WENDY 웬디 'When This Rain Stops' Live Video

2021. 04. 09.
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WENDY 웬디 'When This Rain Stops' Live Video ℗ SM Entertainment

  • why need a therapist when you can listen to Wendy's songs

    yashyash시간 전
  • Today, I felt so drained and extremely tired. I wanted to sleep but I just can’t because of the heavy burden I’m carrying. Listening to this calmed me. So, I just want to thank Wendy for this. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to face this instantly-that I can rest and put away my worries momentarily. Tomorrow, I promise that I’ll come back stronger. And if I ever get exhausted, I know I have a place that I can come back to. :’)

    Adrian Josh MangaoAdrian Josh Mangao2 시간 전
  • A girl group with the best visuals in K-Pop

    thank you and byethank you and bye3 시간 전
  • Up 2M

    bùi phúcbùi phúc4 시간 전
  • Really amazing!

    neclaa jsnsndhdnneclaa jsnsndhdn4 시간 전
  • I cry for this song T___T

    Waranya Y.Waranya Y.5 시간 전
  • cryin inside

    Lilly AlefaioLilly Alefaio6 시간 전
  • Like Water :- 25M When this Rain Stop :- 5M Why Can't you love me? :- 2M. Fighting!! Let's do it before RV comeback in July.

    Shivangi SainiShivangi Saini6 시간 전
  • It's healing me. Everytime I'm listening wtrs it will never fail to make me cry. Daiset labat so makapanggawa diad siak ya. Salaney ya maong so guyor to.

    Marie Mali TaoMarie Mali Tao6 시간 전
  • Anyway many idols said they love this song.

    Player 1Player 17 시간 전
    • And also the soloist(s).. Proud of our Wendy !

      There SiaThere Sia6 시간 전
  • Breathe Againn~~~~~~~

    Player 1Player 17 시간 전
  • I’ve never heard of another song that evokes so many emotions after Lee Hi’s Breathe and then hear comes Wendy breaking and healing my heart once again. This song deserves to be memorialized.

    K MusumeK Musume8 시간 전

    Ye AIOYe AIO9 시간 전

    lee hclee hc12 시간 전
  • came back here

    Blue WenyBlue Weny13 시간 전
  • The way she can pull of the high notes even while sitting

    Kevin Ryan FranciscoKevin Ryan Francisco13 시간 전
  • We love you, Wendy

    There SiaThere Sia15 시간 전

    NezumiNezumi15 시간 전
  • La amo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andrea JimenezAndrea Jimenez16 시간 전
  • This is really beautiful.

    banana hammockbanana hammock16 시간 전
  • She is just like an angel

    rindi kurniarindi kurnia20 시간 전
  • doctor: you have 4 minutes and 9 seconds left to live me: *watches this video*

    mello jellomello jello20 시간 전
  • i had a hard time these days because things aren't working the way it used to. I kept questioning myself. It's as if i am incompetent. I started ignoring people, even those who are close to me. Darkness seemed to grow more and more than i expected. However, I came to tap yt and saw this, I just cried on repeat and found myself wanting to smile again despite all these failures. Wendy Son Thank You!!!

    huang renjunhuang renjun일 전
    • hugs! hoping you'll get through of it 💙 i love you

      Red Velvet StanRed Velvet Stan19 시간 전
    • I'm sincerely hoping that everything will work out for you, good luck on your journey! 💙💙💙

      mello jellomello jello20 시간 전
  • This song deserves better something a lot better.

    •V ɪs for VICTORY!••V ɪs for VICTORY!•일 전
  • 1,719,797 05/08/21

    baebyshoneybaebyshoney일 전
  • Wendy's rain stops is our home 😇

    Oryza ShofarinaOryza Shofarina일 전
  • Legends says, this is entitled as 'when this rain stops' so that it will sound like 'wendy's rain stops'.

    nonnon일 전
  • I love you Wendy, this song cheers my heart

    Orianna CornivelOrianna Cornivel일 전
  • 나는 거듭났다. 목소리를 듣고 ❤️😇

    Fahroong ruengprachaFahroong ruengpracha일 전
  • Shitt I goosebumps

    minnie bunnyminnie bunny일 전
  • I wished I should've known you earlier❤ You sound like heaven. Once I have listened to your songs, i just can't stop listening to yours🧝‍♀️Somehow, I feel like I was bewitched by you hkhk

    Geranium CrownGeranium Crown일 전
    • You have been chosen! Young one.

      Venom KingVenom King3 시간 전
  • This is what we call real main vocalist material. Queen Wendy there

    em johem joh일 전
  • She's so beautiful... Not a reveluv but yes she's sooo gorgeous

    leigh ann litawanleigh ann litawan일 전
  • عندما تغني صوت كوريا الرئيسي هذه هي النتيجة

    A DA D일 전
  • 💙💙💙

    ValentinoValentino일 전
  • When this rain stops You can just smile again

    Zane KZane K일 전
  • She looks 1000x more beautiful when she is singing

    Th ThlandTh Thland일 전
  • Wannie Best Girl 💙

    Sydney SueSydney Sue일 전
  • 태연이 부른줄

    미레도미레도일 전
  • LMFAO RV is done... Wendy promoting skin bleach fsghdd D sthv You don't deserve to be a RV member Wendy out or RV disband 🖕

    Dee DeeDee Dee일 전
    • let me just tell to read carefully and analyze it first before you comment or post something bad about wendy

      N C TN C T11 시간 전
    • your life must be boring to keep spreading lies. look around, help your mom do house chores instead

      ᄏkuwlkulᄏkuwlkul일 전
    • do you think spreading misinformation would make your life better?

      Dream924ZzDream924Zz일 전
    • Keep spreading lies , I also wanna see how low you guys can be.

      Zane KZane K일 전
  • Rookie ASEPA is coming to break this grandma's flop water record 🥳 Next level is coming ❤️ RV disband

    Dee DeeDee Dee일 전
    • Go to hell.

      Venom KingVenom King3 시간 전
  • have been listening to this since its release because I got immense source of comfort I need, thank you for releasing such wonderful song wendy TT TT

    Dream924ZzDream924Zz일 전
  • Wendy daebak!

    M HM H일 전
  • You can just smile again

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • When this rain stops

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • Everyone has a tomorrow

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • breath againnnnn~~~ oh naur

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I can just breathe again

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • When this rain stops

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • About everything I have

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I wan to tell you

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I want to give a hug

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I heard many voices

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I was able to see many things

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • You can just smile again

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • When this rain stops

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • Everyone has tomorrow

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • I want to understand it all

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • Were always with me

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • That many things

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • Became quite unfamiliar too

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • There are so many days that i feel like alone

    Cielo AgbuyaCielo Agbuya일 전
  • 1,708,238

    stream WENDY'S SOLO Like Waterstream WENDY'S SOLO Like Water일 전
  • Love you Wendy

    AuroraAurora일 전
  • I love you wendy thank you I really need that hug

    wswsws wswswsws ws일 전
  • My love:))

    Chelsea Karisha PutriChelsea Karisha Putri일 전
  • 1,703,904 05/07/21

    baebyshoneybaebyshoney일 전
  • is this wendy from red velvet? she look so different.

    Verify ContactsVerify Contacts일 전
    • @31 Samayra Thakur There's nothing to expect on a 1 day old account and Dee Dee

      웬flix웬flix6 시간 전
    • @31 Samayra Thakur if she didn't make plastic surgery , how can her face change a lot then before ? 🤣 It's obvious !!!!

      Dee DeeDee Dee6 시간 전
    • @Dee Dee stop hating her. She did NOT have plastic surgery after she fell down the stairs she had many minor facial injuries and she had to get surgery to make her face look normal .

      31 Samayra Thakur31 Samayra Thakur7 시간 전
    • Because of bad plastic surgery skill 🤣 Uglier than before

      Dee DeeDee Dee일 전
  • Who else is here seeing this from odg

    Farha FathimaFarha Fathima2 일 전
  • only 200 for 1,7M

    wendy streamwendy stream2 일 전
  • Love you Wannie

    AuroraAurora2 일 전
  • still my favourite song in the album

    barukabaruka2 일 전
  • that "Wendy's rain stops" at the end

    a hearty kida hearty kid2 일 전
  • 1,694

    나나나나나나나나2 일 전
  • love

    AsheeAshee2 일 전
  • Sm really have the best of the best vocal🥺 (of course there's so many but it really hits different)

    Diane LingcoranDiane Lingcoran2 일 전
  • It's okay Wen.. I'm here for today, tomorrow, always and forever.

    Ya Min Thet KoYa Min Thet Ko2 일 전
  • Wendy you're the one of the best singer ever!! I'm so proud of you.

    Wendy ShonseungwanWendy Shonseungwan2 일 전
  • Hug

    citra cilacitra cila2 일 전
  • Fav*

    allok dallokallok dallok2 일 전
  • Gav

    allok dallokallok dallok2 일 전
  • I love you wendy 😭😍

    ReskaReska2 일 전
  • the painnnnn wendyyyy i feel it

    Cyrene AñonuevoCyrene Añonuevo2 일 전
  • Wendy = Taeyeon in Red Velvet✨

    Eugenia PhoebeEugenia Phoebe2 일 전
  • Wannie (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

    M HM H2 일 전
  • favorite track from the album. this should be the title track and main song. the vocals are giving me goosies!! 💙

    factsonlyfactsonly2 일 전
  • can we all just agree that this is beyond kpop!? this is my favorite all time! 💙

    factsonlyfactsonly2 일 전
  • 1,678,727 05/06/21

    baebyshoneybaebyshoney2 일 전
  • bat ang galing galinggg mooo wendyyy

    Cyrene AñonuevoCyrene Añonuevo2 일 전
  • why do I enjoy this song so much?

    Keybs_KB MacalisangKeybs_KB Macalisang2 일 전
  • Back here again and again whenever I feel like I'm alone 😔

    MY Reveluv IreneMY Reveluv Irene2 일 전
  • bule banget

    S LS L2 일 전
  • Breaaaatthhhhh agggggaaaiiiin

    Marie Mali TaoMarie Mali Tao2 일 전
  • Best Main Vocalist that I love the most

    Marie Mali TaoMarie Mali Tao2 일 전
  • I'm here again. Crying as usual. Sigh. Watching this is becoming my stress reliever now lol. I'm making this comment section my diary now, jk 1/2. But really, if i stopped camping on here, i guess i found the happiness that wendy wants me to achieve. It means i'm done breathing again. I'm done and ready to go back on track. Thank you wendy for creating a bus stop that i can rest on whenever i get tired, whenever i feel like it, when i feel like getting back on track is doing more damage than progress. I love this song, your songs.

    Janine UwUJanine UwU2 일 전
  • Thank you for the song

    Dinda NovithaDinda Novitha3 일 전
  • here again after another tiring day. this song is like my own hot spring now lol 😂

    wansingerwansinger3 일 전
  • i love listening to this song whenever I feel stressed because it feels like you're talking to me

    Wattpad League 2021Wattpad League 20213 일 전
    • i feel you. this song is like a warm hug after a stressful day

      wansingerwansinger3 일 전
  • I cried over and over everytime i hear this song

    Ade Cahyaning PangestiAde Cahyaning Pangesti3 일 전
  • Honestly i can't count how much time did i back to hear this song,if you are the same with me,please like this coment 🔥❤️

    ChIAn oFFiciaLChIAn oFFiciaL3 일 전