[MV] 하이라이트(Highlight) - 불어온다 (NOT THE END)

2021. 05. 03.
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2021. 05. 03. 18:00
하이라이트(Highlight) - 불어온다
 - Lyrics by 주찬양 (Pollen), Lavin, 이기광
 - Composed by 주찬양 (Pollen), Lavin, 이기광
 - Arranged by 주찬양 (Pollen), Lavin
#하이라이트 #Highlight #불어온다 #NOT_THE_END #The_Blowing #윤두준 #양요섭 #이기광 #손동운

  • I'm a Stay and starting from today I'm a light ! Their vocals, visuals, skills are amazing I'm speechless

    PartoflaraPartoflara6 분 전
    • Welcome to the family! ^^

      Moon LightMoon Light분 전
  • 하루에 열번도 더 넘게 보는데도 너무 좋다 하루에 들을 수 있을만큼 듣는데도 흥얼거리는 중🎵🎶🎵

    조양갱조양갱8 분 전
  • Highlight I love you so much ~^O^~ You are great ♡♡♡

    cuteeecuteee23 분 전
  • It's so lovely ♡♡♡ I can't survive a day without it^^ Highlight you are the best!! Fighting :)

    cuteeecuteee24 분 전
  • 726k!!!

    harumi mayharumi may45 분 전
  • 💛💛💛💛

    LIGHT _LIGHT _시간 전
  • Imagine junhyung in this comeback... this killing me

    SHINING GirlSHINING Girl시간 전
  • Perfect voice, perfect song, perfect concept. This song really suit my music taste! Highlight&light fighting!

    uncik anak babeh jihoonuncik anak babeh jihoon시간 전
  • these boys deserve the best. love u.

    อเล็กซานเดรีย ลอเล็กซานเดรีย ล시간 전
  • 1위 많았음 좋겠다

    Nhi LanNhi Lan시간 전
  • 재활용이라고 욕먹던 시대에 데뷔해서 부캐라는 것이 난무하는 시대에 컴백까지 버티고 성장해주셔서 그저 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 저의 13년 또한 헛되지 않았음을 느껴서 떳떳합니다ㅠㅠ다시 한번 더 감사하고 존경합니다♡

    으나니으나니시간 전
  • We're still here, its not the end ♥️

    Dwi PermatasariDwi Permatasari2 시간 전
  • ya, I'm still here. Also for you Yong 🖤

    i Kpopi Kpop2 시간 전
  • Please vote for Highlight on Whosfan (mcountdown) Starpass (The show) and Idol Champ ( Show champion)

    Huyền Ngọc NghiêmHuyền Ngọc Nghiêm2 시간 전
  • Yup.. We are stiil here.. Its not the end 💖💖💖💖🙆🙆🙆💕💕💕

    Ecah EcahEcah Ecah2 시간 전
  • 723k!!!

    harumi mayharumi may3 시간 전
  • One of the OG!!!

    Joe MaCaJoe MaCa3 시간 전
  • Nice song

    Nahar Nur AdiansyahNahar Nur Adiansyah3 시간 전
  • 🤍🤍🤍

    Stella RafaelaStella Rafaela3 시간 전
  • Im dropping comments again ㅎㅎ Im so proud with my boys ㅠㅠ Seriously I keep singing this songgg!! Gikwang-ah you really did a great song ㅠㅠ its not just a luck but skills

    Rabihah YusofRabihah Yusof3 시간 전
  • 아무 고민없이 구 비스트를 덕질했던 10대와는 다르게 나의 꿈을 실현시키는 데에 열중하는 나의 20대 중반의 삶에 다소 지쳐있을 찰나에 바람처럼 불어와 위로해준 나의 청춘 하이라이트♥ 어떻게 그대들을 잊을 수 있나요,, I'm still here it's not the end💜💜💜💜

    여니롭다여니롭다3 시간 전
  • The whole aesthetic of this music video, the acting, dancing and ofcourse the powerful and lovely vocals made this whole thing very interesting and beautiful! As expected from the best boys they never disappoint 🥺 Beast to Highlight, we got you! 💗

    Lyka GonzalesLyka Gonzales4 시간 전
  • Sayang banyak"buat highlight 💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐

    Amelia PratiwiAmelia Pratiwi4 시간 전
    • Highlight juga Sayang Banyakkkkkkkk Lights😁😁😁😁🙂🌬❤❤❤❤❤❤ HIGHLIGHT

      Lights TarettyLights Taretty4 시간 전
  • So good . this comeback is so beautiful. Argentina los ama 💞

    Diana VasquezDiana Vasquez4 시간 전
  • youtube deleted few k of the vi3ws in this link...keep going everyone

    F LuiF Lui4 시간 전
    • Fighting......

      Yucubie YangYucubie Yang4 시간 전
  • They looks so young, at the first moment, I forgot they are THAT Highlight and I thought the are some rookies :DD

    I'm kpop trash and professional fangirlI'm kpop trash and professional fangirl4 시간 전
  • Who still watches the HIGHLIGHT music video ?? I'm still here

    dugundugun MASTERdugundugun MASTER4 시간 전
  • shawol here supporting HIGHLIGHT! second generation is the most talented era!

    Clarysse EvangelistaClarysse Evangelista4 시간 전
    • Thank you

      dugundugun MASTERdugundugun MASTER4 시간 전
  • 720k!!! edit: wait- the views decreasing??? *look at my comment before

    harumi mayharumi may4 시간 전
    • okay sometimes some of the views will be deleted bcs of false streaming 😕

      harumi mayharumi may2 시간 전
    • as if there is no decrease in views. 7:48 p.m., that's 719,486k. and 8:29 p.m. 720,489k.

      dugundugun MASTERdugundugun MASTER4 시간 전
    • Sometimes youtube can decrease views, maybe because there are ppl who replayed this video again and again without watching other videos in between Who can blame them though 😭 this song is a masterpiece

      Tenshio NatariTenshio Natari4 시간 전
    • Really??

      dugundugun MASTERdugundugun MASTER4 시간 전
  • Plz all the lights vote for highlight on Whosfan for (M countdown) Starpass for (The show) and Idol champ for (Show champion)✨✨✨💕💕

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  • 너무 행복해........

    김가람김가람5 시간 전
  • I am happy to see this music video with my first k pop group, I am gratefull that My first lovely group still here and sharing with their songs…but, I miss another 2 members too... and it makes me sad...

    Joker ArmyJoker Army5 시간 전
  • I am still here from BEAUTY to LIGHT tillthe END!

    Joker ArmyJoker Army5 시간 전
  • Miss u

    Abidah ZahraAbidah Zahra5 시간 전
  • I'm so happpy they are back! Welcome back HIGHLIGHT!!!

    Sally GarySally Gary5 시간 전
  • ❤❤😭

    Siti Nabila FaqriyahSiti Nabila Faqriyah5 시간 전
  • We're always support HIGHLIGHT, and it will never end

    JVZT1NEJVZT1NE5 시간 전
  • Miss u my bro!❤️

    Janenie_MarJanenie_Mar5 시간 전
  • Vamos lights que podemos llegar al 1M

    Sweet CloudSweet Cloud5 시간 전
  • 백만 가자~

    여진 박여진 박6 시간 전
  • MV สวย สบายตามาก

    My NameMy Name6 시간 전
  • I really love this song. Glad this is their comeback song. Thank you for cb after 3 years and 7 months. I cant describe how much I miss them in words.

    sayidatul nabihahsayidatul nabihah7 시간 전
  • was listening on 1thek. always love your music from beast to highlight always a fan ;)

    Iris ChiangIris Chiang7 시간 전
  • from 2019 to 2021 from Beast to Highlight from Beauty to Light from 6 to 5 from 5 to 4 I'm still here it's not the end

    Vika VinessaVika Vinessa8 시간 전
  • Guys! Vote for HighLight because they were used to be Beast! Vote for their song more than Enhypen! As of right now, Highlight will get the first music show win after 10 years!

    Angelena HuynhAngelena Huynh8 시간 전
  • Highlight rising to number 4 for May Boy Group brand reputation.. That's how strong their comeback in S.KOREA. also, relay dance ver. is on KOworld 😊😊😊

    BTS is my HIGHLIGHTBTS is my HIGHLIGHT8 시간 전
  • 722k!!!

    harumi mayharumi may8 시간 전
  • for real.... i cant stop listening to this song since yesterday akhgahsgshgs sooo addictive.... I even turn it into my ringtone 😆

    lia 1230lia 12308 시간 전
  • No matter how popular 3rd gen idols are now (and i admit that some of them are really good), 2nd gen idols will remain superior in my heart

    채린채린8 시간 전

    NANA9 시간 전
  • Ohmyboys.. I really miss you.. still remember you always with me when I was young.. now I’m 31yo.. but never the end. I promise you I am here and will be here with you till the end.. Big Love From Indonesia..

    Ade Sri RezekiAde Sri Rezeki9 시간 전
  • I checked Loved MV and saw it has 7M+ total views. This NOT THE END comeback just proves that they are back stronger than ever. This comeback is totally worth the wait. I saw them grew up from young boys into these grown up men. From people labeling them as a recycled group into a successful group still standing tall up to this generation. I'm so glad I stayed. 💚 Here's to 11 years and counting, byulights! 💚

    Dyann SingsDyann Sings9 시간 전
  • 💓💓🌷✨

    2504250410 시간 전

    ChristinaChristina10 시간 전
  • highlight is the best

    ChristinaChristina10 시간 전
  • My ultimate and forever baby face YANG YOSEOB how i miss you so much... *crying* to see you with new song....

    jamiatul aisiyahjamiatul aisiyah10 시간 전
  • Gracias por este arte!!! 😊

    Ji Lizeth01Ji Lizeth0110 시간 전
  • They performed 3 songs on mucore 😅😅😭😭

    BTS is my HIGHLIGHTBTS is my HIGHLIGHT10 시간 전
  • Se les extrañaba 🤍🤟⭐

    kriiz carokriiz caro10 시간 전
  • I'm still here it's not the end :')

    Nur AisyahNur Aisyah10 시간 전
  • No one will read this but I feel like i need to let it out. I'm so glad there are still so many lights supporting Highlight, their incredible talent and sweet personality. Unfortunately, I think for me it is the end. I'm so sad writing this, I have spent amazing years thanks to you and I will be forever grateful. Unfortunately I don't feel joy anymore looking at you, despite wanting to give you all my love, it just isn't there anymore. Thank you Highlight, I'm sure many lights will stay with you until the end ❤️💛💚💙💜

    Amina dVPAmina dVP10 시간 전
  • The opening reminds me of fiction

    winternaawinternaa11 시간 전
  • Lights vamos por 1M y por más, por favor c:

    Citlali LujanCitlali Lujan11 시간 전
  • I watch some of MTV b2st episodes can't help myself from getting a little bit emotional.

    VerityVerity11 시간 전
  • I wanna cry ;3; I miss b2st so much

    KaLia VangKaLia Vang11 시간 전
  • We know it's not yet the end, so thank you for still being here, Doo Joon, Yo Seob, Ki Kwang, and Dong Woon.

    Kath ErineKath Erine11 시간 전
  • Masterpiece still here!!!

    Nur AisyahNur Aisyah11 시간 전
  • ไม่รู้ว่ามีใครสังเกตมั้ย ตอนเป็น BEAST ทำ MV แบบ Dark mode แบบเหมือนปิดไฟถ่าย พอมาเป็น HIGHLIGHT เหมือนไฟมีกี่ดวงเปิดหมด 55555

    ChalalaChalala12 시간 전
  • 10대 전부를 뷰티,라이트로 보냈는데 20대가 되어서 다시 들으니까 눈물이 질질 난다 ㅠㅡㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그냥 최고다 말해뭐해

    김나현김나현12 시간 전
  • Keep streaminggggg

    Maya Yong92Maya Yong9212 시간 전
  • Gik really executes the message he wants to convey to lights. Good job Gik! Congratulations!

    Love ChoiLove Choi12 시간 전
  • Still love them 💕💕💕

    GeroyangGeroyang12 시간 전
  • Cant believe ive never heard of this group before.. i love this song! the mv is perfect

    Sabrina RSabrina R12 시간 전
    • @항상양요섭팬 Really!? thats funny because i used to listen one song in high school from beast .. 10years ago . Thanks for the info!!

      Sabrina RSabrina R5 시간 전
    • They are one of the top legendary groups in Korea. And before they used to be called with the name BEAST. They have so many hit songs check them out :)

      항상양요섭팬항상양요섭팬11 시간 전
  • Im so proud of you guys!

    Love ChoiLove Choi12 시간 전
  • おかえり

    うしうし12 시간 전
  • Im still here❤

    su canfly_su canfly_12 시간 전
  • Highlight!!!

    emi iiemi ii12 시간 전
  • As it is possible that you neverbia known them your music is perfect. I'm going to follow you from now on.💖

    Rendon De choRendon De cho12 시간 전

    Tiffany ParallagTiffany Parallag12 시간 전
  • What's happening with the views, c'mon Lights, let's support Highlight.

    Stephanie RamónStephanie Ramón12 시간 전

    BLACKPINK fanBLACKPINK fan13 시간 전
  • back when kpop is not a trend. Pure talent , fandom friendship , all the good things

    Beethoven KerryBeethoven Kerry13 시간 전
  • Oh how I've missed them!!!

    Lullaby LoveLullaby Love13 시간 전
  • please keep watching and vote for highlight , really hope they can win trophies for such meaningful comeback !!!!!!

    F LuiF Lui13 시간 전
  • he was called the joker for a reason farewell Beast...

    Omar AhmacheOmar Ahmache13 시간 전
  • Stream.....

    B2utynesB2utynes14 시간 전
  • I'm still here too

    Santi HelfitaSanti Helfita14 시간 전
  • Congratulation.... Nice song

    Santi HelfitaSanti Helfita14 시간 전
  • 2nd gens are the best❤️

    Sonia LijangunSonia Lijangun14 시간 전
  • 712,245

    즐겁게살자즐겁게살자15 시간 전
  • Highlight fighting!!! Good MV and Good Music 😃 Nice Concept

    Raindropss 24Raindropss 2415 시간 전
  • They're still out here looking as beautiful as ever ♡

    AnjaleeAnjalee15 시간 전
  • nice

    shella chlashella chla15 시간 전
  • hermosa voces.

    Katy Momoka CoriKaty Momoka Cori15 시간 전
  • I think this will be the first korean artist that I'm going to support. I've watched their Killing Voice perf last night and I'm really amazed. And I like their personalities, their funny af hahahahha I love funny people! There are so many artist that have beautiful voices, great performer but the personality is kinda nah. IYKWIM. :)

    Charlie HagsfdCharlie Hagsfd16 시간 전
    • @Charlie Hagsfd The reason why they were called that way because most of the members were former trainee from big agency (JYP/YG). But that was in 2009. They work really hard to show peoples what they're capable to do with their talents in all fields like in acting, entertainment and singing. And they do get whole nation attention as they won Daesang in 2011,2012. Since then, BEAST become one of kpop legend group. I am super duper proud of them 👏🏻💡

      Amira safiraAmira safira14 시간 전
    • @ming yan Uki3. Noted po. Thank you for helping me to know them more. :)

      Charlie HagsfdCharlie Hagsfd14 시간 전
    • @Jizelle I totally agree with you. I can see what you mean. Wow.. 2011? Oh my gulay. I'm so late. Sorry for being uncultured. Hahahahaha

      Charlie HagsfdCharlie Hagsfd14 시간 전
    • @Amira safira Recycled? Are they blind or deaf or smtg? Now I'm mad. Hays. Well we don't see them like that. And thats what matters.

      Charlie HagsfdCharlie Hagsfd14 시간 전
    • you could try watching their interview with Jessi on Showterview and Yuhuiyeol's Sketchbook. They're really hilarious

      ming yanming yan14 시간 전
  • 하이라이트 화이팅!

    Idza From SpaceIdza From Space16 시간 전
  • i love love love this comeback!

    Rejane SantosRejane Santos16 시간 전
  • Akhirnyaaaa

    Shepia IntanShepia Intan16 시간 전
  • Mis oídos están bendecidos

    Here YomiHere Yomi16 시간 전
  • 하이라이트는 왜 나이를 안 먹죠?

    Ji Young JungJi Young Jung16 시간 전