Tip Chocolate Hacks With Balloon

2021. 03. 26.
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  • Nah I’m good

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  • What if The balloon is smelly and it's sweet for ants to go in.... And what if you eat it and you taste wired with the chocolate

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  • M a chocolate

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  • Superb and so yummy

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  • Looks great

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  • Use a god damn food grade stuff don’t ever use balloon rubber in your food

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  • Megustan. Los pasteles🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😍😍

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  • Dame otra respeta por qué se lo usé a mi mamá y le gustó mmmmmmmm

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  • What's the song please tell

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  • This some troom troom stuff but like the 1 good thing they ever did

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  • Yeah i want my chocolate to taste like latex!!! 🙄🙄🙄

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  • You know this one is good

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  • Latex allergy special.

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  • Omg I love it a want one million of them plis 😻

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  • love you

  • Mmm

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  • Dude, i don't have three hands...

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  • Choclate tasting like chemicals from the ballon yea ima definitely do this cant wait

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  • Taste will be baloonish

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  • Chocolate flavor rubber...🤔

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  • I'm so sorry but eww there is something like the flour in the balloon

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  • Mmmmm

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  • Do people know there's actually that one chemical in the balloons? I mean it's not only in my country right?

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  • The chocolate was supper👍

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  • Woooooooo so cute

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  • Rubber smell will come

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  • El material del globo da sabor desagradable al chocolate

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  • It looks so good, I can easily eat 5M of these 😋😋😋

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  • Hfgffwiw

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  • Wouldn’t it taste rubbery?

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  • This is fake the chocolate would have tasted bad because of the ballon also it would have fallen apart and melted fast and stopped being a circle

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  • Emosionte 😉

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  • Balloons have a powder in it

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  • 그래서 저거 먹을 수 있어요..?

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  • Chii what shit

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  • One thing is that there are cemacles in the ballon

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  • Make sure to wash the balloon because the balloons have chemicals

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  • That was fun

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  • l love your video

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  • WARNING!! Dont use ballons in contact with food!

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  • Wow too yummy😋😋😋😋😋😋

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  • Just imagine how dirty that balloon actually is

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  • Using Balloon is not safe at all for any type of food.

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  • Dude: makes a cake or sum Me *confused*: why does the music in the back Sound very similar to Dame Tu Cosita?

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  • I likeee

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  • Hay que ser estúpido para no saber que los globos tienen residuos peligrosos por dentro y que ahora ese chocolate lo a extraído y aderido a el.....

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  • So yummy 😋

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  • Balloon smells bad, I'm never doing that....😭😭

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