stopped, just made to show the crossover)

    DennisDennis19 시간 전
  • تخيلو نامجون يشوف الاغنيه 🙃🤡🔪

    kim nenkim nen19 시간 전
    • كم أعمارهوم بظبط🌚

      kim nenkim nen19 시간 전
  • My fave power up song~

    Justene Joyce JucarJustene Joyce Jucar21 시간 전
  • 언니들 화이팅!!

    김mari김mari21 시간 전
  • Best kot lagu ne. Jessi punya rap pun mantap. Uhm Jung Hwa dha 50+ umur masih maintain. Lee Hyori dha mcam diva. Suara seksi hwasa fuhh . Sedap dok lagu dorang nhe. Pandai lee hyori pilih penyanyi ❤❤❤ Love sangat Refund Sister ❤😗

    qwertyuiop 98qwertyuiop 9823 시간 전
  • D-I-V-I-N-A-S las ame

  • 이런 노래 들으면 정말 좋아요 진짜 너무 좋다 근데 저 언니 너무 좋아요 😊🐇

    정승규정승규23 시간 전
  • THEY LOOK AMAZING AND BADASS OMG!!!! They should've uploaded the mv before the debut stage but I ain't complaining about THOSE outfits... REFUND SISTERS QUEENS

    Chris TianChris Tian23 시간 전
  • 4명의 조합!!너무 쪼아

    심민우심민우23 시간 전
  • ME ENCANTO :v :)

  • Okay lez change this industry

    Michelle GepitulanMichelle Gepitulan일 전
  • charlie's angels but they are 4 and korean

    Joana Carmel MoralaJoana Carmel Morala일 전
  • 우왕 제시 화사 만옥 어......?

    2 s1아오이2 s1아오이일 전
  • Nice!

    Lizeth Hernandez CastilloLizeth Hernandez Castillo일 전
  • Lover amazing

    Yelinee Garcia GarciaYelinee Garcia Garcia일 전

    Dar BlinkDar Blink일 전
  • The most beautiful muse Um Jung Hwa. 😍 She's still going strong.

    krzy7krzy7일 전
  • The mans are so lucky bc they were hit by all of them 😔

    Lee knows CatsLee knows Cats일 전
  • I'm pretty sure that if I don't listen to Don't touch me at least once in a week I'll die.

    Jeremay NossaJeremay Nossa일 전

    Rafa RodhesRafa Rodhes일 전
  • i really like this, they really look good together and they voices i' m in love

    BryttjuhhxBryttjuhhx일 전
  • 💜💜💜💜

    Setsuna ChanSetsuna Chan일 전
  • I just discovered this song yesterday and I have been listening to it non stop! Put it on repeat till I get sick of it

    Jazmyn FranklinJazmyn Franklin일 전
  • ファサかっこよすぎだろ

    ちーみんぱくちーみんぱく일 전
  • Screams women empowerment

    Michelle GepitulanMichelle Gepitulan일 전
  • الله مراااااااااااااا حلوين😭😭

    kim nenkim nen일 전
  • 2ne1 vibes

    hy perhy per일 전
  • happy 5 mil queens!

    Throw it back? What?Throw it back? What?일 전
  • But Jessie killed it here

    Arhoni JungioArhoni Jungio일 전
  • Feminie jessi is so sexyyyy

    Shano JadenShano Jaden일 전
  • 환불원정대 모두 멋있으세요!

    남기석남기석일 전
  • Lee Hyori as similar features as Monica Bellucci in this video. They all look so great ! Love this

    LolaLola일 전
  • Oh~ Hİ QUENNS!

    ayca akıntürkayca akıntürk일 전
  • These ladies are *avengers of Kpop*

    Vaidehi GoswamiVaidehi Goswami일 전
  • 와 진짜 멋지다... 어떻게 이런 멋짐을 구상해내고 보여주는건지 ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 멋지다 다 개성이 미친듯이 멋있음 ㄹㅇ..

    반가워요순돌이반가워요순돌이일 전

  • I saw Hwasa I click

    Bella LunaBella Luna일 전
  • LAS AMO, DIOSAS. 💘💘💘

    n leeguin leegui일 전

    n leeguin leegui일 전
  • This is awesome. They should do more like this.

    Charity SiwagonCharity Siwagon일 전
  • as a moomoo, I always thought that Hwasa looks the oldest regardless of being the youngest. This group making her look like a real maknae lol, I stan queens.

    Just Some Guy With a MustacheJust Some Guy With a Mustache일 전
  • Wow this is bad

    Ayah MagablehAyah Magableh일 전
  • Kinda makes me sad tbh- I grew up with Hyori and Junghwa and to think that so much time has passed already T^T

    ღAzmalie StylxღღAzmalie Stylxღ일 전
  • Excelente combinación de voces, me gusto mucho, espero que hagan más colaboraciónes juntas *-* ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Juli rivaJuli riva일 전
  • Oh my, its like a dream come true! The badass/no care women of Kpop in one video🥰

    Mereani MuduMereani Mudu일 전
  • Chorei brasil? Chorei

    Chiclete com VenenoChiclete com Veneno2 일 전
  • If CL is in here too it will be totally complete

    Sochettra ChouSochettra Chou2 일 전
  • Uhm Jung Hwa in her earlier years. koworld.info/club/orqLYbHTxm6ym2c/bidio.html

    Ugly AngelUgly Angel2 일 전
  • لحظه الي معاهم هواسا من مامامو

    وحده الله يهديها تبي تتزوج جيمينوحده الله يهديها تبي تتزوج جيمين2 일 전
    • يب ..

      نيفرلاندنيفرلاند일 전
  • Horrendously addictive!

    Lee KershawLee Kershaw2 일 전
  • I'm LOVING Ms Uhm Jung Hwa's expressions! When her grenade exploded in the other room, she looked so adorably gloat-y~

    NATTYgamesNATTYgames2 일 전

    ৎ୭Biaxxbey Hirai⸼ ͆ৎ୭Biaxxbey Hirai⸼ ͆2 일 전
  • 0:51 the spoiler

    Ma rwaMa rwa2 일 전
  • Fantastic.

    Gio PhongGio Phong2 일 전

    Army LopesArmy Lopes2 일 전
  • Leyendas con leyendas

    Mariana pinillaMariana pinilla2 일 전
  • Adorable sexy girls!!!

  • Those 3 women they even don't look old and still Hot🔥🔥

    C LC L2 일 전
  • It would be pretty epic if they had sunmi and CL in this group

    Malishka the greatMalishka the great2 일 전
  • PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU'RE UNDER 35. It's really sad how many comments are impressed by active, impressive people in their 40's and early 50s. Shows how messed up society is, most people don't (or cant) exercise enough or eat well, or take care of themselves, and end up aging really badly and losing out on YEARS of potential. Any former dancer, athlete, bodybuilder, etc, you notice they easily keep up into their 40s and 50s.I'm here to remind you, we shouldn't be slowing down until we're in our 50s when bodies naturally decline, yet SO many people are barely in their 20s and suffering from illness and weakness already. Please, if you're reading this, no matter how old you are, you can achieve this kind of lifestyle and live long and healthy, if you take care of yourself well. Start learning a new skill, learn how to do the splits, or start running. PUSH yourself. Your health is your lifelong insurance. Don't be surprised by older people who are fit, that's the way it SHOULD be, it shouldn't be an impressive feat but it seems to be because of how unhealthy society is

    whodatboiwhodatboi2 일 전
    • Totally agree, thank you for your words 💕 it gave me motivation!

      Bolita de nieveBolita de nieve일 전
  • JESSI🔥🔥🔥

    Nicole AnggelaNicole Anggela2 일 전
  • Ok ok ok Jessi I won't touch you don't be so aggressive

    J-hope YoongiJ-hope Yoongi2 일 전
  • Eso sí es una colaboración de diosas🎊🎉🎉🎆🎇❇✨🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖⛧⛦⛥⛤♚♚♕♕♕♕♕♕

    Hervis Hernández RuizHervis Hernández Ruiz2 일 전
  • keren semua ini

    Ninda NovianingsihNinda Novianingsih2 일 전
  • who's watching this at 2020

    DekuDeku2 일 전
  • Hwasa face looks do intimidating on camera ..she's soooo fitting for filiming

    RiRiRiRi2 일 전