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2021. 04. 06.
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You were a kid once.
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    • Hello, Na Hyeon and Seo Won! I'm not good with Korean so I'm going to write this in English. I hope someone could translate this into Korean so you could better understand. It was a long time ago since I had been a teenager. Honestly, I already forgot how it's like to be a teenager. Just so you know, I'm just an adult living my first life and there are a lot of things that I also don't know yet. Maybe, I don't completely understand how you feel right now but I hope this gives you comfort. Adolesence might be the age when people start to be conscious about their self-image and public image. When I was your age, I am like you. I keep things to myself. I don't express what I really feel; may it be through actions or through words. In fact, there are times I try to suppress my true emotions because I felt I had to. I am also very conscious on what other people will think or say about me. I'm scared of committing mistakes because I'm scared of what other people will say about me. So I became very careful on what I will do or what I will say... Right now, you might be going through the same. It must have been lonely. You might feel alone right now, 맞지? You might be thinking no one understands you. I just want you to know that, somewhere in this world, someone understands you and that you're not alone. As an adult, I realized that overthinking, being too careful and too scared made me miss a lot of opportunities to be happy and a lot of good experiences to look back into when I grew old. Those people, who you think might judge you, let them be. They are also caught up with their own life so we're not sure if they would care that much about what you will do or say. Even if they judge you, be kind to yourself. You are just also living your first life. It's your first time to be a teenager. Be silly. Commit mistakes. Be stupid. That's what youth is all about. So years after this, you can look back into this phase of your life with a lot of good memories and important lessons. No regrets. Also, if you will try to be more open and honest about how you feel, you'll be less lonely. You'll find people who could understand and accept you. But let me warn you that it would not be easy to find those people. Along the way, you might trust the wrong people, people who are not good for you, people who might betray you... Despite this, don't be afraid to trust again and open yourself to another person. Life is meant to be lived together... with other people. Also, be the type of friend that you would want to have. If it was not reciprocated, it's ok. It doesn't make you any less of a person. Just set your limitations and know your worth. Na Hyeon, I just have a little more advice to you... Try communicating to your parents that you wanted to do sports instead of focusing on studies right now. The result might be positive or negative, but whatever it is, you will not regret trying. I have a similar experience when I was at your age. My Dad wanted me to focus on other things instead of playing volleyball. I told my Dad that I wanted to play volleyball and he eventually allowed me to do it. Our team is not that good and we never made it to the nationals... But when I look back into it, I have no regrets. I will always remember the fun I had when I was playing volleyball. Through it all your parents only want the best for you. They are telling you to focus on your studies because they think it's better for your future. I hope this helps. @odg I hope this could reach Na-hyeon and Seo-won. I hope this could help them. These are the things I wished an adult told me when I was at their age.

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    • 🎊🙉🥰

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    • can you invite kang seungyoon pls

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    • translate Indonesian please

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    • thank u so much odg

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  • im also 15 yo and i also reached the point where i questioned about the human existence or more like i had an identity crisis. but thank goodness i've been doing well as of now. seeing these girls at my age saddens me, i may not know what they are going through but i know that they are in pain and they are at their tough times. i just wanna hug them tight and tell them that they are going to get through this. i hope they are doing well today.

    Bevienne SabenecioBevienne Sabenecio37 분 전
  • This, I am sure, was filmed before the song came out. I am sure the producers really wanted to try and keep the girls from knowing it was Wendy. The girl's comments are so natural and sincere. If the girls knew it was Wendy, it would have not been such a beautiful and meaningful thing it turned out to be. And Wendy's reactions showed the girls touched her heart. Why we love Wannie!

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  • This is so sad, but why did I cry instead? :(

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  • i need a wendy

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  • Im a middle schooler and i know what they are talking about And i know that i should be studying right now

  • 여기 아역배들은 도티님을 알고 있을까

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  • 성형 왜 했냐... 어휴.... ㅠ ㅠ

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  • 4:51 Kids : how should i call u? Ms grownup? Wendy : yes, im grownup. Kids : if u have a friend, that friend would be really happy Wendy : deep breath, sigh, teary eyes. The one i tought is seulgi bcs they sang 'best friend' togethers, and rest of rv members. They must be grateful for Wendy. Seungwan-ah, i just love you so much 😭💙

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  • No one say about this but the girl with ponytail just seems too lost for me, her gaze, her way too talk... I can felt her emptiness...

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  • Can i hug everyone in this video ?

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  • i'm so worried abt getting good grades in middle school and high school even though i have so many missing assignments and no motivation to do anything. my parents payed for our private kindergarten & school for 10 years, the tuition was very expensive so they expect us to get into a good college or university with scholarships. i'm really stressed out abt my grades and studies since i was suddenly going down in life after corona started. like i used to be the top student back in elementary school, but now that i got into 6th grade, i feel like everyone just expects me to be perfect in everything and the pressure is just stressing me out sm.

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  • YT recommend this one to me, And damn! I did not cry omyghad. Right now i feel pressure about my studies, i feel pressure if should i continue this one but im getting mear to my dream i usually talk to myself and saying you're getting their come on.

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  • 웬디 언니 마음씨까지 예쁘면 어떡하죠???ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 진짜 사랑해...

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  • Wendy solo is honestly the best thing, her lyrics are comforting

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  • I have that one friend, who always tells me everything about what she was going through. So, I always take my time to give her a little support and replied to her chat as fast as I can. But, every time I'm in a hard time and want to share it with her, she replied to my chat but she only replied it like 2 or 3 time then just gone like that. But I still really need her to support me at that time. I don't know if she was busy or not but I saw her upload her status. I seriously trust her more than any friends that I have, but now I realised I can't trust her anymore. 5:46 I agree with this

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  • 접시 랑 인간이라 확실히 여아들이 섬세하구나

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  • wendy's heart is gold 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • Im crying, the first line of that song, hits hard🥺

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  • Thank you wendy, you make me strong again ♡♡

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  • When Wendy say : "If you have thoughts and worries that troubles you, when you are lost..Please..talk to somebody." I was so thankful it has eng sub. I really need those words right now😍😩😢😍

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  • that song just hit the right spot and soothed every soul that listened

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  • when your vision started to blurry and tears fall slowly but then boom *the ads makes it worst*

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  • fact : gue nonton ini diulang ulang

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  • wendy looks so pretty in here and the whole mood in this video is literally fairytale.

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  • I'm ugly crying rn

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  • ngl, this is my 4th times rewatching this video :")

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  • Girl with ponytail is so matured despite her age. It must be pressure for both girl but ponytail girl maybe not a person who speaks her mind so much and it may hurt her. I hope both of them enjoy their talk with wendy

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  • The song is titled "When this rain stops" by Wendy of Red Velvet. Fun fact: when you read it, it sounds like "Wendy's rain stops" and talk about her hardship maybe especially that Wendy had an serious injury and now she's coming back with this song.

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  • I'm not crying.....

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  • Wendy

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  • This made me emotional 😭

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  • Everything could relate to me..

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  • i wanna give the girl with a ponytail a hug and tell her that everything will be fine :(((

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  • Thank you for both subtitles .... it will be helpful in learning Korean

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  • Subtitle indonesia please

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  • we all want to have a friend like wendy

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  • Miss Wendy saying she sings "a little"

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  • 💔

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  • Culture difference, I remember being in middle and high school never worry about the future but instead very excited about it. Just a little reminder for people out there sometimes life can be difficult just take it little by little step by step don't hurry 加油 ❤️❤️

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  • Oh my god, I can't handle it my tears

    Qorina ZahratussalamQorina Zahratussalam8 시간 전
  • Say what you want about Wendy (antis really need a life off the internet) regardless of her past actions (she most likely acknowledged her mistakes and reflected upon them since I have not heard anything) but you can’t tell me that she doesn’t have the biggest heart, because she does have the biggest heart.

    Melissa PhamMelissa Pham8 시간 전
  • 레드밸벳 웬디 맞나? 내가 알던 얼굴이 아니네

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  • when Wendy left, i immediately felt sad bc i didn’t think they’d see each other again :(

    Mikaela AndreaMikaela Andrea8 시간 전
    • I hope they meet again but Wendy gave them autographs and gifts. One of those teens posted them.

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  • 한국어 찾기 너무 어렵다....

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  • watching this makes me feel like wendy is also talking to me :(

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  • The girl who was still sitting there when Wendy left, she seems like she lost all her happiness, I wanna hug her

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  • Needed the comfort myself. Thank you Wendy & the 2 beautiful souls. ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Oh god I cried. I cried a lot.

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  • When i grow up i wanna make a conversation with the me now just like this

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  • 오랜만에 odg영상 보고 울컥했다

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  • this video is so healing 🍃

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  • i wish i could be a friend like wendy...

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  • i need wendy as my bestfriend. the way she comforts them is very soothing. knowing that i've no one to talk my worries to, i wish i had wendy :)

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  • 제발 한국 댓글좀 ..ㅠㅠ̑̈ 구분할 수 있게 해주세요 외국인들이 말하는 우리나라말고 우리나라 사람들이 말하는 우리나라 댓글 좀 보고싶다 이말이야,,

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  • i just want a friend like Wendy

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  • I clicked this video bc I saw Wendy on it.

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    • This video hurts me hahaha bc maybe i was like that before and thw song makes my heart feels so heavy.

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  • 나만 "나중에 뭐 먹고 살지" 라는 생각 하니ㅜㅜ

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  • The second girl looks so depressed

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  • What the song name?

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    • When this rain stops

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  • this brings tears to my eyes, aaaah.

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  • My heart hurts watching this. Why do kids have to experience this? Let them enjoy their youth. 😔 I really love watching ODG videos and hopefully, I'll see Highlight one day in one of your videos.

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  • 뭔가 뭉클하당 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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  • Hi! We would also like to recommend the group HIGHLIGHT. You would love them 💕

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  • That ponytail girl seems seriously down. I hope she'd understand that she doesnt have to be so hard on herself

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  • i finished this video crying while rubbing my forehead 😓 idk but it hurts me a little

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  • And that's how the kids never know that miss GrOwNuP was Wendy

    Zeba FaridiZeba Faridi14 시간 전
  • Her: in 8th grade at 15 Me: in 8th grade at 12 I am about to start 8th grade and I just turned 12. My life is hard :(

    Harini GHarini G14 시간 전
  • I need a friend like Wendy

    Yeri From Red VelvetYeri From Red Velvet14 시간 전
  • To our dearest, WENDY I just wanted to congratulate you on your successful comeback and debut. It’s awesome. ReVeluvs tends to seek hope and comfort, and we find it in your album. Thank you for being a therapy on our healing while you were healing too. Like what you said, we got your back too. Thank you so much for coming back strong and reachable. You are still that soft, sweetest and charming Son Seungwan. An idol. An icon. A singer. WENDY BEST GIRL. Thank you for the voice that comforts, for your laugh that heals, for your smile that gives hope and for your songs that feels like home. You came once and if we lost our way- I would find you in any lifetime. We’ll be here, our SONshine. We won’t stop supporting you and listening to your music. WE ARE ALWAYS PROUD. And if we’re going somewhere, we won’t forget you and your music and everything that’s being YOU. Keep safe. Be well LIKE WATER. God bless you. A respectful and soft hug! I love you, Unnie. WELCOME HOME. 💙

    Katara HernandezKatara Hernandez15 시간 전
  • Wendy is looking so fudging cute here 😭❤

    Better be an armyblinkBetter be an armyblink16 시간 전
  • This video really touched me because I go through lots of stress.. thank you Wendy❤️❤️❤️

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  • nahyeon really looks like she's having a hard time, i hope people/world can be least cruel to her. i hope you find your happiness nahyeon :)

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  • I'll never look at dishes the same....It must be difficult for them as well.... damn.....poor dishes

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  • School used to be the place for beautiful memory but sadly for these kids school is like a hell 😭

    Siti AnisahSiti Anisah19 시간 전
  • 웬디는 진짜 가끔 하는 말이 나에게 깨달음을 준다. 나이가 더 많은 나도 잊고 살던걸 아! 하고 깨닫게 해준달까?! 미소 하나로도 위로가 되고 힘이 되고... 너무 너무 착한 사람이라 늘 행복이 웬디한테 꼭 달라붙어 있으면 좋겠는데 그 행복을 또 타인에게 막 퍼주는 너는 진짜 빛. 웬디 첫 솔로 앨범 진짜 너무 위로 되고 좋아요. 힘들때 들으면 다시 일어날 힘이 생기는 곡임.

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  • When the song started “I wish to hug them...” I literally wanted to run and hug them. They’re so young yet they burdened themselves so much. Though their experiences helped them to mature earlier, all those emotions built up a box which could lead to anxiety, great stress and depression. Their happiness is temporary because those boxes are locked within themselves and were never allowed to open even for a bit. I really hope for the best for these students and to all who are experiencing the same way. Life is never easy but dont give up and give your time some space to relieve those pent-up emotions within you. I’ve said enough, sorry. But to everyone who read this, always be happy. There is always a rainbow after the rain 💕 *sending virtual hugs to everyone*

    Chami Y.Chami Y.20 시간 전
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