Girls Planet Dog

Girls Planet Dog

My adorable dogs (Labrador Retriever , Pomeranian , Welsh Corgi)
Enjoy Funny \u0026 Cute videos ♥


First born💕
Name : Sonyeo
Sex : Female
Breed : Labrador Retriever (Large-sized)
Birth date : February 23rd, 2017
Characteristic : Smart yet dumb, troublemaker
Hobby : Collector of latest “in” toys, human clothes, and shoes

Second born💕
Name : Hangseong
Sex : Female
Breed : Pomeranian (Small-sized)
Birth date : October 25th, 2017
Characteristic : Starts whining as soon as something doesn't suit her
(and seems to never change her mind)
Hobby : Annoying Sonyeo

Third born💕
Name : Ujoo
Sex : Female
Breed : Welshi Corgi
Birth date : Assumed to be December 2018, Birthday May 26th
(We chose the day she became our family as her official birthday)
Characteristic : She makes a mess but is oblivious to her angry mom
Hobby : 🌈She steps on poo(and I hope she’ll change)

🐰I don't reply to questions about dogs, please understand🐰
🐶Please think twice before you adopt your pets🐶