Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

2020. 11. 07.
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Dave Chappelle talks about the 2020 election, COVID-19 and Donald Trump.
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  • Dave gittin' a lil puffy....looks like my friend from Uganda now.....P.S. GIANT White sneakers DON'T go wit dat suit. Erbody knows you wear da Good Shoes......

    NYMArtsNYMArts15 분 전
  • Reckon this is the beauty of 2020 and at least one more thing to be Thankful for. This Pyrrhic administration will be a lesson in hindsight that affirms the notion that when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. With more information, feelings are more fully informed. This particular monologue takes on a new meaning with the current information. I hope fairness and/or a punchline follows soon. This man uses himself and platform as a canvas primed with the truth before any color is applied.

    Roma ErbRoma Erb시간 전
  • Didn't racism die out about 70 years ago?! Let it go Dave! Let it go Obama! Get rich off of some other story !

    Dave MartinDave Martin시간 전
    • You must be blind, uneducated to say something like this!!!!

      jfgsr901jfgsr9017 분 전
  • “You Racist hilarious SOB” 😂....good☝️ Dave

    Workout N ReadWorkout N Read시간 전
  • Being a police officer isn't very dangerous. Also (and I realize that it's a joke), Covid-19 has killed vastly more people than mass shootings have.

    Scott CharneyScott Charney시간 전
  • Crowd is soft as hell

    ThePhgamesThePhgames3 시간 전
  • "these white niggas keep holding us back" Dave Chapelle 2020 ...is the bumper stickers im now placing an order for. its sad how the crowd is afraid to laugh at a comedy show in 2020 because that was some of dave's best shit and its just honest.

    JustAnotherJoshJustAnotherJosh3 시간 전
  • Come get these nigga lessons white people fr we never hated anyone but we know many hate us because if your children make friends with us they will want to give us our homes back and heal the world... ijs Asian folks too the og asian was dark complexion

  • people laughing about him not getting paid ......Not understanding the joke

    Matthew SavoyMatthew Savoy4 시간 전
  • Legend.

    Azula ChloAzula Chlo4 시간 전
  • He was the perfect person to host right after the election.

    MichaelTheTerribleMichaelTheTerrible4 시간 전
  • Well... when he said he wasn't being paid for the "Chappelle Show" we all thought: nahhh, this nigga is getting some paper fo'sure.... Apparently we were fataly wrong. #CANCELTHECHAPPELLESHOW

    Pedro FreitasPedro Freitas5 시간 전
  • Most of this wasn't even funny imo, but a lot of what he said does have a level a realness that you have to somewhat appreciate.

    Craig JustinCraig Justin6 시간 전
  • koworld.info/club/m5qkcsir0ZjNnaI/bidio.html

  • Whew profound

    christopher griffinchristopher griffin9 시간 전
  • Hey dummy do you remember Carter.. Reagan had to dig us out of hole.. Reagan economics.. blacks and whites had jobs. You need to educate yourself before you educate your audience. Fyi whites are paying your bills. Not me. Your just a guy that I would talk to for 5min and realize that you're wasting my time.

    jim smithjim smith10 시간 전
  • Pure Genius

    ReneeRenee10 시간 전
  • When Dave Chappelle has to educate left wing New Yorkers you know the world is both a better place, and a worse one. You nailed it Dave, long live the King.

    Ue MackayUe Mackay10 시간 전
  • koworld.info/club/nbiQfs3MqJi8ams/bidio.html

    VooMdaddy mojoVooMdaddy mojo10 시간 전
    • George Carlin clip above originally “aired” in 1996.

      VooMdaddy mojoVooMdaddy mojo10 시간 전
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    Joao SantiagoJoao Santiago11 시간 전
  • Dave be dropn hidden gems and ppl just hear th jokes

    Jamaal lamar beyJamaal lamar bey12 시간 전
  • Except for the 'Take me back' sketch I LOOOVED THE SHOW!👏👏👏👏

    andy greyandy grey12 시간 전
  • If you can’t handle this I feel sorry for ya

    F1productionzF1productionz12 시간 전
  • This is racist.

    J MJ M13 시간 전
  • Goat 🐐

    nate lucasnate lucas13 시간 전
  • "When Keeping It Real goes too far" vernon the gas pumper. That was a good one.

    dee dohdee doh14 시간 전
  • Snl is worst crowd in history

    Ruckus RadioRuckus Radio15 시간 전
    • Gotta think about what kind of ppl watch SNL... So it is what it is... They came to watch SNL & Dave just so happened to be there.

      duckyzzzduckyzzz15 분 전
  • Wow I've never seen anybody be so anti-racist and racist at the same time

    Daniel oDaniel o16 시간 전
  • Did he take his butt out of the ash tray and stick it in his pocket? Is he worried someone is going to steal his DNA and make a clone or use the butt to set him up for a crime?

    Robert MRobert M16 시간 전
  • What a guy, honestly one of the greatest if not best comedian out there

    Mark StacyMark Stacy16 시간 전

    HTX-PoleStarHTX-PoleStar17 시간 전
  • Remember this? “Reagan is no friend of mine, ‘cause he raised he price of wine. From a nickel to a dime. He can kiss where the sun don’t shine.”

    Madeleine GosdinMadeleine Gosdin18 시간 전
  • I like wearing a mask and sunglasses complete anonymity it's awesome

    chet karwatchet karwat18 시간 전
  • Nigga Lesson Class 100 enrollment for Spring semester 2021 coming soon..

    Naijshua ThomasNaijshua Thomas19 시간 전
  • GOAT

    Sankofa Tafari NYCSankofa Tafari NYC19 시간 전
  • So anti white bigotry is funny now?

  • I love this man. Loved his stand up and his show, and he just keeps getting better.

    Ronnie RamoneRonnie Ramone20 시간 전
  • “Whatever it is, it’s too much” 😂😂😂 Funny af and I’m a female

    Charly BryantCharly Bryant20 시간 전
  • I cannot stop watching this is best opening of yet 🎤💯💖

    elizabeth matthewselizabeth matthews20 시간 전
  • "Honey,come here... the guy from the grocery store is on television. No you dummy, the guy from television is at the grocery store".

    beastmode1980434beastmode198043422 시간 전
  • This has been up for a few weeks now, and I avoided watching it cause I KNEW it'd make me feel uncomfortable. I'm a 40 year old black male living in Oregon, and I physically shirked at each joke, and gotdemm I could not get enough.

    Govey JonesGovey Jones일 전
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 1970s penis, Raw Doggin the Earth🤣 I'm dead af

    Rayj RossRayj Ross일 전
  • He tells it like it is... koworld.info/club/bbhmk6610mqYaJo/bidio.html

    S CBS CB일 전
  • Just as I've gone the whole of 2020 without eating chocolate, next year I'm giving up alcohol. But there's one problem: on December 31, I'm normally holding a glass of champagne when the clock strikes midnight. What should I do?

    oscar salazaroscar salazar일 전
  • A shadow of artist formally known as DS!

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez일 전
  • 💯♟

    A MWA MW일 전
  • One of ... if not the best story teller of our time.

    Elise FarriolaElise Farriola일 전
  • Dave Chappell is a very, very, very wise man... ✊ I've been watching his videos with a different eye because of something he said on a different video. And honestly I wouldn't have picked up on it if I hadn't heard him say it. Much love and respect... and a renewed admiration in what you do and how you do it .... thank you sir. ✊✊✊

    rawkboikorp *PâúLWülF*rawkboikorp *PâúLWülF*일 전
  • That’s not Dave chapel.

    Justin OlsenJustin Olsen일 전
    • Then there’s 2 goats

      Peppa JackPeppa Jack15 시간 전
  • I had to use VPN just to watch this lol

    MoeMoe일 전
  • This dude is a superstar

    ADLIB libADLIB lib일 전
  • Too much clapter.

    xyzxy abcsxyzxy abcs일 전
  • Racism is not hereditary; racist White people are not born with being racist in their genes or DNA. Therefore, racism has to be 'TAUGHT AND LEARNED'. Unless non-racist people, of all colors, including non-racist White people, find peaceful ways to stop racist White parents from teaching their babies to be racist, RACISM WILL NEVER END! What's much better than the treatment and even the cure is the PREVENTION! Their parents are in the unique position to 'prevent' (to a huge extent) generations of White people from becoming racist.

    Mim-Zee MimsMim-Zee Mims일 전
  • Don't let hunger dictate your life😂🤣😂

    Ryanne BarlowRyanne Barlow일 전
  • Genius

    Brandon PennBrandon Penn일 전
  • Dave is a modern day bafoon. You notice he have no problem saying that NWord but definitely wont say anything disrespectful about other cultures.

    Kenneth ShawKenneth Shaw일 전
    • EAD

      Peppa JackPeppa Jack15 시간 전
  • 🐐

    Philly BraskaPhilly Braska일 전
  • Still killin'em, but far from softly. My man.

    Wm. GriffinWm. Griffin일 전
  • Hands down, best monologue ever. Dave is a genius

    Gledmor21Gledmor21일 전
  • A man with balls.

    Mr. LJMr. LJ일 전
  • For those who don't know that suit is custom-made and came with those shoes and the matching cigarette

    Dale BillsDale Bills일 전
  • Ooooohhhhh. Seconds later he says "Remember. It's good to be a humble winner..." After this bit about how he was like, "Wuuhl. Maybe I saved the town. I don't know." So full of it.

    Brandon NewbyBrandon Newby일 전
  • He says "who would thrive while his friends suffers and dies? A white man.". and he can't-- No. He WON'T-- even introduce the musical guest. Like every single other host has done every single other episode... But sure. We got to hear what he had to say, so f*** everybody else, right? That was anybody else in his spot, Chappelle would have looked at them and said, "Well you signed the contract.". Chappelle is so smart, but he is just as full of hypocritical b******* as anybody else. He is just smarter.

    Brandon NewbyBrandon Newby일 전
  • He has a way of making you feel really uncomfortable and then rescuing you from that feeling of discomfort within the next bar. He strays that thin line between humour and the grossly offensive so expertly.

    kgeedikgeedi일 전
  • Why does everyone think this racist drivel was humorous or profound? The only slightly funny thing he said was the Klan rally joke. The rest was just SJW bitching and moaning. I see people of all races who don't wear that dumb fucking mask. Go live in China Dave. They make everyone wear a mask there.

    jazzyfolkjazzyfolk일 전
  • this must be unedited! no way he said nigga live on nbc!

    jessie poquettejessie poquette일 전

    Kenneth Guitar FiendKenneth Guitar Fiend일 전
  • The Chris Christie bit lmao

    jansenm952jansenm952일 전
  • He can smoke and drink and won't no one say shit to him. He is a fucking Gawd

    Roland OrzabalRoland Orzabal일 전
  • At the end he grabbed his lighter. #Official

    EvanDixon YourSuccessCoachEvanDixon YourSuccessCoach일 전
  • The GOAT has delivered a meal digest it so it can nourish your soul.

    james francisjames francis일 전
  • 11 million views in 2 weeks , thats SNL new record!

    KasKas일 전
  • Chapelle is such a sell out. Creep

    anne darlinganne darling일 전
  • $750

    Bruce StainbackBruce Stainback일 전
  • What's the difference between a yankee, and a damn yankee? 🤔

    Bruce StainbackBruce Stainback일 전
  • ...and now, Netflix pulled Chappelle's show, at Dave's request.

    Michael BunoMichael Buno일 전
    • Look up his latest, “Unforgiven” he explains it all

      Betty WatkinsBetty Watkins19 시간 전
    • @Derrick Boomer oh damn shame. cmon netflix cough up some dough for our man Chapelle here

      Jim HeerenJim Heeren22 시간 전
    • @Jim Heeren bc dave wasn't getting paid for it and comedy central only had intentions on capitalizing on Dave's recent hype.

      Derrick BoomerDerrick Boomer일 전
    • What, why? I was really looking forward to binge watch his great sketches, I only saw a few on Comedy Central 15 years ago or so

      Jim HeerenJim Heeren일 전
    • Really??

      Derrick BoomerDerrick Boomer일 전
  • Could listen to Chapelle all day. Great guy

    AmberForest RecordsAmberForest Records일 전
  • This audience don’t even understand what he sayin

    Michael ThavisMichael Thavis일 전
  • "You guys hate each other for that. And I don't hate anybody. I just hate that feeling." These comments are quoting the wrong parts of this monologue. This is the realest shit he said in this 15 minutes.

    Bob MarlonBob Marlon일 전
  • DC - I love your message. It keeps me upright. xoxo

    Spotless SamanthaSpotless Samantha일 전
  • Wow it’s sad that some of these jokes are just gonna go over a lot of peoples heads, Dave Chappell is trying to do his part to change the culture with his comedy and send a message to Society while he’s still here on earth....God bless this genius man 🙏🏾

    Treyl EntTv.Treyl EntTv.일 전
  • trash .. was that a laugh track ?

    CJ -NYCCJ -NYC일 전
  • Im 100 percent 🇮🇹Italian🇮🇹 from the heart of S. Philly ill survive the end of the 🌎. Come get these Dago wop lessons

    The Philly FamilyThe Philly Family일 전
  • Bro when he said "imagine wearing the mask I've been wearing all these years, I can't even say something true without a punchline behind it." Like holy shit dude I never thought about that.

    Cam G.Cam G.일 전
  • “That’s your leader for four years!” Chappelle barked. “What kind of a man makes sure he’s OK while his friends fight for their lives and die? A white man.” Wow... no punchline, just straight up racism.

    Jason MontellJason Montell일 전
    • shutup

      DaijoubuNutsDaijoubuNuts일 전
  • "Difference is I don't hate anyone for it, I just hate that feeling..."

    Ruben QuezadaRuben Quezada일 전
  • We get it dave you hate white people

    John SmithJohn Smith일 전
  • "What kind of man makes sure he's ok while his FRIENDS fight for their lives and dies?" " A WHITE MAN. "

    Mr. OMr. O일 전
  • Dave Chappelle is a legend ,he inspired these comedians koworld.info/club/bJqKfqbcyX3RpJ4/bidio.html

    Diamond & Gold MoviesDiamond & Gold Movies일 전
  • If you were looking for the racist in the room, it's Dave. For all you that voted for Biden, get ready for socialism. Just look at Venezuela.

    Eric SchaubleEric Schauble일 전
  • Profound as hell

    Amber GreymorningAmber Greymorning일 전
  • So Comedy Central sold the Dave chapelle show to HBO MAX and NETFLIX? ....🧐

    JonnyCashhJonnyCashh일 전
  • Attention to everyone who thinks people don't laugh at certain jokes because they are cancel culture snowflakes: jokes are sometimes just not funny...have you morons ever thought of that? Acting like people who need a bailout is just heroine addicts is just not funny... especially said by a dude who just talks on a stage for an hour a week thats worth millions.

    Patrick KilduffPatrick Kilduff일 전
  • The fake woke lib audience sound nervous to laugh hearing the GOAT spit the real.. lol

    mon3ybagzmon3ybagz일 전
  • This was the greatest SNL monologues ever!

    Todd ParksTodd Parks일 전
  • No you big dummy the guy from the television is at the grocery store

    Quan ThomQuan Thom일 전
  • I waited for the funny parts legend has it I’m still waiting 🥱

    Cunning FoxxCunning Foxx일 전
  • I’ve noticed the band NEVER laughs

    Raiden MidnightRaiden Midnight2 일 전
  • I’ve noticed the band NEVER laughs

    Raiden MidnightRaiden Midnight2 일 전
  • Dave should have had better legal representation when he signed with CC for Chapelles Show. dumbass screwed himself out of so much money...

    chubbyboichubbyboi2 일 전