[ENG|제35회 골든디스크 백스테이지] 방탄소년단(BTS)

2021. 01. 11.
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[음반 부문] 제35회 골든디스크 with 큐라프록스 백스테이지_방탄소년단(BTS)
#제35회골든디스크어워즈 #백스테이지 #방탄소년단

  • How i wish i could see their faces when they give messages to each other 🤗🤗🤗💜💜💜

    Lj ChaconLj Chacon26 분 전
  • Seeing yoongi back is happiest moment for both army and BTS and i can feel the emotion how emotional they were that time especially yoongi oppa he never show emotion but i can feel it he is so emotional y happy

    sugarmy bisu BTs armysugarmy bisu BTs army5 시간 전
  • Yes they talk about members being happy. They sing and give msg for the world to be happy. For me, all I want for them is to be happy and healthy. They deserve all the happiness in the universe.

    whipped for kim taehyungwhipped for kim taehyung13 시간 전
  • hoseok's exposed forehead is the reason i cant sleep at night

    Towa KTowa K14 시간 전
  • I want SuGA to be healthy💜💖🌹

    park Rosypark Rosy16 시간 전
  • I love PTS so much 💜💜

    park Rosypark Rosy16 시간 전
  • Congratulations BTS....... handsome guys full of spirits.

    Kaly AlikKaly Alik16 시간 전
  • Jungkook♥️

    Guinevere_ AnaGuinevere_ Ana17 시간 전
  • did anyone notice yoongi shaking when he was talking to v n jhope?

    Tiana lockTiana lock22 시간 전
  • 새해에 탄이들 아프지말고(마음도) 건강하게..무탈하길..

    s Yems Yem일 전
  • Suga is back🥺🥺❤️😍😍😍. New Year comes with a prize.🎉 Borahae💟💜💟💜💟💜💟

    Musiqueen HereMusiqueen Here일 전
  • i love this particular interview so much. reminds me of their old goofy days during award shows. this had me so soft. i really love them 7 🥺😍💜

    Leanne Pauline EnriquezLeanne Pauline Enriquez일 전
  • 왜캐 어색해들 하지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 눈도 제대로 못 마주치고. 귀여워 웃겨 ㅋㅋ 보라해 ㅎㅎ

    GJ LmsGJ Lms일 전
  • Jk: I love you V: I love you too

    Hala TahaynaHala Tahayna2 일 전
  • there's nothing in the world I love more than just seeing bts interact with each other, their bond, love and respect for each other will always amaze me

    Carol VargasCarol Vargas2 일 전
  • Finally subtitles available... 🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍

    Jane fortichJane fortich2 일 전
  • V standing there very still bc when he makes eye contact with the person interviewing them he's gon be answering some questions HAHAHA

    z Takuz Taku2 일 전
  • Wow 3 awards

    Ko Ko Chit MgmgKo Ko Chit Mgmg2 일 전
  • 남의 거 따라 하는 버릇은 여전하군 😤

    메로나메로나메로나메로나2 일 전
  • Bts👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    kim Vuongkim Vuong2 일 전
  • 인기상이란게 기분이 상콤하구만ㅎㅎ귀여워♡나도 태형이땜에 기분이 상콤하구만😆😅💜

    항상그리움항상그리움2 일 전
  • 2020 was a good year because of BTS. Now 2021, hope BTS can be healthy and happy!!

    L.V.L.V.2 일 전
  • 시상식에서도 변하지 않는 예능돌들..

    김페스타김페스타2 일 전
  • That lady will be scarred for life because of that Fortune Cookie incident with namjoon 😂

    taewithsugaandkookietaewithsugaandkookie3 일 전
  • Why did Jungkook say it's their last time in GDA?

    Caroline BritzsonCaroline Britzson3 일 전
  • Fortune cookie and RM is a very popular topic around the world!!!😂😂..... aigoo.. our president is so cute 😘✨💜

    Javia BTSJavia BTS3 일 전
  • Thanks for the English subtitles 😭💜🤧

    Javia BTSJavia BTS3 일 전
  • jimin jungkook lm love it 💞👆💕💖💓♥

    mare monmare mon3 일 전
  • Can someone please tell me what does jungkook mean when he said “its our last time participating in an award ceremony in Korea this year”??? Does he mean their not going there anymore?!

    Lamees DamrahLamees Damrah3 일 전
    • @Lamees Damrah 💜💜🥰stay positive ✨✨

      Richa RainaRicha Raina8 시간 전
    • @Richa Raina Oh, I thought the wrong way i feel stupid 😓 but thank you so much for answering me 💜

      Lamees DamrahLamees Damrah일 전
    • No...it means that , this was the last award show of 2020 & they are attending the last award ceremony in Korea in 2020....😃 they will definitely come back next year and will take many awards 😃🥳💜💜

      Richa RainaRicha Raina일 전
  • Even here they make me laugh so hard! Lol!

    Sonyeon_NaSonyeon_Na3 일 전
  • bts 늘 건강하고 행복해 ㅎㅇㅌ

    Su nny-Su nny-3 일 전
  • Why did Jungkook say this is their last time in participating for Golden disk award show....

    L. Aakriti & L. Aakanksha.L. Aakriti & L. Aakanksha.3 일 전
    • Meaning it's their last korean award show for ending 2020. Don't worry still many more years coming. ☺

      whipped for kim taehyungwhipped for kim taehyung13 시간 전
  • Why Jungkook again is behind????

  • BTS 최고^^

    마미 아미입니다마미 아미입니다3 일 전
  • 😂 the way rm keeps forgetting to talk into the mic, so finally jk held it for him at last....

    Observer AnonymousObserver Anonymous4 일 전
  • The interviewer loves to hear her voice to much😁

    Bernadette TeodoroBernadette Teodoro4 일 전
  • Dnt understand the language at all

    Anitha MadalaAnitha Madala4 일 전
  • When its about V n jk it's alwys cute and funny moments🤭🤭🥰🥰

    Ashka ChauhanAshka Chauhan4 일 전
  • Wow international ARMYs so they really did put eng subs. Gamsahabnidaa GDA!!

    Rida HaqueRida Haque4 일 전
  • Jungkookkk

    A BissA Biss4 일 전
  • not me laughing because of yoongi cannot even make an eye contact with the mc hahahaha he is such cutiie 🥰

    bangpinksbangpinks4 일 전
  • Remember there r subtitles guys.

    EmmaEmma4 일 전
  • Wow Jk it's so handsome

    Cinta Dalam Do'aCinta Dalam Do'a4 일 전
  • I come back here for engsub 🥺 thank youu

    Hanhan HannaHanhan Hanna4 일 전
  • Jungkook rubio.

    Lia Gabriela Echavarria LavandierLia Gabriela Echavarria Lavandier4 일 전
  • 10:35 here v try get revenge of vhope kiss in rocky King.. Remember how suga force vhope now its v haha....

    volt memevolt meme4 일 전

    Hefziba RiveraHefziba Rivera4 일 전
  • Jungkook selalu ungu 💜

    Dian TrianiDian Triani4 일 전
  • Jihope with suga look cute

    largebolala tonymontanalargebolala tonymontana4 일 전

    Jamless ChimChimJamless ChimChim5 일 전
  • 윤기씨, 얼굴이 아직도 창백하네요! 조명탓인지 원래 피부가 하얀편이었는지 목까지도 너무 하얘서 건강이 은근 걱정이 돼요. 행복하자고 노래하고 춤추는데, 바깥에도 나가서 햇빛 많이 보며 더 많이 건강해져서 올해도 행복하길 바랍니다! 그리고 너무나 귀한 모든 멤버들도 복 많이 받고 만사형통하길 기원합니다!!!

    jaeyoun limjaeyoun lim5 일 전
  • I really enjoyed this🤣🤣thank for English subtitle👌

    Hei ZyelHei Zyel5 일 전
  • 12:02

    Kageyama TobioKageyama Tobio5 일 전
  • up until now i cant stress enough that jungkook is really blonde

    leoa kthleoa kth5 일 전
  • 축하해 방탄 소년단 우리 사랑해 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Wilson RudolfoWilson Rudolfo5 일 전
  • 진행자분 고집있으시네ㅋㅋㅋ자본주의다 ㅋㅋ

    이정희이정희5 일 전
  • Ah yes JIn Hyung always prompting his JK to say something Go Jin!!

    KarenagenKarenagen5 일 전
  • 9:36 Tae: Oh, Jin Jin: Oh yes, You're too close they look soooooooo awkward! 🤣🤣

    KarenagenKarenagen5 일 전
    • Idt it's awkward. That's how they speak to eachother comfortably.

      whipped for kim taehyungwhipped for kim taehyung13 시간 전
  • Ah yes...I knew that voice sounded familiar Fortune cookie lady is back!

    KarenagenKarenagen5 일 전
  • Congratulations guys! We Purple You💜

    SittiMarhaSittiMarha5 일 전
  • 쭌이는~또손가락이 왜그래~어쩌다다치셨나~~🧐

    장수정장수정5 일 전
  • Hey Hobi and JK are wearing same shoes! Love our 7 boys 💜

    J KJ K5 일 전
  • How happy they looked when their brotherhood was praised💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Deepal MishraDeepal Mishra6 일 전
  • No entendí nada pero bueno 🥺

    Fernanda CariFernanda Cari6 일 전
  • ❤❤❤

    พิกุล บุญขาวพิกุล บุญขาว6 일 전
  • Thank you for english subtitles💜

    Reshma PakhrinReshma Pakhrin6 일 전
  • golden maknae with a golden hair holding the only silver award *claps*

    DerrieDerrie6 일 전
  • MC girl. Please respect BTS' prince Kim Seokjin. It's good to be honest with your feelings.The person who won the first place knows that it was hard. I wanted to listen to BTS. I didn't want to listen to the MC girl.Please be careful next time.

    QueenQueen6 일 전
  • to be true i just understood anneyonghaseyo and han dul seth...... also saranghe

    Bhumi ShewaleBhumi Shewale6 일 전
  • 슈가가 돌아 왔다는 사실은 모두를 행복하게합니다!

    Monsieur MoralesMonsieur Morales6 일 전
  • jungkook here again being the cute foodie by askin:- 'THERE ISNT SOMETHING LIKE THAT TODAY, FORTUNE COOKIES?? I LOVE THIS MANN

    Aanvi mishraAanvi mishra6 일 전
  • 10:31 윤기는 호비가 올때부터 웃네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마스크안에 입동굴 커져있을듯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    서진서진6 일 전
  • Thank you, GDA, just thank you for the English subtitles. I'm so damn grateful to you for that!

    Natsume OhikoNatsume Ohiko7 일 전
  • Namjin✌✌✌

    Hernan MachadoHernan Machado7 일 전
  • What did jungkook mean by Saying: It’s our last time participating in an award ceremony in Korea this year. So, I dyed my hair gold for GOLDEN Disk.

    Nayely AgueroNayely Aguero7 일 전
  • Wait i can see the English subtitle i dont know why you guys dont..?

    KattycelKattycel7 일 전
  • Me thanking the person who added subtitles to the video T_T

    Infant RenishaInfant Renisha7 일 전
  • thank you for translating as such!!

    Shradda xrayShradda xray7 일 전
  • No one : Jimin: i don't think he can live without me Me: hEllOol! ARMYs in the roOm.

    aindrilla Sahaaindrilla Saha7 일 전
  • You're right!!! She still remembered Namjoon eating fortune cookies with wrappers... Gosh after so many years yet brought it again!!!

  • 0:07 V : *stares* Me : 😵😵

    Sangeeta NegiSangeeta Negi8 일 전
  • only TaeJin saying I love you to each other is making me soft awww

    Sammy WinchesterSammy Winchester8 일 전
  • 앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ막내 둘이 넘 귀엽쟈나ㅏ🙈😂💜

    디디리DiDi디디리DiDi8 일 전
  • BTS still turns any interview session into a crack one! I love their crackiness!

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • I commend the interviewer for a good flow of interview and being such a professional

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • Taekook being best buddies!

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • Not at Taehyung wished yoongi to be healthy. Im crying!

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • BTS well deserved!!! My army ego is soaring high!

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • BTS in these suits! Im literally ascending!

    Moe AgtpMoe Agtp8 일 전
  • Lol they're so funny and fun. Whenever I watch them, they always give me energy.

    V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology78 일 전
  • 0:06 Peek A Boo!!!!!💜💜💜💜

    Siti AishahSiti Aishah8 일 전
  • I love the gray suit wore by jin

    Beauty tinBeauty tin8 일 전
  • 진행자분 방탄이랑 쿵짝 잘맞으시는듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    윤지영윤지영8 일 전

    Love Bts foreverLove Bts forever8 일 전
  • Kf94쓰자...

    welearn_huracanwelearn_huracan8 일 전
  • Congratulation guys! Hope you have a great year in music 2021!

    Lisa RLisa R8 일 전
  • 방탄 소년단 너무 사랑해 💜

    Bornlegacy97Bornlegacy978 일 전
  • the way i Love Them

    tae4ku !!!!tae4ku !!!!8 일 전
  • heh finally ! thank u for adding eng subs💜

    tae4ku !!!!tae4ku !!!!8 일 전