Mariah Carey - Underneath the Stars (Official Music Video)

2020. 11. 13.
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"Underneath the Stars" by Mariah Carey
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And we drifted to another state of mind
And imagined I was yours and you were mine
As we lay upon the grass there in the dark
Underneath the stars (Young love, young love, young love)
Underneath the stars (Young love, young love, young love)
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  • I don't get it, was this shot and never released until now?

    Ronaldello97Ronaldello973 시간 전

  • I'm deeply in love with Mariah Carey

    Javier LopezJavier Lopez4 시간 전
  • Did this only recently get released? I remember this song came out in the mid-90s on her Daydream album, but I didn't know there was a video for it until now.

    Stephanie NewbernStephanie Newbern11 시간 전
  • we know that this white dress 3:19 clip was from Ahoy Performance. RELEASE THE KRAKEN MARIAH. we need that whole Ahoy Concert

    SaberSaber15 시간 전
  • Wiw amazing

  • i found this video for you M

    Attitude Street LiveAttitude Street Live22 시간 전

    Attitude Street LiveAttitude Street Live22 시간 전

    callof dutycallof duty일 전
  • my favorite song & video from her....i'm so proud to be a lamb 🌸💮

    najia nicolenajia nicole일 전
  • My favorite 🧡

    Ariani AnwarAriani Anwar일 전
  • 🐑🦋🌻

    Brandon LambertBrandon Lambert일 전
  • One of my favorite songs

    Tlb0082Tlb0082일 전
  • We love you Mariah ...

    Suzy MontenegroSuzy Montenegro일 전
  • 🙏🌟🔥I’m praying for releasing Mariah’s Rotterdam concert footage...!🔥🌟🙏

    Jan VeberJan Veber일 전
  • 25 years ago

    BananaBanana일 전
  • Beautiful music

    The FamilyThe Family2 일 전
  • Is she a vampire? 😍

    Mark Allen GabrielMark Allen Gabriel2 일 전
  • She was beautiful yeah

    역사잼역사잼2 일 전
  • 💫 She Getting All My Views, L A M B S, Where Yall At ❕❔❗️❓I Love You Mariah 🌹💐😇🙏🏾 💫

    TaurusTaurus2 일 전
    • @hannahmariahhhh 💫 Cmon 👏🏽🤙🏽🔥🥂🙌🏾 💫

      TaurusTaurus일 전
    • Right here! Always support the Queen!

      hannahmariahhhhhannahmariahhhh일 전
  • 💖🥰🥰🥰💙

    Monica CookMonica Cook2 일 전
  • VERY DIFFERENT vibe/version of MC. I still like this a lot but this was at an age where she was still looking for her sound. This song is very glossy and has of R&B but we all know where her roots at!

    chrisizkool381chrisizkool3812 일 전
  • N•O•S•T•A•L•G•I•A

    Vision of MimiVision of Mimi2 일 전
  • Love your Music, Carey. ♥️

    Chris MugambiChris Mugambi2 일 전
  • Mariah wearing a cap. The is, truely, a rarity.

    Ashot NuridzhanyanAshot Nuridzhanyan2 일 전
  • The star power she has I feel her fame was very next level because there was no social media around!

    John OhnJohn Ohn2 일 전
  • and 1:00 - Ha! one time for CDs, CD cases and DISC-MANs. kids born after 2000 have no clue, lol. 1:34 - A SOCIAL DISTANCED KISS IN 1995-96, what are the chances :)

    CaapriceTubeCaapriceTube3 일 전
  • One of my faves. Daydream was such a GREAT album!!

    CaapriceTubeCaapriceTube3 일 전
  • ICON

  • Tell'em Mariah

    Jad StrutJad Strut3 일 전
  • 1:57 Queen of pole dancing

    Salvador Laurente JrSalvador Laurente Jr3 일 전
  • Ooh... the memories🤭😊

    GrowingWithLizzie LizGrowingWithLizzie Liz3 일 전
  • Visiting this precious video on a daily basis

    Mick Hart CalmaMick Hart Calma3 일 전

  • 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Sharlaine DavidsSharlaine Davids3 일 전
  • Wow 😍

    GrantSmithMusicGrantSmithMusic4 일 전
  • Mariah Carey new single oh santa out 4th December buy and stream then 🎄🎄🎄🎄

    Dale KhanDale Khan4 일 전
  • 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Greg VasserGreg Vasser4 일 전
  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day:)

    WOW ChristmasWOW Christmas4 일 전
  • My heart is swelling with joy

    mint milesmint miles4 일 전
  • Most beautiful lady alive to meet her face to face would make my life complete I could die a happy man

    Nell2424 HooperNell2424 Hooper4 일 전
  • Love this song!!! 💙💙💙

    J PJ P4 일 전
  • Muito descontraida Carey nesta linda musica! Parabens! Maacatita

    Macatita PitaMacatita Pita4 일 전
  • Perfec

    Mary EncarnacionMary Encarnacion4 일 전

    maria cristinamaria cristina4 일 전
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  • Finally I see this video

  • Love

    Radek GrundzaRadek Grundza5 일 전
  • I wish I was born in this era :(

    raixcz c.raixcz c.5 일 전
  • lah,ada MVnya sekarang

    Megi ArifandiMegi Arifandi5 일 전
  • Hello, l want My all music video ( SNL 1997 )

    สุทธิพร ชุมสวรรค์สุทธิพร ชุมสวรรค์5 일 전
  • #Dicamitutto ~XOXO~ #DicamituttoChristmas let's go back to that place... underneath the stars

    xotuesdayxotuesday5 일 전
  • Guys, I had a short but really crazy dream last night. I dreamt of Mariah for the first time in my entire life. She was on stage, under a spotlight, lying on a spinning wheel, heavily pregnant, posing sultrily and singing. And then she feel off the wheel. And in my dream I was like “are you f***ing crazy lying on top of that thing while you’re pregnant!!???” I was so horrified for her. 🤣🤣🤣

    MMMM5 일 전
  • nice to hear an actual melody from her ,which were lacking on her last few albums. Mariah should take a cue from her old catalogue and re-focus her future outings. She has too much talent to let it go to waste. This is proof - it's a great song!

    roger dou7roger dou75 일 전
  • Waited for this since childhood. My favourite song from the album and one of the best MC songs ever ♥️

    sunshine girlsunshine girl5 일 전
  • My heart

    nanaroyellenanaroyelle5 일 전

    nanaroyellenanaroyelle5 일 전
  • This go so well with her song 4th of July

    the salthe sal5 일 전

    Priscila OliveiraPriscila Oliveira5 일 전
  • Feel your heart always follow your heart Long way of the shooting stars 🌠 💫 🌟 ✨ 💛!!!!!!!!! Karen Pineda from Kissimmee fl

    karen down world kadowkaren down world kadow5 일 전

    Ne Ablası KardeşimNe Ablası Kardeşim6 일 전
  • My Cube Take me away!! (The Simpsons)

    Matt J. RodriguezMatt J. Rodriguez6 일 전
  • This song is the love I hope to experience someday

    Sippin on Jin and NamjoosSippin on Jin and Namjoos6 일 전
  • Her voice just melts like butter, one of my favourite songs.

    Denise GarvieDenise Garvie6 일 전
  • I’m tired of reading people saying she’s Beyonce’s little btch .. is Beyonce better than Mariah ? Don’t think so and it’s far from reality . Beyonce can pretend to be Mariah idol but reality is Mariah voice has not been reached once . Those notes would break beyonce vocal cords at once . So y’all are really are far from reality

    WhosingsbetterWhosingsbetter6 일 전
    • Mariah lips and is walked throughout the stage. Beyoncé sings and dances! That's all one needs to know.

      Andrés EAndrés E4 일 전
  • Video for this song. Omg. Since when? Happy it’s here.

    Kimberly BrooksKimberly Brooks6 일 전
  • Songs like this is what makes Mariah Carey a true legend. It's this kind of class and artistry that is missing in today's music.

    Rÿ KïngRÿ Kïng6 일 전
  • I love this song so much.

    Fabio Pamplona GodinhoFabio Pamplona Godinho6 일 전
  • all of human history

    cait greencait green7 일 전
  • Esperei tanto por isso

    RavenaRavena7 일 전
  • Thank youuuu!!!

    Mila AraujoMila Araujo7 일 전
  • Please watch my

    Relaxing MusicRelaxing Music7 일 전
  • ur voice just amazing dear!

    WOW ChristmasWOW Christmas7 일 전
  • No better time to re-release this song than today.

    Cak RediCak Redi7 일 전
  • This MV deserves more views.

    Renz Chloe ParungaoRenz Chloe Parungao7 일 전
  • this my favorite mariah carey songs

    Avii LeeAvii Lee7 일 전
  • Beautiful song Beautiful voice Beautiful woman

    Bag LadyBag Lady7 일 전
  • Sublime

    Bag LadyBag Lady7 일 전
  • Baybeh! Let me tell you my 40 year old ass has waited that long to FINALLY see a video to my most favorite Mariah Carey song Ever! . Now girl please tell me you got footage of melt away henny!

    Davis FountainDavis Fountain7 일 전
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    FiveM ExpertFiveM Expert7 일 전
  • Love it. Has that perfect languorous quality I adore so much in her music

    Gagging4LitGagging4Lit7 일 전
  • She can definitely melt your heart

    Rodney BaileyRodney Bailey7 일 전
  • The fun fact that Tommy sent Mariah this video as a christmas gift !

    Ibrahem Al keratahIbrahem Al keratah7 일 전
  • What a song what a woman and singer her and miss whitney houston are will always be gifts for what they gave us in music and pop culture 💙🤟🤟💗💗💜🎶🎵🎼

    Mikey Vieira singingMikey Vieira singing7 일 전

    mskernowmskernow7 일 전
  • Underneath the star guys...

    Temi HaitamiTemi Haitami7 일 전
  • It looks to me like she combined the lost original footage with 1995 Daydream tour footage to make this video. I think the original concept was just her outside the whole video but much of that footage is probably still lost so she created this version to complete it. This is my theory anyways, it just doesn't look like an original concept. Still nice to see it finished and released after all these years!

    misterTVmanmisterTVman8 일 전
  • The guy at 2:10 asking for a hug, got his hug at 2:15. Lovely, I hadn't paid attention to that before.

    GAME 24GAME 248 일 전
  • stunning

    beautiful dayzbeautiful dayz8 일 전
  • whats the story here? catch me up on how this came to be. i love it.

    Johnny XayJohnny Xay8 일 전
  • 🌠🌙⭐🔭

    T HT H8 일 전
  • Thank you so much for planning to help Santa

    JackyDOSJackyDOS8 일 전
  • love the plaid top and jeans ensemble! 💗

    GyRLatTheRocKShoWGyRLatTheRocKShoW8 일 전
  • Official Vídeo Till The End Of time 😭

    João Pedro Martins OficialJoão Pedro Martins Oficial8 일 전
  • Mariah carey in 90's 😍❤️ plz stay in 90's

    Anas AL AhmadAnas AL Ahmad8 일 전
  • I probably listened to this song a billion times when I was younger. Definitely one of my favorite songs. It's simple and serene. Pure magic

    Fatima GFatima G8 일 전
  • Young love 💝💖💕

    Geminis TwinGeminis Twin8 일 전

    Black BeautyBlack Beauty8 일 전
  • Thank you for releasing this gem, Mariah. I got Daydream for Christmas a month after it was released. I still remember the feeling of unwrapping the album (I always got your almost yearly albums for Christmas in the 90's) stopping everything I was doing to run to play it in my stereo and hearing this song for the first time. Still my favorite song of yours 25 years later.

    Fran T. TorresFran T. Torres8 일 전
  • Mariah Carey wearing a cap. Now I've seen everything

    Ashot NuridzhanyanAshot Nuridzhanyan8 일 전