2021. 04. 05.
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Watch all goals in this five-goal thriller!
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  • 1:24 watch lingard helping west ham helping in defense hats off maestro better than overrated griezmann coutinho hazard

    future neet air rank 1 Anshuramkumar.A.Sfuture neet air rank 1 Anshuramkumar.A.S4 시간 전
  • Jesse❌ Messe✅ Messe linggardhino 👏👏👏

    Galang Rambu AnarkyGalang Rambu Anarky13 시간 전
  • Messi😂😂

    Jay Muan HangshingJay Muan Hangshing일 전
  • Man I am really glad for Lingard man great to see many ppl giving him support and love

    THE VanicantTHE Vanicant일 전
  • WHATS WRONG WITH LINGARD HE IS TOOO GOOD. i support Lingard he has been through a lot

    David LouranceDavid Lourance일 전
  • Messi Lingard

    robert humphreyrobert humphrey일 전
  • The real lingardinho legend

    Richie PaopaoRichie Paopao일 전
  • Berbatov-esqe turn

    Mohamedamin KhalifMohamedamin Khalif일 전
  • If that lingard run was made by messi' we'd say its a world class goal. Lingard is legendary

    Erick MirahErick Mirah일 전
  • ManU almost destroyed him I'm happy he left

    Brahmi MohamedBrahmi Mohamed일 전
  • Jese Lingard literally looks like Leo Messi up in the Prem man wtf? Is this real?

    Enzo Mon ChouEnzo Mon Chou일 전
  • Proves that everyone that goes in ManU becomes trash

    Ricky HoRicky Ho일 전
  • Kudos to Moyes for recognizing that lingard has still got something in him

    neodymiumneodymium일 전
  • Nice to see Lingard enjoying football again.

    Devoted SandakoDevoted Sandako일 전
  • This match that made liverpool buy lingard

    Abdat AbdelhakAbdat Abdelhak일 전
  • 0:50 even 5 players couldnt stop lord lingardinho

    aola wiliaola wili일 전
  • Shttt

    Justsamy _Justsamy _2 일 전
  • Messi Lingard

    Min SangMin Sang2 일 전
  • lord linggard

    Farr ZhafarFarr Zhafar2 일 전
  • Westham is getting some ridiculous views thanks to one man LINGOD.

    Callum ComanCallum Coman2 일 전
    • kalo di MU ga begini mainnya lord lingard wkwkwk

      aola wiliaola wili일 전
  • Lord Lingard

    Kibreab SolomonKibreab Solomon2 일 전
  • Comentator : "Jesse lingard has been like a lionel messi in west ham" What a nice statement

    dolita windodolita windo2 일 전

    John RivaileJohn Rivaile2 일 전
  • Messi Lingard

  • All of us should take one great lesson to our life from Lingard. To Raise ourselves up after failure in life.

    kaleab abebawkaleab abebaw3 일 전
    • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

      dolita windodolita windo2 일 전
  • Westharm 3 nill i need 4 nill

  • 50cr compensation in ICJ

  • eph

  • 0:20 wtf is he really lingard?

    빈이빈이3 일 전
  • Can we hear Uefa Champions league anthem in London Stadium ❤️❤️

  • The difference between Man Utd and West Ham atmosphere is result of Lingard to Lingardinho

  • How to join West ham academy

  • It's funny seeing everyone that used to hate on Lingard now drooling over him. Sad plastic fans.

    RapidOwnz3RapidOwnz33 일 전
  • kalo di MU ga begini mainnya lord lingard wkwkwk

    Vivace Band SurabayaVivace Band Surabaya3 일 전
  • Lord Lingard Rises

    flyvon fernandesflyvon fernandes3 일 전
    • Need your precious suggestions about my art work.....ygyg

      Baba ArtsBaba Arts3 일 전
  • The helpless asphalt mechanistically explode because appendix surgically rule of a possessive desire. lively, tart chicken

    Jimmy JohnJimmy John3 일 전
  • Lingardinho!!!

    Magdiel LunaMagdiel Luna3 일 전
  • LingardMessi is back!!!

    Julyon ChannelJulyon Channel3 일 전
  • Damn Lingard is running riot. He fits West ham perfectly. Good luck to Westham, you guys are on fire this season. (Arsenal fan)

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss3 일 전
  • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

    Pham Minh DucPham Minh Duc3 일 전
  • Semedo really had a hard time, from being toyed by Davies to Lingard

    Jerick ALBERCAJerick ALBERCA3 일 전
  • LORD LINGARDINHO BERBATOV(ing)...just sweet ✨

    Ryan TumisangRyan Tumisang3 일 전
  • All these comments and nothing of Antionio's run, which was the only reason Lingard was able to get the space to finish.

    MRMR3 일 전
    • Scientific fact: T-rex went extinct because their arms were too short to clap for Lingard.

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss3 일 전
  • lingard show

    terence machiwanaterence machiwana3 일 전
  • Lingardinho >>>>>>

    Nidhal SJNidhal SJ3 일 전
  • Lingard has transformed the west ham channel as well look at the most popular vid

  • Lingard jjang jjang man

    노런색노런색4 일 전
  • can you imagine a few months a go we sarcastically called him lingardhino but today he actually is playing like lingardhino

    Nasons ElectronicsNasons Electronics4 일 전
  • messi who???

    Nasons ElectronicsNasons Electronics4 일 전
  • Leave Manchester united to be a top class player.

    Samir GrgSamir Grg4 일 전
  • Jesse Lingard joga demais

    Magda OliveiraMagda Oliveira4 일 전
  • Jessè Lingard young legend😮

    Samaale AbdulSamaale Abdul4 일 전
  • 0:20 truly magnificent skill by lingardinho

    alida flusalida flus4 일 전
  • This is the true lingardinho (no offense or sarcastic just compliment)

    L e N z yL e N z y4 일 전
  • koworld.info/club/g9dropfbopaegZA/bidio.html

    Ahmet GilgilAhmet Gilgil4 일 전
  • He is not Lingardinho, he is not messi lingard. HE IS JESSE LINGARD

    MaximACEMaximACE4 일 전
  • Scientific fact: T-rex went extinct because their arms were too short to clap for Lingard.

    Martin N.Martin N.4 일 전
    • LORD

      alida flusalida flus4 일 전
  • Lingardinho on 🔥. I knew he will Excel. Skillful lad.

    Absorbing ManAbsorbing Man4 일 전
  • He tried that dimitar staff but it didn't work the same. All in all it went in

    EST RadioEST Radio4 일 전
  • Jesse deserves the golden ball this year!!

    Jenda26GamingJenda26Gaming4 일 전
  • Jlingz🔥🔥

    Edna EtteyEdna Ettey4 일 전
  • Just what the fvkc is happening with Lingard? Holy f ... Is this that Lingard that many MU toxic fan bashing day in and day out? OMG that Berbatov turn is very glorious and he do that so neatly.

    Arief JugaArief Juga4 일 전
  • He is still got time to improve he can make it he just needs to forget the past and keep dribbling until everyone will salute him

    Jamali JumapiliJamali Jumapili4 일 전
  • Messi Lingard

    Arsalan RafiqueArsalan Rafique4 일 전
  • Berbatov spin

    Phuc HongPhuc Hong4 일 전
  • last decade was about memers making fun of anyone this decade i have seen so many memers eat shit for the losers that they really are, many examples

    Aaditya RanjanAaditya Ranjan4 일 전
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    Emmanuel SardaunaEmmanuel Sardauna4 일 전
  • Manchester United don't deserve class of Sir Jesse Lingard

    sandesh dhakalsandesh dhakal4 일 전
  • Greetings from Spain friends West Ham leyends

    Justo Jose Godia FusterJusto Jose Godia Fuster4 일 전
  • Makin jago si linggard anjeeng ini...hahahahaha

    Andrii IscoAndrii Isco4 일 전
  • LORD

    jims rootjims root4 일 전
  • Lingardino Can’t wait to have u back with the reds

    Nickoy AckbersinghNickoy Ackbersingh4 일 전

    User 795User 7954 일 전
  • Lingard should never come back to man utd

    45 Rajamad45 Rajamad4 일 전
  • Are you sure this is lingard?

    Muhammad Syah RizalMuhammad Syah Rizal4 일 전
  • Jings Style...

    Mc LaurensMc Laurens4 일 전
  • 1:04

    Sijan ThapaSijan Thapa4 일 전
  • Jesse Lingard is untouchable now as a United fan i think he should make his move permanent

    Erfan SheikhErfan Sheikh4 일 전
  • Boy oh boy Jessy Lingard is just pure class..."TheJLingz show

    sufficient kwashirasufficient kwashira4 일 전
  • Bro, the amount of shit I talked about him last season oml. He really is a different breed when he wears a west ham shirt.

    Ash FernandesAsh Fernandes4 일 전
  • Whats mean that waves?

    Дмитрий ШатовДмитрий Шатов4 일 전
  • Wow

    Fatih FatiihFatih Fatiih4 일 전
  • Jesse Lingard?? No He is Messi Lingard

    빗살무늬토끼빗살무늬토끼4 일 전
  • Gue saranin lo westham beli aja lingard nya brp pun harga nya,

    zorro nakamazorro nakama4 일 전
  • Lord Lingardinho ✊✊✊

    Dadan PriatnaDadan Priatna4 일 전
  • Seneng banget liat lord Linggard bersinar bersama whu

    FMJ _26FMJ _264 일 전
  • Great game of football, we love to see it

    AoxAox4 일 전
  • Goat lingard

    iherinsa.10 Sariiherinsa.10 Sari4 일 전
  • Lingard pulling a Heung Min Son, Berbatov and Bruno Fernandes in one half of football.

    Emmanuel BennettEmmanuel Bennett4 일 전
  • Jesse Lingard the goat of football ever

    Terrence WongTerrence Wong5 일 전
  • 玩归玩,闹归闹,别拿林皇开玩笑。

    山里巴人山里巴人5 일 전
  • Premier League POTM next: Jesse Lingard

    Krzysztof NosalKrzysztof Nosal5 일 전
  • What the hell happened to Lingard when he moved to West Ham ? What did he ate there to become so good ?

    Reivaldo AurelioReivaldo Aurelio5 일 전
  • 1m views after lingard transfer& performance 😊

    DaredevilDaredevil5 일 전
  • Jesse pulling a berbatov at the touchline👏

    Muhammadnasir AbdulrazaqMuhammadnasir Abdulrazaq5 일 전
  • Lingard the goat

    Wandes Leonardo Siahaan 1807113116Wandes Leonardo Siahaan 18071131165 일 전
  • Jesse Lingard 💕👌💕❤️

    Godfrey GariseGodfrey Garise5 일 전
  • Lingardinho 💪

    Muole2008Muole20085 일 전
  • Messi’s contract expires this summer. It could be a good signing for the hammers and Lingod

    eatsleeppk RSeatsleeppk RS5 일 전
  • I really dont know why people joking on Lingard.

    12ThugTM12ThugTM5 일 전